24 Fabulous Fall Wedding Favors For Your Big Day

If you’re planning a fall wedding, you’ve probably already come up with a list of your favorite fall colors, flavors, flowers, and foods. 

Maybe you’re envisioning roasting marshmallows around a crackling bonfire, or tables with pumpkin and squash centerpieces, ooh and mulled cider cocktails! 

But have you thought about wedding favor ideas yet? Whether you’re thinking of edible mementos or home décor favors, keeping your gifts in keeping with the fabulous fall theme is easy as spiced-pumpkin pie!

So make sure your guests fall in love with the memories of your wedding time and time again. See our list of the best fall-inspired wedding favors below!

Rustic Wood Tealight Holders

This 50-piece wedding favor set comes with wooden tealight holders resembling a hollowed-out tree trunk.

Pick between dozens of dried flower arrangements to coordinate with the wedding colors of bridesmaids’ dresses or the fall flower arrangements you’ve chosen.

Plus, you get a sweet little heart-shaped tag with the bride and groom’s name attached and a burlap rope to tie it all together.

Honey Jar Wedding Favors

Nothing represents a sweet, loving union better than honey.

These small glass jars filled with 2.25 oz of high-quality clover honey are personalized with a sticker printed with your names and wedding date. 

Your guests’ hot tea or oatmeal will be perfectly sweetened for the fall and winter months to come; simply meant to bee!

The Perfect Blend Coffee Bags

 What better way to warm up on a fall morning than with a piping hot cup of joe?

These individual coffee bags display a cute play-on-words: ‘the perfect blend’, making them a perfect wedding favor.

You decide which blend of coffee beans to put in the bag, so why not choose your favorite coffee roaster to further personalize this caffeinated favor?

Personalized Wedding Candle Holders

Lighting a candle creates that cozy autumnal aura, so consider gifting your guests with these tasteful candle holders.

You can choose from numerous dried flowers to add a pleasant odor and personal the cute heart-shaped label with you and your partner’s name. 

Pumpkin Fall Candles

Nothing says fall like the smell of pumpkin spice!

This set of pumpkin scented candles are sure to make any house smell like freshly baked pumpkin pie without having to actually bake one!

Each golden candle tin has a top that says, ‘Fall in Love’, under which you add the happy couple’s name and date of the fall wedding. 

Personalized Tea Jars

These test-tube-sized tea jars come with your choice of beautifully vibrant tea flowers and leaves.

Whether you’re feeling herbal or fruity teas for a bedtime brew or a caffeinated green tea to get you going, each individual tea jar has the perfect potion.

Why not choose an assortment of herbal and caffeinated tea jars to give guests the perfect balance?

Pumpkin-Themed Seed Packets

Inspire your guests to plant the seed of love!

These seed packets come filled with sunflower or wildflower seeds and a cute pumpkin sketch on the front.

Complete with a set of simple instructions and a personalized name tag, it’s never been easier to give nature a helping hand in honor of the happy couple.

Wedding Coaster Favors

These tasteful square wedding coasters have decorative leaf stencils adorning diagonal corners and come in your choice of grey, pink, or wood-stain.

The name of the bride and groom, and the date of the wedding, is etched into the center in lovely cursive calligraphy. 

Lollipop Favors

When you think about fall, pumpkin spiced lattes, apple pie, and toasted marshmallows must come to mind. This set of fall-flavored lollipops supplies you with those flavors and more.

The best part is that these pops are made to order, so you’ll get the freshest taste of fall with every lick.

Apple Cider Donut Bags

It’s more and more common to see midnight snacks popping up to keep the party going late into the evening, and nothing soaks up alcohol better than fried, sugary dough!

These cute donut bags are the perfect way to treat your guests to a piping hot donut at the end of the night, after all, food is the key to anyone’s heart!

Think about fall inspired flavors such as spicy cinnamon or caramel apple donuts and personalize your bags with autumnal colors.  

Maple Syrup Bottles

These cute jars come with your choice of honey or maple syrup to sweeten that morning cup of tea, pancakes, or waffles.

You can further customize the bottles with a fall-colored or patterned cloth to wrap over the bottle tops. Each is secured with the rustic touch of a tweed tie.

Maple Leaf Lollipops

Give a nod to the beauty of fall with these maple leaf lollipops.

This delectable bouquet contains delicious leafy treats of fiery golds and rusty oranges. 

Not only do they taste delicious, but they are made with all-natural barley ingredients that are preservative and corn-syrup-free. 

Fall-Themed Mini Soaps

This assortment of mini soaps come in a variety of orange fall leaf shapes.

Handmade and delicately infused with white spruce and cardamom essential oils, these soaps give off a subtle autumnal scent.

Additionally, they come individually packaged in soft cream-colored cotton sacks, with the added touch of a richly colored cloth maple leaf.

Stroopwafel Favors

Stroopwafels are one of the Netherlands ’ greatest gifts to the rest of the world. These scrumptious cookies are made with two freshly baked waffle wafers stuck together with a gooey caramel filling. 

Made with cinnamon, vanilla, and ginger, these stroopwafels will give a distinctive taste of fall, not to mention their heart shapes are an adorable touch for a wedding favor.

You can even get them dipped in chocolate for extra decadence!

Flower Magnet Favors

These bright and cheery flower magnets are the perfect detail for any home office or kitchen fridge.

Hand-crafted bushy bouquets of real dried flowers pop out of rustic brown paper with elegant lace. A large round tag detailing the couple’s name and wedding date is the centerpiece. 

Mulled Spice Pouches

Nothing says fall like a cup of mulled wine or cider.

These individual packages of mulling spices are the perfect way to winterize your favorite beverage to enjoy by the fire over the holidays.

Each spice pouch comes premixed and dressed in a rustic sachet, complete with satin ribbon and a stock tag on which to write the happy couple’s name and wedding date.

Fall in Love Hershey Kiss Seals

Express your thanks with a kiss, a chocolate Hershey’s kiss that is!

These small fall-themed stickers fit perfectly on individual Hershey kisses. You can choose a gold-wrapped almond Hershey kiss to add a golden background to the fall colors on the seal.

Each seal has the apt phrase ‘Fall in Love’ printed on them, and is surrounded by fall-colored leaf patterns. 

White Lavender Mini Soaps

These hand-crafted white lavender mini soaps are presented beautifully with a dried orange slice and cinnamon stick to really evoke the scents of fall. 

Each package is wrapped in tweed ribbon with a custom tag for the names of the bride and groom.

Personalized Wood Leaf Favors

These personalized wood leaves are the perfect touch to add to favor gift bags.

Each wooden leaf has a heart stamp and an etching of the couple’s initials. The freshly cut wood scent is reminiscent of a warm bonfire; adding to the cozy autumnal theme.

Pumpkin Can Coolers

Keep their brews cold, and ensure they remember your wedding day with every sip!

These customized beer koozies come in an array of different colors and are printed with a simple white pumpkin and customizable message. 

Boho Fall-Themed Lip Balms 

Why not prepare your guests for those dry winters with these delightfully moisturizing scented lip balms?

You can choose from a slew of flavors, including characteristically fall flavors like butter toffee, gingersnap, vanilla, and pumpkin cheesecake.

All lip balms come with customized fall floral labels with the bride and groom’s names printed on them. 

Pumpkin Spice and Hot Chocolate Packets

These favors feature adorable tubes filled with everything you need to create an autumnal hot chocolate.

A set of 3 mini bottles include pumpkin spice, hot chocolate powder, and mini marshmallow toppings for the ultimate fall beverage.

Each set comes with a cute tag that says ‘Hot Chocolate, Pumpkin Spice, and Everything Nice’, attached with a colorful ribbon.

Personalized Fall Wedding Tic Tac Labels

Everyone loves a Tic Tac right? 

These Tic Tac labels are fall-themed! The cute sticker seals say ‘Mint to Be’ on them, along with the couple’s name and wedding date. Can’t get a fresher favor than this!

Customizable Plastic Stadium Cups

These customizable 16-oz plastic stadium cups are perfect receptacles for cold beverages and give your wedding guests a gift they’ll use again and again.

You can choose a fall color and can customize each cup with words of love or the couple’s wedding info to give it the special fall-wedding touch. 

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