Country Wedding Photos

Bride in a cowboy hat with her groom
Photo by: TaylorRae Photo & Film

Have a wedding, but make it country!

Rustic weddings will never get old, so if you’re into the country vibe, don’t be afraid to let it shine on your wedding day.

There are many ways to rock country-chic in your wedding, but how that will look depends entirely on your take on the style. If you want to get clear on your vision, you need to define what the country means to you. 

What Is a Country Wedding?

A country wedding could mean many different things depending on where you live and your background.

For some, a country wedding might follow the Western theme and include cowboy hats and cattle in a nearby field.

On the other hand, a southern-style wedding might focus more on a farm rather than a ranch. 

So before you get too lost in all the interpretations, try to figure out exactly what your vision looks like. 

What Does Country Mean to You?

Newlyweds dancing at sunset
Photo by: TaylorRae Photo & Film

The southern-country style looks a bit different from a western-country take, and a city-dwelling couple is going to have a different perspective than a couple who were raised in farmlands. 

The critical thing to remember is that no one take is the correct one. Perhaps a country wedding just feels like a simple and uncomplicated backyard event. Or maybe you feel like it can’t be a true country wedding unless cowboy boots are involved. 

Whichever way you lean, use your definition of “country” to get clear on your priorities and expectations for your wedding. 

If it’s you, it’ll be beautiful. 

Does a Country Wedding Have to Be In the Country?

Hot take – no. 

I think a country-inspired wedding is just as legitimately country as one held inside a working barn. 

Don’t let other people’s visions and interpretations cloud your own. Know what inspires you. Know what connects you to your roots. Know what feels good.

And go with that. 

Top Country Wedding Photos Ideas

So, let’s get into all the country-themed wedding photo goodness!

Barn Wedding

Bride and groom walking on a meadow near the barn surrounded by Mountains
Photo by: Foxtails Photography

A barn is a classic country wedding venue. Anything from that quintessential red barn to something a bit more rustic is going to put you in that country frame of mind. 

The barn might have been built specifically for weddings, or maybe it’s on your family farm. Either way, it’ll be bringing that rustic touch you’re looking for. 


Bride and groom posing in a sunflower sunny field
Photo by: Jenny Marie Photography

Don’t hate on a good sunflower. Do me a favor and name a happier flower? Can’t do it? That’s because one doesn’t exist!

Sunflowers would make a fabulous addition to your floral arrangements or even some flower crowns. If you don’t want them to be so front and center, there are other ways to build them in. 

If there’s a sunflower field nearby or at your venue, use it! Or don’t be afraid to casually incorporate them into your country wedding decor. 


Bride and groom kissing near a field with grazing horses
Photo by: Foxtails Photography

Nothing screams country like horses, am I right? 

If you’re lucky enough to have horses at, or near, your venue, see if you can work them into your wedding photos. No horses? How about cows or other farm animals? 

Of course, if you incorporate animals, please be respectful and cautious. If something goes down between you and a horse, I’m pretty sure you’re going to be on the losing end of that one!

Work the Fence

Groom and bride kissing near the mountains
Photo by: Nick Mehn Photography

White picket or something a bit more rugged – either way, a fence is definitely something to highlight in your country wedding photos. 

Your wedding photographer is sure to have plenty of prompts to get you feeling (and looking natural) while working that fence. 

Embrace the Field

Groom kissing his beautiful bride
Photo by: Emily Blackford Photography

If you can actually be in the country for your country wedding, then embrace your surroundings. An open field or hayfield will be a gorgeous spot to take stunning portraits.

Trust me, both you and your wedding photographer will be pumped about the results. 

Rustic Wedding Stationery

sparkling ring and bracelet on the rustic decorated table
Photo by: Rose Arrow Photography

This is a great way to set the tone for your wedding if you’re going all-in with the country theme. But it’s also the perfect place to add in a bit of country flair if you want to be more subtle about it. 

Incorporate Nature in Your Decor

Bride kissing her big black dog
Photo by: Marissa Rae Photography

Nature and country go hand in hand, so to nail your rustic wedding, be sure to highlight plenty of nature in your wedding day decor. 

A charming wedding arch covered with local flowers for your ceremony would be gorgeous, or perhaps a centerpiece highlighting locally grown veg! Why not both?

Country Wedding Cake (or Pie)

Country Wedding Cake (or Pie)
Photo by: Rachel Mae Photography

Sure, you could go country-style with your cake, but why not go all the way country and incorporate some pies! You’ll get to mix up the wedding day dessert and surprise those pie lovers at your wedding party. 


Bonfire in the wedding banquet hall
Photo by: Foxtails Photography

There’s nothing like a warm fire in a rustic fireplace or a celebratory bonfire under the stars to really complete your country wedding dreams. 

If you’re going for a bonfire, then make sure to take all precautions as fire and alcohol don’t typically mix well… just something I heard. 

Straw Bales

Bride and groom walking together in a field
Photo by: K Layne Photography

Use them for seating or stroll through a field and find them in their more natural habitat. Hay bales are a cornerstone in the quintessential country wedding, and they’ll get you and your guests feeling all the country vibes. 

Mix and Match Chairs

Bride and groom kissing near the mix-and-match rustic chairs
Photo by: Marissa Rae Photography

Mix-and-match rustic chairs have “country wedding” written all over them! Use them for the head table or source them for your whole event. 

Wood Accents

Wedding dress hanging on a rustic country background
Photo by: Becca Louise Photo

Wood accents are a great addition to any country wedding. Keep them unfinished for a more rustic vibe!

Rock the Flannel

Bride posing with the bouquet
Photo by: Foxtails Photography

Flannel or jean accents are sure to highlight your country roots. 

Bring the Quilts

The couple wrapped in a blanket
Photo by: Jess Living Photo

Is there anything more country than a quilt? Go with a more traditional design for a classic country look, or source a more modern quilt to fit your version of country. 

Make it Modern

Sometimes you want a country wedding, but with a modern flair. But is modern-country a thing? Does it exist? 

It sure does, and I’ve got a few modern-country wedding photo ideas to inspire your wedding day. 

Neon Sign

Bride and groom kissing on the sofa
Photo by: Photography by Ali K

Add in a neon sign to all your country wedding decor. Not only is it a fun addition to your photos, but it will help bring a little modern touch to a traditional country wedding. 

Rustic Bouquet

Beautiful bride posing with the boutique
Photo by: Emily Blackford Photography

Country wedding flowers, but make it contemporary. Sometimes you have to throw those traditional bouquets out the window!

A modern rustic bouquet surrounded by thoughtful country-inspired decor will look beautiful. 

Naked Wedding Cake

Wedding cake
Photo by: Rachel Mae Photography

Take your country wedding cake and have your baker strip it down. A naked cake is a gorgeous modern touch!

Minimalist Barn

Bride and groom posing near the minimalist barn
Photo by: Rose Arrow Photography

Keep it clean and sleek with a minimalist barn. You get the best of both worlds – a country classic with a stylish twist. 

Twinkly Lights

You really can’t go wrong with these. Adding twinkly lights to your decor will bring romance and warmth while making your country wedding feel a bit more modern. 

Bring the Indoors Out

Bride and groom kissing on the bench
Photo by: Emily Blackford Photography

What is it with indoor furniture that’s brought outside? There’s something wonderful about it. It has a way of looking both current and traditional. 

Utilize farmhouse decor, and you’ll be on your way to the wedding of your dreams!

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