10 Best Outdoor Wedding Venues in Missouri You’ll Love

Getting married outdoors surrounded by nature, the warm breeze caressing your face, and the sun shining down, is a dream come true for many.

Now you can make that dream a reality by choosing an outdoor wedding venue in Missouri.

And we’re not talking about just any outdoor wedding venue, we’re talking about a magnificent greenhouse, a civil war ranch, and a butterfly house, to name a few!

With the cost of a wedding in Missouri coming in at $19,000, you can have your pick of some beautifully unique locations in the aptly named Show-Me State!

So, here are 10 extraordinary outdoor wedding venues in Missouri.

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The Jewel Box

Appropriately named, The Jewel Box in St. Louis offers style with art deco accents for your outdoor wedding event.

You can get married outside amidst a large water fountain surrounded by beautiful foliage and flowers. But the undeniable focal point is the stunning greenhouse which brings the outdoors in!

Featuring lush greenery, beautiful high ceilings, and vertical glass walls which flood the space with light, this unique atrium is awe-inspiring! 

The Jewel Box offers all-inclusive wedding packages that include a bridal suite, coat checking for the convenience of your wedding guests, public parking, and a spacious dance area.

It should be noted that The Jewel Box does have some specific terms regarding decorations and caterers. All decorations must be approved beforehand, and all events at this venue must be catered by a company from an approved caterers’ list. 

Price Range: $1,500-$5,000.       

Capacity:  140-250 guests.

Find The Jewel Box at The Jewel Box or check out Facebook or Instagram

World’s Fair Pavilion

Have your outdoor wedding at the historical World’s Fair Pavilion in St Louis. Sitting atop Government Hill, this wedding venue offers beautiful views of Forest Park as well as the Post-Dispatch Lake, Emerson Grand Basin, and The Boathouse.

For your beautiful outdoor wedding, there is an open-air Pavilion with a Mediterranean feel. This space features beautiful outdoor lighting and a reflecting pool; the perfect backdrop for wedding photos!

Some of the amenities offered by the World’s Fair Pavilion include a coat check room, venue set up and clean-up, a spacious parking lot, and a prep-only kitchen for your catering needs. 

Price Range: $2,000-$5,000.         

Capacity: 500 guests.

Find World’s Fair Pavilion at Word’s Fair Pavilion or check out Facebook or Instagram.  

Quail Ridge Lodge

Located in Wentzville in wine country, Quail Ridge Lodge offers 250 acres of beautiful meadows, pastures, and rolling hills all situated near Peruque Creek.

At 3,600 square feet, the lodge is a single-floor space with large vaulted ceilings and beautiful large windows filling the space with bountiful natural light. The outside wedding space features a beautiful wooden deck that overlooks a gazebo and the lake. 

Quail Ridge Lodge offers practical and basic amenities for those looking for a quality wedding venue at an affordable cost. There is a warming kitchen which includes a range, microwave, refrigerator, freezer, and sink.

A beautiful location for an outdoor wedding ceremony at an affordable price, Quail Ridge Lodge is an excellent option.

Price Range: $1,000-$1250.        

Capacity: 180 guests.

Find Quail Ridge Lodge at Quail Ridge Lodge or check out Facebook.   

Civil War Ranch

Experience the historic charm of the Civil War Ranch for your wedding in Carthage, Missouri.

This 73-acre property features a 100-year-old two-story barn that has been thoroughly renovated to include a bridal suite, groom’s room, and a catering kitchen. You’ll particularly enjoy the views of the pond from the 2nd story deck.

For a more intimate wedding experience, there is the Spring Creek Pavilion tucked away in the woods just west of The Wedding Barn. The Pavilion features a gorgeous wooden arc near a rock-lined creek as the backdrop for an outdoor wedding ceremony.

For an added touch, the Civil War Ranch will even help you arrange a horse-drawn wagon or carriage ride for your special day!

Price Range: $100-$3,000.         

Capacity: 160-300 guests.

Find Civil War Ranch at Civil War Ranch or check out Facebook or Instagram.  

Sophia M. Sachs Butterfly House

Getting married surrounded by blooming gardens and butterflies floating about seems like a whimsical dream, but it can be your wedding reality if you host your event at the Sophia M. Sachs Butterfly House in Chesterfield, Missouri.

This is a beautiful garden with up to three outdoor venue options which include the Pavilion, the Terrace, and the Butterfly Garden Deck.

The Pavilion features six beautiful stone pillars and is accented with sconce lights and beautiful white drapery.

The Terrace features a red brick ceremony space that sits adjacent to a lake and is accented with beautiful drapery and twinkling Edison bulb lights.

The Butterfly Garden Deck is a great option for a small, intimate wedding as you and your partner exchange vows on the deck while your guests watch from the garden. 

The Sophia M.Sachs Butterfly House offers several amenities which include a bride and groom suite, a day-of wedding coordinator, on-site security, and a large parking space.

One of the most exceptional amenities offered by this venue is the Butterfly Release. For the additional fee, you can you and your beloved can wrap up your wedding ceremony with the release of butterflies! 

Price Range: $800-$3,500.         

Capacity: 25-150 guests.

Find Sophia M. Sachs Butterfly House at Missouri Botanical Garden or check out Facebook or Instagram.  

Blue Bell Farm

If the farm-to-table aesthetic is your thing, then Blue Bell Farm is the perfect place for your outdoor wedding. As one of the oldest farms in Missouri, your wedding will have a backdrop of beautiful gardens, luscious rolling hills, and beautiful ponds.

The Blue Bell Farm offers a unique farm-style wedding experience featuring a small pond and surrounding meadows with the rustic barn space as the perfect backdrop for your wedding photos.

One of the main features of the barn is the bridal cottage which is equipped with enough space for the entire bridal party with upholstered seating and numerous mirrors for wedding day preparation.

This venue offers several exceptional add-ons for your wedding package including an overnight cottage stay, hayrides, a farm breakfast for two, and a glorious bonfire under the stars.

Price Range: $5,500-$10,000.        

Capacity: 350 guests.

Find Blue Bell Farm at Blue Bell Farm or check out Facebook or Instagram.  

Silver Oaks Chateau

With the Oak Forest Preserve as a backdrop, the Silver Oaks Chateau in Pacific, Missouri, is one of the most sought-after wedding venues in the Midwest.

This 28-acre estate has a European vibe that features both indoor and outdoor spaces for your wedding event:

The Grand Hall Gallery is indeed grand, standing at three stories with exposed beams and black iron accents and featuring a luxurious bridal suite and a conference room.

The outdoor patio is an exceptional outdoor wedding space complete with a brick wood-burning fireplace, a large bar, and a beautiful view of oak trees. 

For the best deals, Silver Oaks Chateau offers a weekday wedding package as well as a 10-hour Sunday rental.

Price Range: $3,000-$8,000.        

Capacity: 280 guests.

Find Silver Oaks Chateau at Silver Oaks Chateau or check out Instagram.  

The Lalumondiere Mill & Rivergardens

If you are looking for one of the most unique wedding venues in Missouri, Lalumondiere Mill & Rivergardens is a truly enchanting place not far from St.Louis.

Situated along the Big River in Jefferson County, Lalumondiere Mill & Rivergardens features a waterfall, a beautiful dam as well as a pavilion with black steel frames and a glass rooftop.

The outdoor space is adorned with twinkle lights, torches, and candles creating a romantic, idyllic ambiance. This venue also operates as a bed-and-breakfast in case you need accommodations for yourself and your wedding guests. 

The wedding package includes lodging accommodations for two in the Garden Suite, an outdoor bar area, a dance floor, ambient lighting options, audio-visual set-up, a large fire pit, and a photo session for the wedding party. 

Price Range: $6600 and up.        

Capacity: 150 guests.

Find The Lalumondiere Mill & Rivergardens at The Lalumondiere or check out Facebook

Koa Campgrounds

If you want to have a bit more creative control over the vision of your wedding, consider Koa Campgrounds in Eureka for your outdoor wedding experience.

Koa Campgrounds offers managed camping facilities throughout the United States. Conveniently located on historic Route 66, there is easy access to local museums, botanical gardens, and amusement parks.

Granite Cliff serves as the central location for your wedding ceremony, and the Pavilion offers space for your wedding reception. The outdoor covered barn space is complete with a fireplace as well as a fully-equipped indoor kitchen for your chosen caterer. 

Because this is a campground, you are responsible for all event planning, catering, and decor for your wedding day. So, if you’re looking for a more flexible and affordable option for your outdoor wedding in Missouri, this is definitely it!

Price Range: $500-$3,000.        

Capacity: 5-50 guests.

Find Koa Campgrounds at Koa or check out Facebook or Instagram.  

Eighteen Ninety

Located in Platte, just 20 minutes north of downtown Kansas City, Eighteen Ninety is known for its beautiful landscape.

You’ll start the day in the bridal suite of the 1890 Victorian mansion. Then, you’ll walk down the stone aisle of The East Lawn for an outdoor ceremony at the elevated altar with stunning views of rolling green hills.

Next, you’ll head to your reception in the spacious Reception Hall which is accented with crystal chandeliers, French doors, a stone fireplace, and an uncovered patio with a heated fireplace. 

Eighteen Ninety offers a wedding package that includes 12 hours of event time, a one-hour ceremony rehearsal, cleaning services, and free on-site parking. Security is also included in your wedding package for wedding parties with 200+ guests.

Please note that to ensure that you receive an exceptional experience, Eighteen Ninety does require an experienced event planner for all wedding events. 

 Price Range: $5,500-$7,500.       

Capacity: 50-150 guests.

Find Eighteen Ninety at Eighteen Ninety or check out Facebook or Instagram.

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