12 Best Wedding Venues in Fresno, California You’ll Love

Clear skies? Check. Great food? Check. Unbelievably gorgeous wedding venues? Triple check. Expect all this and so much more when you choose to say “I do” in the incredible city of Fresno, California.

While you can’t go wrong with any location in The Golden State, there’s something about Fresno that adds a whole new layer to the awe-inspiring landscape that California has to offer. In this city, each venue you come across seems to be more beautiful than the last, making it difficult to narrow down your list of potential wedding spots.

Not to worry; that’s why we’ve pared down a list of the very best wedding venues in Fresno, CA. Once you’ve looked over our stunning collection, the only thing you’ll have left to do is book the plane tickets and pack for your breathtaking destination wedding.

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Fresno Fields by Wedgewood Weddings

As a member of the Wedgewood Weddings venue chain, Fresno Fields promises amazing views and top-notch service on your special day. This lovely event space was made with you in mind, providing everything you need to make sure that every moment is just as you’ve always imagined.

Fresno Fields delivers the luxe wedding experience that every bride deserves at their romantic celebration. At this picturesque venue, you’ll find a well-maintained garden, covered outdoor areas, and a gorgeous grand ballroom to host your wedding reception.

You can expect the amenities to be just as extravagant as the views, ensuring that every detail is taken care of during your event. Their dedicated staff is happy to offer in-house catering, vendor coordination, and a personalized final send-off arrangement just for you.

Price: $43+ per guest

Capacity: 400

Find Fresno Fields at Fresno Fields or check out Facebook or Instagram.

Copper River Country Club

If you’re in the market for a luxury wedding venue, Copper River Country Club has got to be on your list. This sophisticated wedding spot has charm, class, and plenty of space to host the most beautiful wedding you’ve ever seen.

Enjoy the outdoor terrace and Alicante Park or take things indoors and utilize the endlessly elegant ballroom and clubhouse spaces. Couples are also invited to host their other special events onsite, including rehearsal dinners, bridal showers, and wedding receptions.

If there’s one thing that the events team at Copper River Country Club does well, it’s making couples feel like absolute royalty. At this venue, you will be treated to fine linens and furniture, delectable cuisine, and a stunning view of their championship golf course.

Price: $85+ per guest

Capacity: 300

Find Copper River Country Club at Copper River Country Club or check out Facebook or Instagram.

Fresno Chaffee Zoo

Looking for something just a little different? Fresno Chaffee Zoo is a wedding venue that’s just as unique and special as your beautiful love story.

Fresno Chaffee Zoo is the perfect place to host a classy event while showcasing your personality and adding a touch of fun to your big day. Invite your guests to arrive as casual or dressed up as they’d like, highlighting the free-spirited nature of your celebration.

As you are surrounded by beautiful flora and fauna, you should prepare for a few furry friends to join in on your party, wishing you all the best in this new season of life. Couples are welcome to request special meet-and-greets and treasured animal guests to add to the excitement of their wedding day.

Price: $6,000+

Capacity: 300

Find Fresno Chaffee Zoo at Fresno Chaffee Zoo or check out Facebook or Instagram.

Wolf Lakes Park

Wolf Lakes Park is a stellar event space for weddings of all shapes and sizes. At this luxury wedding venue, you will have an experience like no other, making lasting memories that you and your spouse will cherish well into the golden years.

Enjoy a sophisticated affair at the lakeside park wedding venue, a dreamy view of the waterfront adding to the elegance of your event. The English Garden is just as dazzling, providing a lush outdoor space that feels like it was personally curated for a brand new rom-com.

With ample space and diverse event spots onsite, there’s nothing you can’t do at Wolf Lakes Park. Feel free to take advantage of their wealth of amenities, including set-up/clean-up services, customizable wedding packages, and meticulous event planning to keep everything in order.

Price: $8,000+

Capacity: 300

Find Wolf Lakes Park at Wolf Lakes Park or check out Instagram.

Hotel Piccadilly

Imagine finding an incredible wedding venue and extravagant honeymoon location all wrapped into one perfect package. That’s what you’ll get when you choose to exchange vows at the breathtaking Hotel Picadilly.

Hotel Picadilly is an ideal spot to host your destination wedding, delivering jaw-dropping views and charming decor at every turn. As you go through your consultation with their passionate staff, you’ll be blown away by their commitment to making sure that every detail not only meets your expectations but surpasses them entirely.

You will have the freedom and flexibility to personalize the wedding package to fulfill each of your unique needs on your wedding day. In addition to this, you will have access to a private dressing room, delectable catering options, and cozy onsite accommodations.

Price: $7+ per guest

Capacity: 150

Find Hotel Piccadilly at Hotel Piccadilly or check out Facebook or Instagram.

Historic Seven Sycamores Ranch

If you want to have a truly elegant wedding with a touch of historic charm, Seven Sycamores Ranch is the perfect wedding spot for you. This gorgeous venue in Fresno offers a peaceful atmosphere and plenty of wide, open space to create the romantic event of your dreams.

This former family home nestled in the wilds of California provides you with the convenience of being near a large city without all of the hustle and bustle taking away from your intimate ceremony. You will love exploring the well-manicured grounds, taking in the beauty of their picturesque garden and quaint, rustic barn.

As a bonus, you’ll have the venue founders cheering you on and making sure that you have everything you need on the day of. Owners Bob and Ann work tirelessly to make each couple feel like part of the family, cherished and honored beyond measure during their celebration of love.

Price: $9,500+

Capacity: 300

Find Historic Seven Sycamores Ranch at Historic Seven Sycamores Ranch or check out Facebook or Instagram.

Springville Ranch

Another charming rustic venue on the list, Springville Ranch is primed to turn your wedding vision into a stunning reality. Sat in full view of the western Sierra Mountains, this popular wedding destination is sure to keep your guests buzzing for years to come.

You’ll get the best of the great outdoors at Springville Ranch, spending your wedding weekend admiring beautiful mountains, lush valleys, and a lovely view of their stark white barn as the venue centerpiece. The sparkling Tule River will be an additional statement feature of your event, catching almost as many eyes as your stunning wedding dress.

Springville Ranch offers high-quality service that you’ll appreciate during a high-stress event like this. Your wedding day will feel like a breeze as you allow their seasoned staff to keep things running like a well-oiled machine.

Price: $8,000+

Capacity: 300

Find Springville Ranch at Springville Ranch or check out Facebook or Instagram.

Redwood Ranch

Redwood Ranch continues our trend of lovely outdoor venues while bringing something completely unique to the table. Take advantage of their wide range of event spaces to transport your wedding guests to a whole new world.

With 190 acres of wooded wonderlands, this incredible wedding venue will feel like your own private fairy tale. Complete with scenic hiking trails and secluded swimming holes, you’ll be happy to spend as much time as possible on this sprawling property.

When you’re not enjoying the various natural settings on display at Redwood Ranch, you will be taking delight in their extensive list of amenities. Their collection of perks includes a luxury dressing room, flexible catering options, and plenty of pet-friendly spaces onsite.

Price: $5,250+

Capacity: 250

Find Redwood Ranch at Redwood Ranch or check out Facebook or Instagram.

Radisson Hotel Fresno Conference Center

This event space is ideal for couples who understand that all-inclusive wedding venues are a must. You can’t put a price tag on the peace of mind that comes with knowing that every single detail is taken care of on your special day.

Whether you’re planning a small, intimate event or a massive celebration of love, Radisson Hotel offers a wide variety of locations on-site to meet your every need. From the sky room to bass lake, to the stunning Mt. Whitney, there are almost too many wedding spots to choose from.

At Radisson Hotel, you will have access to all the comforts that any of their treasured wedding guests would be provided with. This includes private dressing rooms, a day-of coordinator, and luxurious overnight accommodations.

Price: $3,702+

Capacity: 300

Find Radisson Hotel Fresno Conference Center at Radisson Hotel Fresno Conference Center or check out Facebook or Instagram.

San Joaquin Winery

There’s nothing that says class and sophistication like exchanging vows amid a California winery. This particular winery is one of the best that you’ll find near Fresno, and it happens to be the perfect spot to host your elegant romantic affair.

At San Joaquin Winery, you’ll experience an unbelievable view of lush, fragrant vineyards creating a unique backdrop for your wedding ceremony. If you’d prefer a little more coverage, this venue also offers indoor spaces to protect your wedding party from the elements.

The passionate staff at San Joaquin Winery will put the same amount of effort that they apply to wine-crafting into providing you with exquisite service on your big day. You can expect complete access to their grounds, an amplified sound system, and of course, a varied selection of wines from their private inventory.

Price: $3,500+

Capacity: 280

Find San Joaquin Winery at San Joaquin Winery or check out Facebook or Instagram.

Golden Palace

One of Fresno’s premier wedding venues, Golden Palace is a dedicated space designed specifically to host the most incredible events. Your wedding will be no exception to the rule, becoming an unforgettable experience that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

This elegant banquet hall is one of the most popular wedding destinations in Central Valley, inviting couples from far and wide to witness the best that Fresno has to offer. Regardless of your event size, you’ll find that this flexible space can easily be set up to accommodate any number of guests.

As a guest at the Golden Palace, you will have access to plenty of exceptional amenities to keep things running smoothly on your wedding day. Their impressive list includes a full kitchen, flexible wedding packages, and complete usage of their audio/visual system.

Price: $39.99+ per guest

Capacity: 300

Find Golden Palace at Golden Palace or check out Facebook.

Evergreen Island

Last on our list, but first in the hearts of countless couples is the fantastic Evergreen Island. This breathtaking event space is one of the most gorgeous outdoor wedding venues in the state of California, and it’s all set for your wedding day.

Between the abundant flora and exceptional service found at this property, it’s no wonder that this venue is so beloved among its clientele. You’ll spend your time here enjoying the seemingly endless scenery, including the tranquil waterfall, refreshing patio, and stunning Sierra Nevada Mountains.

After one look at this lush, expansive property, you’ll be ready to book your dream wedding destination. If the views weren’t enough, you will also be provided with scrumptious cuisine, hospitality staff, and a detailed event planner to manage your special day.

Price: Inquire here

Capacity: 250

Find Evergreen Island at Evergreen Island or check out Facebook or Instagram.

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