11 Aretha Franklin Wedding Songs: Timeless Melodies

Dubbed the “Queen of Soul,” Aretha Franklin is a music icon with hit after hit to prove her talent. Her powerhouse vocals and incredible performances have made her one of the most famous artists of all time.

With that being said, Aretha Franklin’s discography is full of romantic, fun, and powerful tracks to feature at your wedding. From start to finish, she has plenty of tunes to help transform your wedding vision into a beautiful reality.

Whether you’re looking for a first dance song, a soundtrack for your ceremony, or a track to play during your grand exit, you can rest knowing that this artist has got you covered. So let’s dive in and discover the best Aretha Franklin wedding songs for your big day!

aretha franklin wedding songs
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Widely regarded as Aretha Franklin’s most popular track, Respect is the perfect song to feature at your wedding. There’s no better basis to build your relationship on, and no better way to celebrate the queen.

This uplifting song is all about setting expectations and making sure that your partner treats you right. While you may be able to relate to Aretha’s frustrations here, you can rest knowing that you’ll never have to fight for respect with the one you love.

Play this Aretha Franklin track when you want to get everyone moving and grooving, kicking the wedding reception off right. If this upbeat classic doesn’t get your guests out on the dance floor, we don’t know what will.

I Say a Little Prayer

If you two are on the hunt for a slower love song, you’ll want to give this one a listen. I Say a Little Prayer is a touching hit, one that will add plenty of romance and fun to your wedding day.

This track can be used as your grand entrance song, celebrating the moment you arrive at the wedding reception. As Franklin sings “Forever, forever, you’ll stay in my heart,” you’ll feel like this amazing song was written just for you.

If you’ve already got a song in mind for this moment, you’re welcome to use this track at any time during the reception. Whenever you choose to feature this hit, it’s sure to bring something truly special to your big day.

Amazing Grace

If your faith has played a major role in your relationship, you may want to include a few spiritual songs on your wedding day playlist. You can’t go wrong with Amazing Grace, a touching track that just about everyone will recognize.

While you can choose from countless covers of this beloved song, Aretha’s stands out for good reason. Her powerful delivery and incredible vocal range make for a stunning performance that will move you to tears.

We suggest using this classic song as a processional track, recognizing the grace and compassion that you’ve both received. As you look ahead to the future, you can look forward to a lifetime of love, grace, and compassion together.

Until You Come Back to Me (That’s What I’m Gonna Do)

As much as we appreciate a classic love song, this song about love lost has a special place in our hearts. Whether it’s Aretha’s incredible voice or powerful lyrics, there’s something about this hit that we simply can’t resist.

In this track, Aretha pines after a former lover, promising that she’ll wait for him to return to her one day. If you’ve ever experienced the kind of love that you just can’t let go of, this song is the perfect choice for your special day.

Lucky for you, this emotional song can be utilized at any time during cocktail hour or the wedding reception. Add this track to your final wedding playlist, and you can trust that it will keep the good vibes going strong.

(You Make Me Feel Like) a Natural Woman

You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman is one of Franklin’s most well-known tracks, being featured in various forms of media over the years. From television and movies to countless covers, this is a crowd-pleaser that we just can’t get enough of.

This song is all about finding that special person who makes everything in your life feel oh-so-right. Through all of life’s ups and downs, you can trust that they will make you feel safe, secure, and well cared for every step of the way.

We strongly recommend using this as a recessional track or a first dance song, highlighting the romance and emotion of this moment. This song sets the mood perfectly for an evening full of joy and romance with your soulmate.

Do Right Woman, Do Right Man

Another slow jam for your wedding playlist, this is one of our favorite songs in Aretha Franklin’s discography. While Franklin has plenty of moving songs for you to choose from, none will prepare you for married life quite like this one.

Do Right Woman, Do Right Man encourages couples to keep their marriage fair and balanced. In a healthy relationship, both partners carry the load, regularly checking in and making sure that their spouse gets what they need.

In addition to providing great relationship advice, Franklin also delivers a breathtaking performance that will blow you away. As you share a sweet slow dance with your partner, you can look forward to this new season with nothing but love and joy.

Rock Steady

Picking things back up, Rock Steady is an energetic song that you can jam out to during the wedding reception. Whether you decide to cut a rug with your partner or dance it out with your best friends, you’ll love singing and dancing to this track.

With Franklin’s iconic vocals and energy, this song highlights all the best elements of her musical style. If you’re a long-time listener, you’ll be just as OBSESSED with this song as we are.

We suggest playing Rock Steady when you’re in the mood to dance and party with your favorite people. This soulful song will keep your wedding guests engaged and give you the extra boost you need to dance the night away.

Drown in My Own Tears

Originally recorded by Ray Charles, this passionate song will highlight all the emotions of your wedding day. If you’re an inseparable pair who can’t bear to spend a moment apart, you’ll fall in love with this track right away.

Drown in My Own Tears describes the longing that you feel when you’re apart, a sentiment that many long-distance couples will relate to. It’s this longing, however, that leads to the joy and excitement you feel every moment you’re together.

As you finally say “I do,” you can look forward to a lifetime of love shared with your soulmate. Play this song when you want to hold your partner close and enjoy a romantic slow dance at your wedding reception.

Day Dreaming

Released in 1972, Day Dreaming will take you back to the very beginning of your relationship with your partner. When you first started dating, you spent countless hours fantasizing about your future together; now that the big day has arrived, you can finally say that all your dreams came true.

This soulful classic is one of Aretha Franklin’s finest, capturing the gentleness in her voice and showcasing her talent. If you’re searching for a wedding song that’s simple and sweet, you should definitely give this one a shot.

Day Dreaming would make a great exit song, sending you two off on a fun, cheerful note. As you ride off into the sunset together, you can take a breath, relax, and appreciate this incredible moment with the one you love.


Another slow jam from the Queen of Soul, Angel would make a great addition to your ultimate wedding playlist. If your partner feels more like an angel than anything else, they’ll love this touching tribute.

Angel is one of Aretha Franklin’s biggest songs, and it’s clear to see why it’s been so well-loved over the years. This tune honors the peace and joy of having someone who’s always in your corner, looking out for you through all of life’s challenges.

We recommend either playing this track during your procession or using it as a first dance song at the wedding reception. Angel would also work well for your mother-son or father-daughter dance, allowing you to honor the people who helped you get to this day.


Rounding out our song list is one of Aretha Franklin’s most iconic hits. This energetic song may have been released in 1968, but it’s just as beloved now as it was decades ago.

Think is a fun dance song that all of your guests will be able to get down to. From your youngest guests to great-grandparents, this crowd-pleaser can get just about everyone up and out of their seats.

Due to this heartfelt song’s charm and versatility, you can use it at any time on your wedding day. Play it while you’re getting ready to give yourself extra energy or feature it during the reception to share an exciting dance with your guests.

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