10 Best Bob Seger Wedding Songs for a Rock n’ Roll Romance

Popular music today doesn’t sound much like what your parents and grandparents rocked out to in the 1960s, 70s, and 80s. But one Detroit rock singer from back then is rightfully proud of “Old Time Rock and Roll.”

The singer in question is Bob Seger, and the song is one of his best-known hits. You may have even heard it at a wedding reception in your life, as it’s still played often and never fails to get people up on the dance floor!

Bob Seger’s gravelly voice is part of his signature style, and he’s scored many hits in a career that continues to appeal to rock and country fans across America’s heartland.

Here are the top 10 Bob Seger wedding songs and some backstories on why they could be a perfect musical backdrop for your ceremony and can even be used to honor special people at your wedding reception.

bob seger wedding songs

“C’est La Vie”

This song might be the only Seger tune with the word “wedding” in the lyrics, but we’re not talking about a sentimental number to play at your ceremony or as a first dance.

“C’est La Vie” is pure, retro rock that reminds us a bit of what 50s rock n’ roll sounded like with a bopping beat and honky tonk piano!

When to play: Surprise your parents and grandparents with a family dance at your reception. You’re bound to be amazed at their dance moves to “C’est La Vie!”

“Chances Are”

This slow and steady song was featured on the soundtrack for Hope Floats, a movie Sandra Bullock starred in with Harry Connick, Jr. (actor, former American Idol judge, and a world-class musician in his own right).

The movie wasn’t a huge hit, but we liked the story about a second chance at love, and the song is a duet between Seger and country artist Martina McBride. Their powerhouse vocals sound so sweet together!

When to play: If you’re looking for a tender tune as a first dance after your civil ceremony or a second wedding, “Chances Are” is a beautiful choice.

“Like a Rock”

Seger released “Like a Rock” with his Silver Bullet Band in the late 1980s after he’d been making music and touring for over two decades. It’s a beautiful song; the lyrics are profound because they reflect how Seger thought and felt when he wrote the tune.

When to play: “Like a Rock” can be a tribute to your parents at your wedding reception. Play this as a family dance, and there won’t be a dry eye in the house!

“Old Time Rock and Roll”

This song captures the 80s for people who grew up in the era. “Old Time Rock and Roll” became famous when the song was featured in an early Tom Cruise movie Risky Business.

When to play: “Old Time Rock and Roll” has been played as a reception fast song for decades, and creative couples are also using it as a reception entrance or a father-daughter dance. Check it out!

“You’ll Accomp’ny Me”

Seger famously removed the last ‘a’ in accompany because he thought the whole word sounded too awkward when he sang it. “You’ll Accomp’ny Me” didn’t reach number 1, but it was still successful, and many people think it’s Seger’s “best love song.”

When to play: It’s another strong contender for a family dance at your wedding reception. If you’re hip to cover artists, check out Frankie Ballard for a fresh and modern take on “You’ll Accomp’ny Me” as a ceremony recessional for your beach or rustic wedding.

“I Knew You When”

We love the piano melody in “I Knew You When,” a sweet song from the 2017 Seger album of the same name. Seger’s vocals are one-of-a-kind, and the lyrics and tempo of the song are uplifting and toe-tapping.

When to play: “I Knew You When” makes a great song to remember your loved ones at your wedding, and it could be perfect background music if you’re showing a video presentation as part of your wedding festivities.

“Living Inside My Heart”

It’s funny how Seger’s more tender love songs never seemed to get the recognition his diehard fans think they deserve. “Living Inside My Heart” was featured in an 80s rom-com movie starring Rob Lowe and Demi Moore, and this sweet, simple love song is ideal for your wedding playlist!

When to play: If you’d like a slower and easier family dance or father-daughter song at your reception, “Living Inside My Heart” is a beautiful choice.

“The Real Love”

Released in 1991, “The Real Love” has country and soft rock notes, and the background musicians include violins and a cello player. The overall effect is a love song that sounds as pretty now as back in the day.

When to play: If your parents are Seger fans, they may have played “The Real Love” during their wedding reception. At just over three minutes, it’s a good length, and it’s easy to dance to, which makes it a nice slower dance tune for your wedding reception playlist.

“Night Moves”

We love this haunting song by Seger, with soulful lyrics describing him growing up in Michigan and a fantastic melody you’ll want to sing along with him. “Night Moves” was a pretty big hit for Seger, and it enjoys timeless popularity with old and new Seger fans.

When to play: Make this a reception sing-along later in the evening. Get on the dancefloor, link arms with your wedding guests, and howl this tune at the moon!

“Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man”

When you hear this song, you might not believe it’s one of Seger’s first hits, recorded in the 60s! It’s super fun and guaranteed to be a hit with the rock n roll crowd of any age at your wedding reception (check out this entertaining cover version by Colt Clark and the Quarantine Kids!).

When to play: what a great song to play and get everyone dancing at your reception. Get pictures and videos of the crowd on the dancefloor because you’ll want to remember this exhilarating moment for a lifetime!

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