The Top Engagement Ring Photo Ideas To Inspire You

That’s it! It happened!! Your fav person just popped the question, and now you’ve got a hunk of rock on your finger that’s just asking for a photo. 

You probably have a million things running through your head along the lines of “AH I’M GOING TO BE A BRIDE!” and “I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!” and maybe, “how am I going to debut this baby on Insta?” 

Well friend, hopefully, I can help you with that last one!

Engagement Ring Photo 2
Photo by: Colin Maynard

Essential Tips When Taking Engagement Ring Photos

Congratulations! Now, I know you’re excited and ready to post a picture anywhere and everywhere you can, but before you get too far ahead of yourself, let’s talk tips…

Tell Your Circle Before You Blast It on Social 

Your mama is going to be very angry if she finds out from Instagram that you’re engaged. 

So first things first, figure out who you want to let in on the secret before the internet knows. You and your beau might be standing lonely at the altar if you don’t!

Follow What Feels Right to You

This will be the first time you document that you’re getting married! I will be listing plenty of ideas and inspiration in this article, but before anything, make sure you do what you want to do.

It’s your engagement, so keep this photo authentic and timeless. Don’t feel pressured to hire a photographer if you’d rather not, and most importantly don’t get lost in the trends!

How Will You Use the Photo?

Be mindful of how you plan on using the photo, if at all. 

Perhaps it will be gracing your Save the Dates because you want to get them out ASAP? If so,  think about whether you want something in portrait or landscape. 

Don’t plan on using it for anything other than an Insta-celebration? Have at it!

Natural Light

If you’re going solo (sans professional photographer), be sure to take your photo in natural light. 

Light is always your friend. Diffused, indirect light from the sun is your BEST friend. So find a well-lit but shaded location to enhance your stone’s sparkle. 

Be Aware of Your Background

Work your background! Incorporate a beautiful backdrop or something unexpected to add some more interest to your photo. 

At the very least, make sure nothing is distracting. No photobombers here, please. 

Clean Your Nails

C’mon. We want to be looking at your new bling, not questioning your hygiene. 

Getting a manicure is a great option, but if you’re not big into nail polish, make sure you trim your nails and wash your hands. Please. 

And now for the fun stuff.

The Best Engagement Ring Photo Ideas

Straight from the Box

Engagement Ring Photos Ideas Straight from the Box
Photo by: Korie Cull

Feeling a bit camera shy and want to get right to the point?

Keep it simple by photographing your ring straight from the box. Simple. Beautiful. Effective.

Holding Hands from His Perspective

Holding Hands from His Perspective
Photo by: Jake Pierrelee

Another great one if you’re not a fan of the spotlight.

A photo from this angle adds a little romance and a bit of story to the picture. Plus people will feel like they were in on the moment!

Get Into Nature

Get Into Nature engagement ring photos ideas
Photo by: Jacob Rank

Literally. Remember when I said you could play with the background to add more interest? It’s incredible what some leaves can do to make your picture come alive!

Get Up Close and Personal

Get Up Close and Personal
Photo by: Taylor Heery

It takes two to get engaged so why not include both of you in your first photo together as (wait for it) fiancés!

Make It Sweet

Make It Sweet
Photo by: Jamie Coupaud

Do you know what goes well with engagements and pretty much everything else in life? Ice cream! Try framing your ring with one of your favorite treats! 

Love is sweet after all!

Snuggle Up

Snuggle Up
Photo by: Amy Humphries

You’re now known as the future bride and groom, so there should be no lack of warmth and fuzzies. Snuggle up close and let the sparks fly!

Grab Something Warm

Grab Something Warm
Photo by: Leighann Blackwood

You’re going to need a whole lot of coffee in the coming months, planning that wedding and all. Grab your cup and snap a photo of your ring. So casual. So cool. 

Hold Hands and Go Somewhere!

engagement ring photos ideas Hold Hands and Go Somewhere!
Photo by: Brandon Cormier

Another one for those averse to photos!

Hold hands with your partner and get him/her to take a picture of you following them. The movement in the image will bring your audience in, and then BAM! They’ll see the ring. 

You In the Background

You In the Background
Photo by: Neal E. Johnson

Gosh, these kinds of photos give me all the feels.

With you in the background, your audience will feel like they’re getting your partner’s perspective of the engagement. 

Get Some Friends In On It

engagement ring photos ideas Get Some Friends In On It
Photo by: Zacke Feller

Have some friends who have also recently gotten engaged? Make it a party and get everyone in on the photo!

Be Bold

Engagement Ring Photos Ideas Be Bold
Photo by: Brooke Cagle

It’s not just your ring’s time to shine! Be bold and share the spotlight with your new bling. 

If you’re worried about feeling uncomfortable, take a deep breath in through your nose and out your mouth. It’ll help your face look natural and relaxed. 

Create Cozy Contrast

Engagement Ring Photos Ideas Create Cozy Contrast
Photo by: Lexie Janney

Again, have fun with your background. It’ll bring more focus to your ring and more depth to your photo. 

The mixture of textures and the contrast of her nails make my eyes very happy. 

Match Your Nails to Your Background

Match Your Nails to Your Background Engagement Ring Photos Ideas
Photo by: Zelle Duda

Holding hands? Classic. Matching nails? Classic. 

I mean, you really can’t go wrong with this combo. 

Get Artsy with It

Engagement Ring Photos Ideas Get Artsy with It
Photo by: Jakob Owens

Think about the vision you want for this shot. If you don’t want another basic ring picture, why not get artsy with it for a more creative engagement photo?

If you’re using a photographer, ask them for suggestions and ideas. Make the image truly yours, and I’m sure it’ll be a stunner. 

Include Something You Care About

Include Something You Care About Engagement Ring Photos Ideas
Photo by: Jesson Mata

You know that thing? That thing that you just can’t go a day without?

Maybe it’s an interest you and your fiancé share, or perhaps it’s something you call your own. Either way, work it into your engagement ring photo, and it’ll feel sincere and authentic. 

Get Your Partner in There

Get Your Partner in There
Photo by: Luwadlin Bosman

Let’s hear it for the one who made you their future bride!

Throw the conventional out the window, and center your partner in the photo!

Tell a Story

Engagement Ring Photos Ideas Tell a Story
Photo by: Seth Reese

Your friends and family are going to be excited for you, yes. But go the extra mile and really give them something special by having a story in mind. 

Incorporate movement and unique composition so your audience is whisked away in your fairytale. 

Grab a Drink

Engagement Ring Photos Ideas Grab a Drink
Photo by: SJ Objio

Sure, grab a Coke if that feels like it’s you. Or recreate this image with your own style and a beverage that calls your name. 

Don’t Complicate It

Engagement Ring Photos Ideas Don’t Complicate It
Photo by: Martina De Marchena

DANG. Am I right? Let’s talk about the simple magic of a clear photo, good lighting, and a killer setup. 

Stay uncomplicated and knock it out of the park.

Keep it Fun

Keep it Fun
Photo by: Charlie Serrano

Don’t get in your head about this. Your people love you, and they want to see you happy. 

If you’re having fun, it’s more likely that the real you will come out in the photos. So take a deep breath and laugh. 

Congrats again! Now get out there and share your good news with the world!

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