32 Perfect Disney Wedding Songs For A Magical Reception

Disney fanatic or not, your dream wedding deserves some Disney music on its playlist! 

With romantic lyrics, beautiful melodies, and of course bursting with Disney magic, Disney tunes make perfect wedding songs! 

From the ceremony to the first dance, there’s a Disney song to fit the moment, so take a look at our top Disney wedding songs guaranteed to give your wedding that magical touch.

Disney Wedding Songs

“Married Life”

Lyrics you’ll love: Instrumental

From the Disney movie Up, “Married Life” is a whimsical yet upbeat tune that conveys an emotional message.

It plays when the heartwarming tale of Carl and Ellie’s marriage story plays out on screen and would make a beautiful choice for background music while your guests wait for you to arrive. 

“Can You Feel the Love Tonight”

Lyrics you’ll love: “Can you feel the love tonight?/You needn’t look too far/Stealing through the night’s uncertainties/Love is where they are”

One of the best Disney songs for couples born in the 90s and arguably the biggest track from The Lion King, this track is certainly all about love! 

“A Whole New World”

Lyrics you’ll love: “I can open your eyes/Take you to wonder by wonder/Over, sideways and under/On a magic carpet ride”

A truly beautiful song, “A Whole New World” from Aladdin remains a favorite with audiences old and new. 

There’s no greater journey than married life, so hop on that carpet and hold on tight!

“Love Is an Open Door”

Lyrics you’ll love: “But with you/I found my place/I see your face/And it’s nothing like I’ve ever known before!”

If you or your future spouse love Frozen, you should add “Love Is an Open Door” to your wedding song list. 

It may be Anna’s duet with the villainous Hans, but it still shows an expression of fun and adventurous love!

“True Love’s Kiss”

Lyrics you’ll love: “When you meet the someone/Who was meant for you/’Fore two can become one/There is something you must do”

A massive theme in the Disney universe is true love’s kiss and its ability to break any spell. This song from Enchanted has all the spine-tingling magic that defines Disney; add it to your shortlist now.

“Tale as Old as Time”

Lyrics you’ll love: “Tale as old as time/True as it can be/Barely even friends/Then somebody bends/Unexpectedly”

An iconic Disney song from Beauty and the Beast, we think this classic track would make beautiful pre-ceremony or processional music.

“La Valse de L’ Amour”

Lyrics you’ll love: Instrumental

French for “Waltz of Love,” this piece from Cinderella is perfect for couples with a similar story. 

If you met by chance and came from different worlds, you may resonate with how this song represents your love for your partner, plus who doesn’t love a good ol’ piece of Disney instrumental music?

“If I Never Knew You”

Lyrics you’ll love: “If I never knew you/If I never felt this love/I would have no inkling of/How precious life can be”

“If I Never Knew You” is the end title song of the 1995 movie Pocahontas. 

We think this would make a beautiful and passionate first dance choice.

“I See the Light”

Lyrics you’ll love: “And it’s warm and real and bright/And the world has somehow shifted/All at once everything looks different/now that I see you”

The perfect song for couples who have gone through a lot to be together, this duet between Rapunzel and Flynn is a ballad with pop, musical theatre, and even folk music elements. 

“When You Wish Upon a Star”

Lyrics you’ll love: “When you wish upon a star/Makes no difference who you are/Anything your heart desires/Will come to you”

The iconic song from Pinocchio, “When You Wish Upon a Star” is a fantastic song to play for your first dance. 

Or share the magic and consider saving this classic until all of your guests are invited onto the dance floor.

“Happily Ever After”

Lyrics you’ll love: Instrumental

The full version of “Happily Ever After” is an emotional and dramatic piece that is traditionally played while fireworks engulf Cinderella’s castle. 

Most Disney films have an ending that shows the two main characters living happily ever after; what better prophecy for your marriage?

“Kiss the Girl”

Lyrics you’ll love: “Yes, you want her/Look at her, you know you do/Possible she wants you too/There is one way to ask her”

“Kiss the Girl” is a fun tune to play at any wedding! 

Bring this song to life on the dance floor for all your guests, or make it your first dance song if you’re looking for something lively and humorous! 

“Love Will Find a Way”

Lyrics you’ll love: “Love will find a way/Anywhere I go/I’m home/As long as you’re beside me”

If you’re a fan of The Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride, you’ll want to add “Love Will Find a Way” to your list of wedding songs. 

This song is also great for anyone who has had to struggle to be with the person they love.

“So This Is Love”

Lyrics you’ll love: “I’ll touch every star in the sky/So this is the miracle/That I’ve been dreaming of/So this is love”

“So This Is Love” is an excellent song to play at any point in your wedding reception. 

If Cinderella is your favorite Disney princess, this is an even better choice, but any Disney fan will enjoy it!

“Once Upon a Dream”

Lyrics you’ll love: “But if I know you, I know what you’ll do/You’ll love me at once/The way you did once upon a dream”

Disney has a lot of songs about dreams, and “Once Upon a Dream” from Sleeping Beauty is one beautiful example. 

Like many other great Disney wedding songs, this one works well as a first dance song, but we can just imagine it as dreamy processional music! 

“A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes”

Lyrics you’ll love: “In dreams, you will lose your heartaches/Whatever you wish for, you keep/Have faith in your dreams and someday/Your rainbow will come smiling through”

Continuing on the Disney dream theme, this song comes from a special edition of Cinderella songs.

It would make a particularly excellent choice if it took a bit of dreaming to meet the love of your life.

“Colors of the Wind”

While not technically a love song, “Colors of the Wind” is an emotional and profound piece fit for any wedding playlist! 

Pocahontas sings about her love and respect for the simplicity of nature. Use this song to show your love and gratitude for your partner on your once-in-a-lifetime wedding day.


Lyrics you’ll love: Instrumental

Add the waltz from Sleeping Beauty to your list if you’re searching for a joyful instrumental track.

This song uses a powerful full orchestra; perfect for a fairytale wedding.

“Let Me Be Your Wings”

From Thumbelina, “Let Me Be Your Wings” is a typical ethereal Disney tune.

The movie tells the story of Thumbelina trying to find the love of her life; a beautiful addition to the reception or pre-ceremony playlist. 

“You’ll Be in My Heart”

Lyrics you’ll love: “For one so small/You seem so strong/My arms will hold you/Keep you safe and warm”

An excellent choice for fans of the movie Tarzan, this romantic song is perfect for showing someone you love them. 

Make this your first dance song, or play it later as a slow dancing song for all couples in attendance.  

“Give Me Love (Give Me Peace on Earth)”

Lyrics you’ll love: “Give me love/Give me peace on earth/Give me light/Give me life”

From Stargirl, “Give Me Love (Give Me Peace on Earth)” is an excellent selection for anyone a bit different from the norm.

It’s a lesser-known Disney song, but still a beautiful choice. 

“Carried Me With You”

Lyrics you’ll love: “You’re the soul who understands/The scars that made me who I am/Through the drifting sands of time/I got your back and you got mine”

From the newer Disney movie Onward, “Carried Me With You” is a powerful song with a country feel; it’s sure to induce a few happy tears on your wedding day.

“Ma Belle Evangeline”

Lyrics you’ll love: “Look how she lights up the sky/Ma Belle Evangeline/So far above me yet I know her heart belongs to only me”

The Princess and the Frog is a classic tale, but this song comes from the 2009 movie. With heartfelt romantic lyrics, this tune is a first dance front-runner! 


Lyrics you’ll love: “Now the days seem to fly/Life is brief, but when it’s gone/Love goes on and on”

One for fans of Disney’s Robin Hood; you can’t go wrong with this charmingly graceful tune!

“Hello Hello”

Lyrics you’ll love: “Hello, hello/I’m not alone, it’s good to know/Someone’s out there to say hello/Hello”

Elton John’s signature voice lends itself fabulously to romantic songs, and “Hello Hello” from Gnomeo and Juliet is a real testament to that. 

“Rainbow Connection”

Lyrics you’ll love: “Someday we’ll find it/That Rainbow Connection/The lovers the dreamers and me/ All of us under its spell”

Anyone who loves The Muppets will probably know the song “Rainbow Connection.”

You should play this song at your wedding if you want to add a bit of fun and excitement to your playlist. 

“Here Beside Me”

Lyrics you’ll love: “How could I bear/My life without you/Here with me!”

The sequel to Mulan is the movie that brought us “Here Beside Me.”

It’s a fantastic song to use to show your love for each other during your first dance.


Lyrics you’ll love: “Unforgettable/That’s what you are/Unforgettable/Though near or far”

The aptly named “Unforgettable” comes from Disney’s hit film Finding Dory.

It has a nostalgic and classic feel that we think makes it totally “sway-worthy!” 

“La La Lu”

Lyrics you’ll love: “Oh my little star sweeper/I’ll sweep the stardust for you/La la lu”

“La La Lu” is great for all of the Lady and the Tramp fans out there. If you want to play multiple songs from the movie, be sure to add this to your list!

“Lost in the Woods”

Lyrics you’ll love: “Now I know you’re my true north, ’cause I am lost in the woods/Up is down, the day is the night when you’re not there”

You’ll hear “Lost in the Woods” in Frozen 2.

Show your love for your spouse like Kristoff shows Anna! Any Frozen fan will love this catchy tune.

“It’s All Right”

Lyrics you’ll love: “Now listen to the beat/And kinda pat your feet/You’ve got a soul and everybody knows/That it’s all right, whoa, it’s all right”

“It’s All Right” comes from the movie Soul.

While the original version is a solo, we think you should play the duet version at your wedding – you and your spouse can represent the two singers as you dance!

“I Can’t Let You Throw Yourself Away”

Lyrics you’ll love: “Don’t you wanna see the sun come up each morning?/Don’t you wanna see the sun go down each day?/I can’t let you throw yourself away”

Toy Story fans should consider adding this upbeat song from the fourth movie to the playlist

It’s a soulful tune with a jazz feel. Bring it to the dancefloor and let your guests jive the night away! 

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