12 Best Outdoor Wedding Venues in Minneapolis You’ll Love

With sophisticated architecture, thriving gardens, and intriguing wildlife, Minneapolis is the perfect city to host your outdoor wedding.

Rain or shine, there is a multitude of incredible venues that are guaranteed to take your breath away. Whether the ceremony takes place at an urban venue downtown or in a secluded garden separated from the hustle and bustle of city life, there is no doubt that your guests will be blown away by its charming landscapes.

When all is said and done, a typical wedding in Minneapolis will cost slightly above the national average at $32,000, but this sizeable price tag is more than worth it for the incredible views this city has to offer.

If you’re not sold just yet, keep on reading to learn more about the absolute best outdoor wedding venues in Minneapolis.

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Crowne Plaza

Settled in the heart of downtown Minneapolis, Crowne Plaza presents an idyllic image for your wedding ceremony. Enjoy stunning views of the skyline as you say your vows on the wide, open rooftop of this classic urban venue. 

Amenities include an on-site event manager, parking and shuttle services, and a complimentary suite on the wedding night for the couple. Wedding guests can also expect the same exquisite treatment that all hotel guests receive.

As an all-inclusive venue in the perfect location, Crowne Plaza brings so much to the table for all of its couples. With this team, you can finally take a breath and trust that your big day will be in excellent hands.

Price: $6,000.

Capacity: 230 guests.

Find Crowne Place at Crowne Plaza or check out Facebook, and Instagram.

Leopold’s Mississippi Gardens

Leopold’s Mississippi Gardens provide guests with a uniquely elegant experience. With flourishing greenery and serene privacy, you won’t believe that this venue is located just 15 minutes from downtown Minneapolis.

Cultivated by University of Minnesota alum and former Minnesota Wild defenseman Jordan Leopold, this venue is truly a labor of love. It is run by Leopold and his wife, who have together fostered a culture of dedication and integrity at this charming outdoor venue.

If you are seeking a relaxed, private ceremony in a convenient location, Leopold’s is the perfect wedding spot for you. The quiet beauty and sincerity of this family-owned passion project will make you feel right at home. 

Price: $1,750+.

Capacity: 330 guests.

Find Leopold’s Mississippi Gardens at Leopold’s Mississippi Gardens or check out Instagram.

Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

Minnesota Landscape Arboretum is a dreamy outdoor wedding venue that is sure to make you feel like royalty.

This lush, green wonderland has a variety of landscapes to easily coordinate with your unique style on the happiest day of your life.

The elegantly manicured gardens at the Arboretum are filled with vibrant colors and wildlife, creating a gorgeous natural backdrop for your wedding photos.

Enjoy privacy on your big day in the secluded Japanese Garden area or take in stunning views of the incredible waterfall on-site.

Take advantage of the featured amenities offered by the arboretum, such as on-site catering, a full security team, and amplified sound systems.

Price: $400+.

Capacity: 300 guests.

Find Minnesota Landscape Arboretum at Minnesota Landscape Arboretum or check out Facebook or Instagram.

Mill City Museum

This former flour mill in Minneapolis has been transformed into the industrial wedding venue of your dreams. As a functioning historic museum, Mill City is sure to provide unforgettable views and unique character on your special day.

Mill City Museum takes all of the best architectural elements of a bygone era and brings them into the 21st century, much to the delight of your ceremony guests. Stunning backdrops abound at the museum, making for a seemingly endless series of photo ops.

 At this National Historic Landmark, numerous amenities are available to ensure that your wedding goes off without a hitch. Select from a diverse collection including in-house catering, complimentary furniture, and valet services to meet your needs and set your mind to rest.  

Price: $2,500+.

Capacity: 250 guests.

Find Mill City Museum at Mill City Museum or check out Facebook.

Nicollet Island Pavilion

Steeped in industrial strength and rich history, Nicollet Island Pavilion is the perfect marriage of urban and natural elements. Couples planning an outdoor wedding ceremony will be blown away by the immaculate design and stunning backdrops of this truly incredible location.

Nicollet Island Pavilion sits at the edge of the Mississippi River, providing unbelievable views perfect for those wedding party photos. Although it is located in downtown Minneapolis, you will feel as if you have been transported to a private paradise with loved ones. 

This charming venue is maintained by Mintahoe, an esteemed catering and events group whose dedicated staff will sweep you off your feet.

Their experienced team goes the extra mile, offering all-inclusive packages with luxurious furniture options, full-service catering, and personal wedding coordinators.

Price: $3,000+.

Capacity: 750 guests.

Find Nicollet Island Pavilion at Nicollet Island Pavilion or check out Facebook or Instagram.

The Bakken Museum

If you are looking for a non-traditional wedding spot that still keeps it classy, The Bakken Museum has you covered.

This alluring mansion in the Chain of Lakes region will make you feel like true royalty as you soak up the delightful scenery of this estate.

By day, The Bakken Museum hosts guests from all over the world who come to reflect upon their massive inventory of historical artifacts. Their long-standing reputation in the community is sure to bring a sense of admiration and reverence to your special event.

Having undergone renovations as recently as 2020, this venue offers much more than precious antiques. You will happily find that the museum also provides a well-maintained courtyard for outdoor events, with lush greenery on the wide, open lawn and a gorgeous fountain in the center of it all.

Price: $4,000+.

Capacity: 100 guests.

Find The Bakken Museum at The Bakken Museum or check out Facebook or Instagram.

The Gale Mansion

This noble mansion situated just below downtown Minneapolis is an absolute dream for wedding ceremonies. Expansive spaces, thriving foliage, and sleek sightlines from the mansion itself will create a picture-perfect image for the best day ever!

The extravagant decor brings this venue to life, setting couples and guests up for gorgeous photos that they’ll rush to have framed.

The Gale Mansion grounds are perfectly manicured, highlighting its exterior and the elegant tone that this location maintains.

At this venue, couples can rely on the assistance of the highly-capable event staff to guide them through the day.

Management offers a multitude of amenities as well, including full catering and bar services, free wireless internet, and amplified sound systems.

Price: $2,500+.

Capacity: 200 guests.

Find The Gale Mansion at The Gale Mansion or check out Facebook or Instagram.

Shasta Tent at Aster Cafe

Say “hello” to the cutest little wedding spot in Minneapolis!

The famous Aster Cafe has a multitude of ceremony areas, but it’s best to give your wedding a breath of fresh air under the quaint cover of the Shasta Tent.

While tent ceremonies are not typically associated with luxury, the custom-made Shasta Tent subverts expectations and takes things to a whole new level. Refined iron bars supporting the tent pair elegantly with their dazzling chandeliers to give you a premium outdoor experience.

In addition to this, the venue offers private dressing areas, ample parking, and a complimentary day-of coordinator to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Following your no stress-nuptials, enjoy a reception highlighted by the delectable catering of Aster Cafe itself.

Price: $2,230+.

Capacity: 130 guests.

Fine Aster Cafe at Aster Cafe or check out Facebook or Instagram.

The Van Dusen Mansion

Found in downtown Minneapolis, the Van Dusen Mansion is a radiant wedding venue that will take your breath away. If the view of the estate doesn’t grab your attention, the picturesque landscape will certainly get the job done!

This location is ideal for outdoor weddings that allow couples to take advantage of the venue’s well-maintained grounds.

But, along with its fantastic exterior, The Van Dusen Mansion offers a variety of amenities, such as highly-detailed dressing rooms, café string lights, and surround sound speakers.

It’s nearly impossible to experience this venue without being overcome by the classic Victorian beauty that abounds. As you pose with your soulmate in front of the vine-clothed mansion, you’ll know that it was always meant to be.

Price: $3,995+.

Capacity: 200 guests.

Find The Van Dusen Mansion at The Van Dusen Mansion or check out Facebook or Instagram.

Campus Club

Treasured by the University of Minnesota, Campus Club offers amazing skyline views from its idyllic location in downtown Minneapolis. Couples can expect constant admiration from loved ones at this gorgeous rooftop venue for the ages.

Feel the wind blowing through your hair as you reflect on the moment you were swept off your feet by the love of your life. 

This venue’s more than capable events team will stop at no ends to make sure that everything is to your liking during the ceremony and reception.

All that’s left is for you to relax and enjoy the view as you prepare to begin a beautiful forever with The One.

Price: $3,500+.

Capacity: 230 guests.

Find Campus Club at Campus Club or check out Facebook or Instagram.

Target Field

Your wedding day is sure to be a home run at this non-traditional outdoor ceremony venue. Whether you two are fans of the Minnesota Twins or simply an adventurous couple, Target Field can provide the unconventional wedding experience that you have been searching for.  

No need to worry about privacy, as wedding party members will have access to separate rooms within the building to get ready for the special event.

This venue also can accommodate large wedding parties, providing comfortable, plush seating for as many guests as you can imagine.

Target Field is a great location for couples who love to have fun and don’t take themselves too seriously. The atmosphere on-site is sure to encourage lots of love, laughs, and precious memories as you celebrate this exciting moment surrounded by those you love.

Price: $4,450+.

Capacity: 500 guests.

Find Target Field at Target Field or check out Facebook or Instagram.

Como Park Zoo and Conservatory

If you want guests to be talking about your wedding years after you say “I do,” the best way to achieve this goal is to pick an unforgettable venue!

Como Park Zoo and Conservatory brings fun, excitement, and unparalleled experiences that will make yours a ceremony to remember.

At this location, couples can select from several gardens to host their elegant outdoor wedding. With vibrant color and peaceful wildlife, each option brings a sense of personality and character to an already joyful celebration.

Como Park Zoo and Conservatory also boasts several on-site amenities, including a meticulous event planner, exquisite catering, and full bar services.

More adventurous couples can even opt to receive a quick visit from select animal friends during the ceremony or reception.

Price: $350+.

Capacity: 250 guests.

Find Como Park Zoo and Conservatory at Como Park Zoo and Conservatory or check out Facebook or Instagram.

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