10 Best Dave Matthews Wedding Songs To Jam Out on Your Big Day

Widely regarded as the king of jam bands, Dave Matthews is one of the most popular artists of all time. Not only has his self-titled band sold countless records, but Matthews’ outfit dominated the festival scene at the height of their popularity.

Reflecting on their jam band status, it’s no surprise that Dave Matthews Band’s catalog makes up a sizeable portion of event playlists. Whether recorded or live, there’s something unique and electrifying about Dave Matthew’s performance skills that creates an unforgettable experience for all listeners.

These are just the qualities you need to create the wedding playlist of a lifetime—one that your guests just might end up sampling for their special days. Here are the best Dave Matthews wedding songs to help you celebrate your incredible love story.

dave matthews wedding songs

Crash Into Me

This slow jam is a great way to add intimacy and charm to your romantic event. Just make sure you pass out the tissues beforehand because your guests are guaranteed to tear up as you share your first dance to this tender song.

The sweet lyrics and gentle delivery will make you fall in love with your spouse all over again, reminiscing on all the most precious moments of your relationship. As Matthews croons, your soulmate’s embrace will be “sweet like candy to [your] soul.”

Ants Marching

One of the most popular singles from Dave Matthews Band, Ants Marching is an upbeat track that will keep your guests moving and grooving on the dance floor. If this isn’t already one of your favorite songs, it’s sure to make the list as soon as you hear it.

Whether it’s the captivating song lyrics or you just can’t resist the infectious beat, this track has a way of getting everyone out of their seats. Don’t worry; there will be plenty of time to relax later, so celebrate to your heart’s content for as long as you can.

Bonus points if you have a live wedding band to perform this one in all its glory. When you’ve got the opportunity to put on an unbelievable show, this vibrant hit is just too good to pass up.

You and Me

Not too upbeat, but not quite a slow dance song, You and Me walk the line to create something altogether original. What better way to honor a once-in-a-lifetime love like yours than to feature this song at your wedding?

With its steady rhythm and optimistic lyrics, You and Me is an ideal song to highlight your cocktail hour, allowing guests to mix and mingle joyfully with a cheerful tune in the background. This song is sure to keep the party going without distracting guests from the main attraction: your big day.

The Space Between

The Space Between is another mid-tempo track that will help to set a fun, casual vibe for your wedding reception. While this song may come off a bit more gritty, the chorus is just as hopeful and vibrant as Dave Matthews Band’s other singles.

The unifying nature of this track makes it a perfect sing-along choice, inviting wedding guests to join you in belting out the song lyrics at the top of your lungs. Any music fan would love to jam out to this hit, but Dave Matthews fanatics will be especially happy for the opportunity to sing this one out with you.

Add this song to your cocktail hour playlist, and enjoy the party as your guests vibe with the free-spirited nature of this iconic band. As you take yet another perfect photo, you’ll wonder why you ever stressed about your song list in the first place.


Get ready to shift gears with this bare-bones, acoustic track that will definitely slow down the mood for the evening. This is a great song to break out when you want to give guests some time off the dance floor and encourage them to catch up with old friends.

Of course, you can also take this chance to relax with your brand new spouse as friends and family come over to offer congratulations. After all, you deserve all the kind words and well wishes you can get on your special day.

Where Are You Going

Where Are You Going offers you a moment to truly be reflective, looking back on the moments that led you to this huge step in your relationship. In the process, you will be reminded that there’s no one else on earth that you would have rather shared this journey with.

This romantic, beautiful song references the kind of love that draws you in and makes you feel like nothing else matters. You’ve worked hard to build that kind of relationship with your partner, and now is your time to honor it.

Once the last guest has left and you’ve made your grand exit, there will be nothing ahead of you but an incredible future with the love of your life. At the end of the day, you will have the peace of knowing that wherever you’re going, you will always go together.


Here is another mid-tempo song to keep the carefree rhythm going during your big event. Guests can sway and chat on the dance floor during this hit single from Dave Matthews Band, or they can grab a seat and enjoy the vibes until things pick back up.

#41 is incredibly versatile and can be played at just about anytime during the reception. While it’s not as big and flashy as some of Dave Matthews Band’s other songs, it still captures the band’s unique character and would make a great addition to your wedding playlist.

What Would You Say?

As we speed things back up a bit, this chart-topping single will inspire guests to make their way back to the dance floor to show off all their moves (the good and the bad). Dave Matthews’ unmistakable vocals and musical style in this song are sure to add some charm to your big day.

While What Would You Say definitely captures the heart of the band, it also brings a little more country flavor than Dave Matthews’ other songs. It’s a testament to the diversity and unique style that you will find throughout their massive catalog of music.

Wherever you choose to showcase this song on your special day, there’s no doubt that it will deliver all the charm and excitement needed to bring your celebration to life.

Grey Street

With its catchy lyrics and infectious melody, Grey Street feels more like a traditional pop song. Throwing this track on when the party’s slowed down will help to liven your guests up and get things going again.

Simple and easy to dance to, Grey Street is a safe option that just about everyone will enjoy during your wedding reception. So let this crowd-pleaser play on as you dance the night away with all of your favorite people.


Crush is a sultry, slow jam that’s perfect to bring out for a romantic couples’ dance. Cuddle up to your soulmate and enjoy this gentle tune as your guests gather ’round to celebrate this beautiful moment with you.

This lovesick tune is for couples who know that being with your partner means feeling right at home, no matter where you are. Dave Matthews Band delivers the perfect song to encompass the passion and euphoria of your fairy tale romance.

As this sweet song fades out, you will be endlessly grateful that your love story is just getting started.

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