22 Beautiful Chandelier Wedding Centerpieces

There are plenty of ways to make a wedding memorable–a beautiful dress, an opulent buffet, a DJ who can kill it on the Cha-Cha Slide–but one of the best ways to make an impression on your guests is by picking the perfect centerpiece. 

While it can often be a challenge to decide which one is just right for you, you can always depend on a chandelier centerpiece being a stellar choice, whether your wedding is Boho-chic or classic. 

Thankfully, we’re here to help. In this article, we break down 22 of the best chandelier centerpieces for your wedding. Read on to find out more!

Iridescent Bead Chandelier

Iridescent Bead Chandelier

These chandeliers are simply stunning and a perfect addition to a backdrop! 

If you want a chandelier centerpiece that’s got a classy crystalline vibe, then look no further. This iridescent bead chandelier is decked out with luminous acrylic crystals that add an incredible glimmering finish to any table–especially to amplify the contrast between dark and bright lights.

Hanging Oval Chandelier

Hanging Oval Chandelier

A very exclusive chandelier with see through flowers in beautiful clear and white colors.

If you want to feel like your wedding is taking place under a canopy of fluttering leaves (and who doesn’t?), then this hanging oval chandelier is for you. The chandelier is made out of wispy clear, white, and gold flowers, giving it both a natural and magical look.

20” Inch Tall Crystal Vase Chandelier

20 Inch Crystal Chandeliers

Take this one, the hanging crystal chandelier is the perfect pick for lending a hint of glamour to any space, it showcases five tiers of crystal accents while the metal frame boasts an antique silver finish.

If you’re looking for something to add to an existing vase, you’ll definitely want to check out this dazzling 20″ inch tall crystal vase chandelier. Simply drape this chandelier over the top, and voila–a run-of-the-mill vase is transformed into a piece of extravagant luxury.

Glass and Metal Sunburst Chandelier

Modern Firework Gold Crystal Chandeliers

This unique style chandelier is composed of multiple crystals and features crystal is shiny, never to chip, fade, or tarnish.

This metal sunburst chandelier are what dreams are made of! This handcrafted chandelier is made of metal and crystal, but we’d forgive you for not noticing–with its intricate structure and crystalline light, it looks more like a work of magic.

Boho Tassel Chandelier

Boho Tassel Chandelier

We provide a 2- year warranty guarantee for the whole crystal chandelier light. 

While it doesn’t necessarily look like it belongs to French nobility from centuries ago, this Boho macramée chandelier it’s still a charming piece of decor that shows off your unique style.

Rectangular Crystal Chandelier

Modern Formal Rectangle Dining Chandelier

This raindrop chandelier is equipped with a chrome stainless steel frame and K9 square crystal lampshade.

This rectangular crystal chandelier is perfect if you’re wanting a more geometric look. Unlike so many chandeliers, this piece has striking straight lines, which will easily fill the length of a wedding table.

Murano Chandelier

Classic Vintage Crystal Candle Chandeliers Lighting

This is a feminine, glam, chandelier with a ton of sparkle, a combination of Swarovski element crystal strings, and European crystal prisms for superior ceiling light refraction and sparkle.

Do you ever feel like you’ve seen too much of the same thing when it comes to wedding decor? This unique Murano glass chandelier will undoubtedly remedy that feeling. With its authentic gold frame and delicate Art Nouveau-esque floral design, it’ll leave your guests speechless.

Ostrich Feather Vase Chandelier Kit

20" Chandelier Vase Ostrich Feather Centrepiece Kit

1- 20" Eiffel Tower Vase, 1 Chandelier to sit on top of vase, 1 Floral Foam to hold the feathers in place, 25pcs of Ostrich Feathers (12-14" long).

Let’s be honest, weddings were just plain fun during the Roaring Twenties–and with this ostrich feather vase chandelier kit, you’ll be able to relive it. Pair this kit with dark-colored tablecloths and decor, and you’ll have a stunning vintage aesthetic ready to go (Prohibition-era rum-running optional).

Glitzy Bead Chandelier

Elegant 43" Iridescent Bead Chandelier Wedding Centerpiece

These chandeliers are simply stunning and a perfect addition to a backdrop!

In keeping with the classy vintage theme, this decadent glitzy bead chandelier brings all your decor elements together. With a swaying mantle of crystal beads and an elegant silver frame, it’ll make your guests feel like they’re at a turn-of-the-century soirée.

Convertible Rainbow Chandelier

Convertible Rainbow Chandelier

Beautifully fashioned in trendy lofty trumpet shape, this bedazzling beaded crystal vase features rows and rows of glinting beaded acrylic crystals in luxurious metal wire frame for a pure royal look and feel.

This convertible rainbow chandelier is perfect for hanging from the ceiling or displaying as a centerpiece. The glimmering crystals add just the right amount of bling, while the stainless steel frame and stand add a touch of elegance.

Abstract Hanging Lights

Blown Glass Bubble Light

This blown glass bubble light creates an ​inviting​ ​glowing light ​that​ ​is​ ​as​ ​inspiring​ ​as​ ​it​ ​is​ ​functional.​ ​

If you want your guests to feel like they’ve just stepped into an enchanted world, then these abstract hanging lights are a must-have! They’re delicate, whimsical, and out-of-this-world gorgeous. Including them in your wedding decor will be the icing on the (wedding) cake.

Crystal Spider Web Chandelier

Crystal Spider Web Chandelier

This sparkly ceiling light fixtures features a french Gold finish and crystal bunches.

If you’re after something with that WOW factor, you’ll definitely want this crystal spider web chandelier. It’s beaded with dozens of glass orbs that throw a kaleidoscope of colors all around the room. 

Classic Crystal Chandelier

Classic Crystal Chandelier

High Quality Crystal,K9 crystal will have beautiful and rich refraction under the light, when the light is turned on, the whole light is sparkling.

This classic crystal chandelier is pure elegance! Made with large glittering crystals and a shining neutral-colored frame, your wedding will have a timeless charm with this centerpiece.

Crystal Ring Chandeliers

Crystal Ring Chandeliers

This is a pretty Crystal Chandelier and Modern Chandelier! 

Since so many of the chandeliers on this list are classic or vintage-inspired, we figured it’s only fitting that we include this crystal ring chandelier with LED lights and crystals in a contemporary ring-like pattern. This is a must-have if you’re wanting to give your wedding that ultra modern look.

Dandelion Crystal Chandelier

Qamra Modern Crystal Chandeliers

The diamond starry design gives a beautiful and luxurious visual enjoyment, the quiet stars flash with a bright light, shaped like a glowing dandelion and firework.

Much like the explosive sunburst and spiderweb chandeliers featured here, this dandelion chandelier uses a burst of swaying lights to catch the eye. It’s a great way to mix floral imagery with dynamic crystal iconography.

Modern Luxury Chandelier

Modern Luxury Chandelier

Modern Chandelier: Features 5 tier crystals along with geometrical chrome frame, this stately chandelier is a timeless, contemporary centerpiece.

For a more Art Deco inspired look, check out this modern luxury chandelier. Its cascading waves of glass leave a lasting impression, and its layers of glass give a multifaceted glow to any space.

Crystal Flower Stand

Crystal Flower Stand

Comes with modern style, features with acrylic bead pendants, it is gorgeous and makes your weddings, parties beautiful and unique.

For a more budget-friendly option, it’s always a good idea to go for a decorative piece that serves more than one function. This crystal flower stand, for example, can be used as a beautiful crystal centerpiece as well as a flower stand, bringing the complex shapes of the chandelier and the soft curves of flowers together in one piece.

Twirling Chandelier Centerpiece

27.56 inches Tall Metal Wedding Flower Stand Centerpieces

Home Décor Vase for Wedding Anniversary Birthday Engagement Party.

Centerpieces don’t have to be over-the-top for them to have an impact. This twirling chandelier centerpiece is understated, but still eye-catching.

Riser Crystal Beads Chandelier

Twirling Chandelier Centerpiece

Add pretty crystal touch to your decorations; imagine the glow from the crystals in your special day.

We love this riser crystal beaded chandelier for its intricate geometric patterning, which takes a simple chandelier-cum-flower holder and elevates it to the next level. Elegant, beautiful, and an absolute show-stopper.

Hourglass Shaped Flower Holder Chandelier

Hourglass Shaped Flower Holder Chandelier

These vases are made of high quality metal, using delicate electroplating technology.

These hourglass shaped flower holder chandeliers incorporate the traditional top-heavy chandelier design with a layer of crystal beading. It’s an excellent choice if you’re looking for a more, shall we say, curvaceous chandelier centerpiece.

Handmade Floral Chandelier

Custom Floral Wedding Chandelier

Beautiful decoration for inside & outdoor weddings.

If you’re going for a more rustic look, you’re going to love this handmade floral chandelier. Personalize it with a bouquet that fits your style, whether you want a pop of vibrant color or subtle pastels.

Minimalist Centerpiece

Chandelier Centerpiece

Materials: Glass, Acrylic Glass.

Sometimes less is more, which is why we like this minimalist centerpiece. Slightly smaller than some other items on our list, the piece’s quality craftsmanship and attention to detail more than makes up for its size.

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