15 Best Outdoor Wedding Venues in Las Vegas: A Complete Guide

Las Vegas is the wedding capital of the world and is home to some truly remarkable sites to tie the knot, in particular outdoor wedding venues!

If you’re looking for a romantic and unique wedding venue, consider getting married in an outdoor Vegas setting in the desert, in a garden, by a lake, or even in the neon lights boneyard! 

Desert Weddings

The natural beauty of the Nevada landscape, along with the history, makes for the perfect setting for your wedding. 

However, there are a limited group of vendors allowed by the state of Nevada to perform marriage ceremonies and photograph the special moment in the desert. That’s part of the appeal of a desert wedding. A couple of great options are included below. 

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The Valley Of Fire State Park

The Valley of Fire State Park ceremony takes place in the red rock canyons and provides a beautiful backdrop.

Vegas Weddings offers two packages. The first package is $1,050 and includes the ceremony, certificate, a courtesy limousine ride, and 12 photos. The second package costs $1,750 and includes a 1-hour photo session with a professional photographer.

Typical Cost: $1,050- $1,750.

Capacity: 100 guests.

Bonus: Beautiful geological features that are perfect for photoshoots.

Find The Valley of Fire State Park at The Valley of Fire State Park or check out Facebook and Instagram.

The Red Rock Canyon 

The Red Rock Canyon Ceremony by Cactus Collective Weddings is another fantastic option for your desert wedding. 

Cactus Collective is one of only 15 photographers allowed to perform wedding ceremonies at Red Rock as it is a Natural Conservation Area. The views are stunning and the area is known for its sandstone peaks and Native American petroglyphs. 

Typical Cost: $1,695-$3,295.

Capacity: 21-45 guests.

Bonus: This venue is highly popular because of its accessible photoshoots without long hikes.

Find The Red Rock Canyon at The Red Rock Canyon or check out  Facebook and Instagram.

Garden Weddings

Garden weddings provide a natural and romantic elegance that makes your special day shine. Las Vegas has plenty of garden wedding venues to choose from, all with their special touch.

The Springs Preserve

The Springs Preserve is an excellent venue to consider if you’re planning to say “I do” in a garden setting and offers two settings. 

The first setting is in the Gardens Arboretum, set amongst eclectic flowers and beautiful trails. The second venue is more modern, hosted in the Courtyard plaza beneath an iron structure. 

Typical cost: $2,100-$5,000

Capacity: 175-500

Bonus: An eco-friendly setting, from the transportation to the ceremony.

Find The Springs Preserve at The Springs Preserve or check out Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Sunset Gardens

Sunset Gardens offers a tranquil wedding scene set amongst a beautiful landscape. There are many sites on this 4-acre property that are ideal for the perfect photographs.

Sunset Gardens offers a traditional chapel for the ceremony, but you can also marry under the romantic terrace gazebo. If you’re unsure about whether to marry outside or inside, this venue is a great option.

Typical cost: $495-$1,495

Capacity: 15-175

Bonus: Sunset Gardens offers intimate packages for a small crowd up to all-inclusive packages for 175 people.

Find Sunset Gardens at Sunset Gardens or check out Instagram and Facebook

Secret Garden Weddings

A Secret Garden offers a romantic setting that is only minutes away from the Las Vegas Strip. This breathtaking 10-acre property has lush landscaping and thousands of twinkling lights. The ceremony is intimate and the photography settings are virtually endless.

Not only does Secret Garden offer botanical backdrops for stunning photos, but they also have antique cars on-site to set your wedding photos apart from the crowd.

If you’re considering an upscale garden wedding, Glass Gardens Wedding Chapel is the venue for you. The Glass Gardens Chapel has been voted the best wedding venue in Las Vegas and for good reason.

The chapel is climate-controlled and includes a glass ceiling with customizable lights that mimic the sky and gorgeous planked walls. The venue can accommodate small intimate weddings or large events.

Typical Cost: $5,750-$14,295.

Capacity: 2-250 guests.

Bonus: A Secret Garden only hosts one event per day, which ensures you won’t be rushing on your special day and adds a level of intimacy.

Find Secret Garden Weddings and Events at Secret Garden Weddings or check out Facebook or Instagram.

The Terrace Las Vegas

The Terrace Las Vegas is a stunning outdoor venue that is fully customizable. The outside terrace is surrounded by floral arrangements and palm trees, with a beautiful red boulder background that has lit torches at night to give your ceremony a more exotic feel.

The couple weds under a cozy gazebo wrapped in white. The guests are seated in comfortable, neutral-colored chairs as they watch the couple exchange vows. If you are looking for a unique and exotic outdoor space, this is the spot for you.

The neutral ballroom has a screen projector, a DJ, a dancefloor, and lighted columns. The draping fabric adds elegance to the venue and the floral arrangements enhance the ambiance. The ballroom has polished wood floors and a white marble dance floor.

This is a great way to end your special day with family and friends.

Typical cost: $9,200

Capacity: Up to 400 guests

Bonus: The culinary menus are customizable as well as the entire venue

Find The Terrace Las Vegas at The Terrace Las Vegas or check out Facebook and Instagram.

Wynn Las Vegas

Wynn Las Vegas offers an exotic outdoor wedding site, The Primrose Garden. 

The ceremony stage is set against palm trees and beautiful fauna. Above the stage is ivy wrapped around a beautiful archway. This dramatic scene is enhanced in the evening by long strands of soft lighting. The guests sit in elegant soft-back chairs on top of polished, lightly colored hardwood floors.

Wyn’s dedicated wedding staff takes the stress out of your special occasion by offering many all-inclusive packages. Along with the packages, they also have planners to walk you through the entire process. They have plenty of ballrooms that accommodate any number of guests.

Typical cost: $4,000 for 50 guests

Capacity: Up to 500 guests

Bonus: The wedding day can be tailor-made to include pre-ceremony cocktails, cake, and champagne or a planned post-ceremony party.

Find Wynn Las Vegas at Wynn Las Vegas or check out Facebook and Instagram.

Lakeside Weddings

Lakeside Weddings and Events offers four packages for lakeside weddings on the shore of Lake Jacqueline.

The four packages include the Heritage Garden, Swan Garden, Grand Garden, and the stunning Waterfall Garden. 

The Heritage Garden

The Heritage Garden wedding venue offers a stunning walkway for the bride leading up to a gorgeous archway. The guests enjoy a perfect view of the lake with a stone bridge in the background, enhancing the romance of this outdoor wedding.

Price Range: $4,995-$10,495.

Capacity: Up to 100 guests. 

Find the Heritage Garden at Heritage Garden or check out Facebook or Instagram

The Swan Garden

The Swan Garden offers a view of the lake and a romantic gazebo over the water for a gorgeous wedding ceremony. The gardens include willow trees and lush flowers.

This venue offers tranquility and an intimate setting.

Price Range: $4,995-$10,495. 

Capacity: Up to 100 guests. 

Find the Swan Garden at Swan Garden or check out Facebook or Instagram

The Grand Garden

The Grand Garden has an ivy-covered courtyard and gazebo and offers your guests a front-row view of the lake. There is a stone walkway leading up to the gazebo that adds a touch of tranquility to the venue. 

Price Range: $4,995-$10,495.

Capacity: Up to 100 guests. 

Find the Grand Garden at Grand Garden or check out Facebook or Instagram

The Waterfall Garden

In the Waterfall Garden, you’ll get married under a beautiful archway with a 6-foot waterfall as the scenic background. This option does not include a lakeside view but is worth considering due to the romantic waterfall setting.

Lakeside Wedding and Events offers many packages and the prices vary greatly depending on which event you choose.

Find Lakeside Wedding and Events on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Adventurous Weddings

If you are seeking adventurous wedding venues in Las Vegas, look no further than Nelson’s Ghost Town Wedding and the Neon Museum.

Nelson’s Ghost Town Wedding

While Nelson is 40 miles south of Las Vegas, this is worth considering for a unique and adventurous venue. 

Nestled in the heart of the El Dorado Mountains, this rustic town was established in 1778 and has long since been abandoned.

The town is filled with remnants of its past and provides a very unique wedding experience. The open-air chapel is perfect for a simple wedding. Nelson’s Ghost Town is a trendy spot for photographers and the antique cars and barns make for a unique wedding venue.

Typical Cost: Free up to 10 people. The price moves up for additional guests with the highest cost being $500.

Capacity: Up to 90 guests.

Bonus: There are courtesy limousine rides from the Las Vegas Strip.

Find Nelson’s Ghost Town Wedding at Nelson’s Ghost Town Wedding or check out Facebook.

The Neon Museum Wedding

For a truly unique wedding experience, the Neon Museum Wedding is a fantastic option.

The museum opened in 1996 and collects and studies Las Vegas neon signs. This is a funky place to get married and adds a touch of Las Vegas history to your big day. There are multiple signs you can get married in front of, like the “Lady Luck” sign or even a red neon heart.

Typical cost: $2,400

Capacity: up to 32

Bonus: The Neon Museum is offering its newest gallery, the North Yard, for its ‘Sweetheart’ rental.

Find The Neon Museum Wedding at The Neon Museum Wedding or check out Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Chapel Weddings 

The Wedding Chapel at ARIA

The wedding chapel at ARIA is a smaller venue and ideal for intimate weddings. The outdoor ceremony site is set in lush gardens and is enhanced by romantic lights in the evening. The gazebo is covered in floral and the lush décor is given a chic vibe by metallic accents.

After the ceremony, you and your guests can have a cocktail hour at the fireside lounge. This is a relaxing atmosphere with an outstanding ambiance.

The reception is held in one of the spacious ballrooms. Each ballroom comes with state-of-the-art lighting, impressive décor, and customizable themes. This is a great venue if you are seeking a sleek and modern vibe mingled with romance.

Typical cost: $2,000-$9,000

Capacity: Up to 100 guests

Bonus: Private rooms are available for preparation.

Find The Wedding Chapel at ARIA at The Wedding Chapel at ARIA or check out Facebook.

Wedding Chapel at Alexis Park

Wedding Chapel at Alexis Park is a unique and spacious wedding venue that offers an outdoor gazebo site and a rooftop site.

The gazebo rests on a manicured lawn and is surrounded by lush trees and magnificent lights. The rooftop ceremony offers panoramic views of the Las Vegas strip. The rooftop is also available for a reception after the ceremony.

The elegant ballrooms are spacious and have romantic décor and crystal chandeliers. The venue has a planning staff to help you with all the little details. They offer on-site catering and several wedding packages to fit your specific needs. 

Typical cost: $625 for 50 guests

Capacity: Up to 300 guests

Bonus: Alexis Park offers customizable packages to fit your theme and your budget.

Find Wedding Chapel at Alexis Park at Wedding Chapel at Alexis Park or check out Facebook.

Mon Bel Ami Wedding Chapel

Mon Bel Ami Wedding Chapel is an eclectic wedding venue that offers French style without the price tag.

The charming outdoor ceremony site has a mini gazebo, elegant black, soft chairs for your guests, and art pieces. There are two palm trees next to the wedding gazebo, which adds an exotic flair.

The art hung on the courtyard walls brings a touch of modernism and class. This is a truly unique outdoor site to start your new life together.

Mon Bel Ami also offers plenty of reception space at the Chateau Bel Ami. This indoor reception area has a stone fireplace and a classical ambiance. You also can host a reception in the outdoor chapel garden surrounded by blooming flowers.

This is a classy venue with plenty of options that will bring you a lifetime of memories.

Typical cost: $1,000-$3,000

Capacity: Up to 50 guests

Bonus: On-site accommodations including dressing rooms

Find Mon Bel Ami Wedding Chapel at Mon Bel Ami Wedding Chapel or check out Facebook and Instagram.

Country Club Weddings 

DragonRidge Country Club

DragonRidge Country Club has several wedding ceremony sites that can are customizable to make your wedding dreams a reality.

The dramatic backdrop is the gorgeous desert mountains and hills that make this city so unique. The couple weds under a gazebo draped in white. The guests watch from elegant white hard-backed chairs on the manicured lawn. The outdoor space is surrounded by gorgeous trees, enhancing the natural beauty of the country club.

The opulent ballroom is spacious and elegant. Hardwood floors and recessed windows earmark the floor-to-ceiling windows, which allow plenty of natural light to flow in on your celebration.

There are hanging floral arrangements and delicately lit candles in candelabras. Just outside of the ballroom is a stone patio, a perfect spot for cocktail hour.

Typical cost: $16,000-$21,000

Capacity: Up to 350 guests

Bonus: There are on-site planners and caterers.

Find DragonRidge Country Club at DragonRidge Country Club or check out Facebook and Instagram.

Stallion Mountain by Wedgewood Weddings

Say your vows with majestic Stallion Mountain as your backdrop at this venue. Held at a high-end golf club, this venue has striking scenery.

The ceremony site is surrounded by rolling greens, stone accents, and Stallion Mountain in the background. There are two outdoor sites to choose from: an expansive lawn with a rounded terrace or a shaded terrace with bistro lighting.

This upscale space with rustic elements is ideal for the couple looking for refinement on their wedding day. The planning process is made simple by the all-inclusive packages they offer, some of which are customizable.

Typical cost: $12,000-$14,000 for 100 guests

Capacity: Up to 250 guests

Bonus: This venue is only 20 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip.

Find Stallion Mountain by Wedgewood Weddings at Stallion Mountain by Wedgewood Weddings or check out Facebook.

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