Eric Clapton Wedding Songs: 12 Incredible Heartfelt Melodies

From sold-out tours to chart-topping hits, Eric Clapton is an incredibly talented artist with countless fans. If you want your wedding day to be a success, you’ll want to include a few of Clapton’s greatest hits on your day-of playlist.

From the wedding ceremony to the romantic reception, your song list can set the mood for a day full of love, laughter, and endless fun. To pull this off, you should only feature the best of the best on your special day.

As a fan of this classic artist, you know that there are just too many popular tracks to choose from. For this reason, we’ve narrowed it down to the best Eric Clapton wedding songs to transform your dreams into reality.

Eric Clapton Wedding Songs
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The Core

Released on Clapton’s 1977 album Slowhand, The Core is a fun, flirty duet that your guests are going to love. This tune shows off Clapton’s iconic guitar skills, as well as his gift for writing emotive, engaging songs.

In this classic collaboration with Marcy Levy, Clapton will get everyone up and out of their seats in no time. We highly recommend playing this track when you want to keep the good vibes going during your reception.

Still, what makes this song such a great choice for your wedding playlist is that it can be played at any time during the evening. Whenever you choose to feature this tune, it’s guaranteed to add some life to your special day.


You don’t have to be named Layla to enjoy this wildly popular track (but how cute would that be?!). More gritty than The Core, Layla will bring a little romance and a whole lot of rock and roll to your wedding day.

Layla is a steady, mid-tempo song, making it a perfect choice for downtime during the reception. When your guests are catching up or enjoying a drink together, this song will keep them engaged and energetic as the event goes on.

If you don’t mind a slow jam, you may want to take this opportunity for a romantic dance with your brand-new spouse. As Clapton belts out the chorus, you two can get caught up in the emotion of this moment together.

Old Love

Another slowed-down track, Old Love captures all of the best elements of Eric Clapton’s unique musical style. Combining blues with classic rock, Clapton delivers a performance that will take your dream wedding to the next level.

This song is ideal for Clapton fans who love his more soulful tracks, as it has a powerful, mood-driven vibe that couples can’t resist. For this reason, Old Love is one of our favorite songs from Eric Clapton’s discography, one that we know you’ll appreciate.

We recommend playing this song after a string of upbeat tracks, giving your guests (and yourself!) an opportunity to relax. Whether you choose to dance, sway, or just chill out as this song plays, you can bet that your guests will be moving and grooving to the beat.


Released in 1977, Cocaine is a classic rock track that die-hard Clapton fans are guaranteed to love. If you want a wedding reception that keeps your guests entertained and out on the dance floor, we recommend featuring this beloved song.

Don’t let the song title scare you—this tune is widely recognized as one of Clapton’s most popular singles. This song is a great choice for child-free weddings, or events where your guests are into edgier rock music.

We suggest using this track as light-hearted background music; it will keep your guests moving without requiring their full attention. During the cocktail hour or a lull in the reception, this steady song deserves a spot on your final list.


Keeping the party going, Badge is another hit from Clapton’s well-known album, Slowhand. This track has been played on repeat since 1977, and with one listen, you’ll understand why immediately.

Badge takes the classic rock element of Clapton’s music and combines it with his unique tone to deliver something completely distinct. That’s why this song appeals to just about everyone, from rock fans to blues lovers and everyone in between.

With its steady rhythm and irresistible melodies, it’s no surprise that Badge is recognized as one of Clapton’s greatest hits. Whether you’re a longtime fan or a new listener, this will quickly become one of your favorite wedding songs.

Tears in Heaven

Although this song was originally released over 3 decades ago, it hasn’t lost an ounce of emotion over the years. If you’ve ever felt the sting of losing someone you love, you’ll certainly be able to relate to this track.

Clapton wrote this song following the tragic loss of his 4-year-old son, pouring his pain into creating a tribute. As time has gone on, countless fans have shared the impact this song has had on their grief and healing process.

We suggest featuring this touching track to honor lost loved ones who cannot be there to celebrate with you. This will give you a moment to pay your respects and express gratitude for the role they played in bringing you to this day.

White Room

Picking up speed, White Room is Eric Clapton at his grittiest, delivering a powerful rock song that you’re sure to love. While this may not be a traditional wedding song, die-hard Clapton fans will be happy to sing along to this hit.

In fact, you and your partner won’t be able to resist belting out the lyrics as this classic track plays. With its energetic beat and Clapton’s strong vocals, White Room will take your wedding reception to the next level.

White Room can be played when guests are taking a break from dancing, grabbing drinks, and catching up together. Whenever you choose to feature this track, there’s no doubt that it will help you to enjoy the moment with your loved ones.

Wonderful Tonight

If you’re looking for the perfect slow dance song for your wedding, we cannot recommend this romantic tune enough. Featured on 1977’s Slowhand, Wonderful Tonight will have you two starry-eyed and lovestruck all through the evening.

Clapton’s sweet lyrics and heartfelt delivery capture the beauty of your one-of-a-kind love story. On the happiest day of your life, there’s nothing better than knowing that you can truly celebrate with the people you love.

Wonderful Tonight is just the song for your first dance, allowing you to kick the wedding reception off right. This tune would also be a good choice for the wedding processional, setting the scene beautifully for your future together.


If you want to keep things moving, Crossroads is a great song to get your wedding guests out on the dance floor. For classic rock fans, this is one of Eric Clapton’s best songs to make your wedding day special.

Marriage itself can be a bit of a crossroads, bringing two separate lives together into one beautiful union. As you begin to build your married life together, you can bet that this track will help you get things started with the right mindset.

We recommend playing Crossroads during cocktail hour or the wedding reception, creating an ambiance that keeps everyone engaged. Whether your guests are catching up or moving and grooving, this iconic track will help you set the mood.

Bell Bottom Blues

Another track for Clapton’s blues fans, this song carries all the heartbreak of a blues song without compromising on his classic style. If you want to add a little variety to your wedding playlist, this song is an absolute must.

Although this song has a more somber tone, it’s worth noting that your wedding music doesn’t have to be 100% upbeat. Bell Bottom Blues brings something fresh and different to the table, leading you into this new season of life on a powerful note.

If you’re not sure when to play it, we suggest featuring this track as a background song for slower periods in your wedding reception. Your guests will appreciate the time to relax, and you’ll love having a moment to take it all in with your partner.

I Shot the Sheriff

I Shot the Sheriff was originally recorded by Bob Marley, but this moving song has been covered time and time again over the years. With its energetic rhythm and powerful lyrics, it’s no wonder that this track is a favorite of music lovers and musicians alike.

For Clapton fans who need an upbeat dance track, you’ll definitely want to add this tune to the list. While the original record is a classic in its own right, Eric Clapton puts a fresh spin on it that you two will love!

Release several decades ago, I Shot the Sheriff has stood the test of time to become a beloved hit. Although it technically isn’t an Eric Clapton song, this cover more than deserves a spot on your wedding playlist.

Sunshine of Your Love

Recorded by Clapton’s band Cream, Sunshine of Your Love is a fun, psychedelic track that will keep the party going. If you need another upbeat dance tune to add to the playlist, this song is well worth a listen.

With its steady rhythm and Clapton’s undeniable guitar skills, Sunshine of Your Love will grab guests’ attention. Whether they’re getting drinks or simply hanging out, this track will get everyone back out on the dance floor.

This song could be used as a recessional tune following the ceremony, as well as an exciting dance track for the reception. Either way, you can trust that this song will bring only the best vibes for your special day.

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