12 Best Brad Paisley Wedding Songs for Your Big Day

Brad Paisley is one of the biggest country music stars of the 21st century. A winner of three Grammys, 14 Academy of Country Music Awards, and multiple certified gold albums, Paisley has had an enviable career. And his music, while ostensibly country, is actually pretty diverse.

From traditional country western songs to more contemporary sounds and collaborations, everyone who loves country certainly knows his music.

With such an outsized influence, you can’t have a country wedding without some Brad Paisley.

Not to worry, we’ve rounded up the list of the best Brad Paisley wedding songs for every part of your wedding.

brad paisley wedding songs

“My Miracle”

Lyrics you’ll love:

“My miracle is five foot five/No doubt in my mind/She’s the reason I’m alive/I wasn’t always spiritual/Oh, but one thing’s for sure/How could I not have faith in the God that created her?”

Written for wife Kimberly Williams-Paisley, this adorable love song is exactly what you’d want on your wedding day.

Married 19 years and going strong, Paisley released this sweet ode in 2019, just four days ahead of their 16th anniversary.

Given their strong, enduring, loving marriage, the Paisleys are couple-goals. Add this song to your wedding playlist and evoke some of their energy for your wedding.

“She’s Everything”

Lyrics you’ll love:

“She’s a Saturday out on the town/And a church girl on Sunday/She’s a cross around her neck/And a cuss word ’cause it’s Monday…’Cause she’s everything to me.”

Another charmingly simple love song, “She’s Everything” lingers adoringly on all the little things. From yellow running shoes to cheap sunglasses, Paisley uses this song to praise everything about the woman he loves in this song.

And while it’s not realistic to spend your life on a pedestal, if there’s one day that a bride should be on one, it’s her wedding day. Consider this song for your wedding march.

“That’s Love”

Lyrics you’ll love:

“Well it’s the very same thing that she does for you/When she doesn’t bring up the fifteen pounds that you need to lose/And every time she runs her fingers through your hair/And she says she kinda likes the way there’s not as much of it there.”

Guaranteed to get your friends and family out on the dance floor, “That’s Love” is one of my favorites on this list.

Fun, energetic and sweet, this song acknowledges an undeniable truth about time: we’ll all get old and evolve. But in a healthy, long-lasting marriage, we learn to love those changes, rather than resent them.

“Waitin’ on a Woman”

Lyrics you’ll love:

“I’ve read somewhere statistics show/The man’s always the first to go/And that makes sense ’cause I know she won’t be ready/So when it finally comes my time/And I get to the other side/I’ll find myself a bench if they’ve got any/I hope she takes her time, ’cause I don’t mind/Waitin’ on a woman”

A little bit cheesy, a little bit cliche, “Waitin’ on a Woman” falls back on that old belief that women take forever to get ready. While we may want to deny it, ladies, let’s be real; sometimes it’s true. Putting together a look that will impress him takes time, so of course, he’d better appreciate it.

Consider adding this one to your wedding playlist and if you’ve got a quirky sense of humor maybe even consider it for your bridal march.


Lyrics you’ll love:

“I just can’t believe, the way I feel about you, girl/Like a river meets the sea/Stronger than it’s ever been/We’ve come so far since that day/And I thought I loved you then.”

A departure from some of his more traditional country songs, this ballad has a distinct, contemporary flavor.

The opening, played on the piano, is soft, slow, and melodious, making it an excellent choice for a first dance.

“Last Time for Everything”

Lyrics you’ll love:

“Using a fake ID at a college bar/Getting caught with a girl in the backseat of a car/Running out on the field for the senior game wearing number 17/There’s the last time for everything.”

Opening with a retro synth rift that gives off 1980s vibes, “Last Time for Everything” is a requirement for your wedding playlist. The focus of this song isn’t loved or romance; the lyrics reflect on the fluid, fleeting nature of life, especially youth.

While that may seem melancholy for a wedding, the uptempo beat and light-hearted nature of the lyrics make this song fun rather than sad while encouraging us to cherish every moment because it might be the last.

“We Danced”

Lyrics you’ll love:

“And we danced/Out there on that empty hardwood floor/The chairs up and the lights turned way down low/The music played, we held each other close/And we danced.”

This sweet-natured, homey love ballad charms with the simplicity of its lyrics. Like many of Paisley’s love songs, it tells a story. This one of a couple brought together by dance.

This song could be a perfect choice for a first dance, especially if dance played a part in bringing you together.

“Two People Fell in Love”

Lyrics you’ll love:

“Yeah, there ain’t nothin’ not affected/When two hearts get connected/All that is, will be, or ever was/Every single choice we make/Every breath we get to take/Is all because two people feel in love.”

This simple but sweet song reflects on love’s power to change the world through the simple acts of love and marriage, joining the mundane and every day with something greater than ourselves.

The cynic in me can’t help but acknowledge that not all of us are here because two people fell in love, but that doesn’t negate love’s power to shape the world or the empowering nature of our own choices.’

If you’re a Brad Paisley fan or just a country music fan, you may just want to choose this song to play at your wedding.

“Love Is Never Ending”

Lyrics you’ll love:

“Seasons come and seasons go/One day sun, the next day snow/Flowers die and flowers grow/But love is never-ending”

Upbeat and cheery, the music in this fun little song undercuts the somewhat somber and contemplative nature of the lyrics.

Like many of Paisley’s songs, “Love is Never Ending” dwells on the transcendental nature of love lasting a lifetime and beyond. And it’s those ideas that have earned it a spot on this list.

“All You Really Need Is Love”

Lyrics you’ll love:

“So you say you wanna tie the knot/And you’re askin’ me if I think that the two of you have got/What it takes to make it work/Well one thing’s for sure/All you really need is love.”

This is a fun, uptempo song guaranteed to get everyone out on the dance floor. A perfect choice to get the party started once that first dance and the father-daughter dance are over.

Everyone will have a good time listening to this fun song that also serves double duty as a cute little love song.


Lyrics you’ll love:

“I know she’s not perfect/But she tries so hard for me/And I thank God that she isn’t/’Cause how boring would that be/It’s the little imperfections/It’s a sudden change in plans/When she misreads the directions/And we’re lost but holding hands/Yeah, I live for little moments like that.”

Like many other songs in Paisley’s discography, “Toothbrush” focuses on finding the extraordinary in the mundane and how simple objects like toothbrushes or razors can be connected to tell a story. One lonely toothbrush becomes two, and then three, and a loving little family has sprung up.

And, of course, it’s the little things that have such a profound effect on our day-to-day lives. Added to your playlist, this song will make your guests smile as they remember when they suddenly had a family of toothbrushes.

“Remind Me”

Lyrics you’ll love:

“We didn’t care if people stared/We’d make out in a crowd somewhere/Somebody’d tell us to get a room/It’s hard to believe that was me and you.”

A bit more passionate than the other sweet songs on this list, “Remind Me” focuses on those early, sweet days of courtship when everything is new, and you just can’t get enough of each other.

Hopefully, if you’re just married, you’re still having those passionate, blissful feelings. And if not, well, maybe this song can remind you too.

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