Barry White Wedding Songs: 11 Heartfelt, Emotional Classics

With his classic style and signature vocals, Barry White’s discography goes beyond all expectations. If you’re a soul music or R&B fan, you’ll definitely want to include some of his greatest hits on your wedding playlist.

From slow jams to sweet, romantic tracks, Barry White has a wide range of songs to feature at your wedding. With so many fabulous tracks to choose from, it might take you a while to get through every single one.

To save yourself some time, check out our list of the best Barry White wedding songs for your big day. As you experience some of life’s most precious moments, you can trust that the soundtrack will be nothing less than incredible.

barry white wedding songs
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Can’t Get Enough of Your Love

Starting things off right, Can’t Get Enough of Your Love is a classic Barry White song for your wedding day. Although it’s been played at special events all over the world, you’ll feel like this track was written just for you.

Can’t Get Enough of Your Love is for all the couples who still get butterflies every time they look at each other. If you can’t bear to spend a moment away from your soulmate, this track will capture your love story perfectly.

We suggest using this as a recessional track or an opener for the reception. This song has such a joyful, upbeat tone, that it will set the mood just right for an evening full of fun and romance with your treasured guests.

It’s Ecstacy When You Lay Down Next to Me

Turn up the heat with this fun, flirty single—but don’t be surprised when your partner wants to get the honeymoon started early! After all, who can blame them? This sultry song has been getting fans moving and grooving since 1977.

One of our favorites, this song is great for couples who just can’t keep their hands off each other. You know how good it feels to be in your soulmate’s arms, and truth be told, you wouldn’t have it any other way.

This romantic track can be played when you want to share a sweet, slow dance with your brand-new spouse. Even with countless other couples on the dance floor, you two will still feel like the only people on earth.

I’m Gonna Love You Just a Little More Baby

Released in 1973, I’m Gonna Love You Just a Little More Baby has been making us swoon for over fifty years now. When it comes to classic love songs, it simply doesn’t get any better than this.

Due to its tender, heartfelt lyrics and White’s passionate performance, his fans have been obsessed with this song since its release. It’s safe to say this track has aged like fine wine, still being featured at special events of every kind.

This track can be played at any time during your wedding, as its sentimental tone will fit the event perfectly. Whether you’re enjoying a dance with your spouse or catching up with old friends, you’ll love listening to this classic R&B song.

You See the Trouble With Me

You See the Trouble With Me is another wildly popular track from Barry White, bringing the fun, soulful vibe that he was known for. If you two are looking for more upbeat tunes to add to your wedding song list, you’ll definitely want to consider this one.

In this song, Barry White confesses that he “can’t do nothing without [his] baby,” a feeling we know you’ll relate to. If you and your partner are absolutely inseparable, this is one Barry White song you’ve got to include.

We recommend using this track as you make your great escape at the end of the night, preparing for a lifetime of love together. You See the Trouble With Me fits the celebratory mood, sending you two off in the best way.

Let the Music Play

If you want to get the party started, Let the Music Play is an upbeat track that will get all your guests out on the dance floor. From your great-grandparents down to your little nieces and nephews, this is a song that everyone can enjoy.

Barry White is responsible for some of the best dance songs of the 1970s, and Let the Music Play is no exception. As you dance the night away with your favorite people, this song will help you keep the good vibes going.

Let the Music Play should be featured when you want everyone singing and dancing, of course. This track will have even the shyest wallflowers breaking out their best and worst dance moves during your wedding reception.

I’ve Got So Much to Give

If you need a few more slow songs to add to your wedding playlist, you’ll want to check out this well-known single. With its gentle rhythm and touching melody, I’ve Got So Much to Give will take your special day to the next level.

It’s important to have a good variety of songs on your wedding playlist, and this track will help to add something truly unique. After all, there’s no artist out there like Barry White, and there’s no better choice to feature on your song list.

I’ve Got So Much to Give is the perfect song for a slow dance with your partner, allowing you two to enjoy the beauty of this moment. Lean in close, and you can even pretend that you’re the only people left in the room.

In Your Wildest Dreams

What’s better than featuring one icon on your wedding playlist? You’ve got it—featuring two fabulous artists! With In Your Wildest Dreams, you can include two of the most popular musicians of all time on your big day.

Paired with the insanely talented Tina Turner, Barry White delivers a performance that you two are sure to love. With his trademark rich vocals, and Tina Turner’s unmistakable tone, this song is a must-have for your playlist.

As a duet, In Your Wildest Dreams is a great choice for a fun, flirty dance during the wedding reception. Whether you’re out on the dance floor with your spouse or moving and grooving with your bridesmaids, this song will keep the fun going.

Never Gonna Give Ya Up

As one of Barry White’s greatest hits, Never Gonna Give Ya Up is worth adding to your final playlist. This song has been featured in TV shows, movies, and many other forms of media, making it one of the most popular songs of all time.

This track is gentle, romantic, and completely irresistible, all of the elements that you look for in a wedding song. Including this single is a no-brainer, but what’s the best moment to feature this song?

Never Gonna Give Ya Up should be played during slower moments during the wedding reception, giving guests a moment to sit and relax. This song can also be used as a recessional tune, honoring the fact that you two will never leave each other.

Playing Your Game, Baby

Bringing something new to the table, Playing Your Game, Baby somehow elevates Barry White’s incredible style. Although this song was released several decades ago, it still hasn’t lost its charm and would fit perfectly into your special day.

Playing Your Game, Baby is a relatively slow song, its steady, simple rhythm allowing Barry White’s vocals to shine. If you’re a sucker for the rich depth of his voice, you’ll love listening to this powerful track during your reception.

Like Never Gonna Give Ya Up, this track works well during downtime in the evening. Whether it’s cocktail hour or you just need a break from dancing, this song will help to create a calm, cozy ambiance for your event.

What Am I Gonna Do With You?

Let’s pick up speed and listen to one of Barry White’s upbeat dance tracks, What Am I Gonna Do With You? This is one of our favorite songs, and with one listen, you two will be singing and dancing along to this track with us.

In this romantic song, you can tell how enamored Barry is with his partner, fumbling and fawning over her at every turn. If you’re used to being showered with affection from your spouse, you’ll definitely love this classic hit.

This high-energy song can be played when you want to have a quick, fun dance with your partner. As you two twist, shout, and spin each other around, you’ll be ready for a future full of love and laughter.

I’m Qualified To Satisfy You

Keeping things moving, I’m Qualified To Satisfy You is another one of Barry White’s finest. If you add this upbeat single to your wedding playlist, you can guarantee that your wedding guests will be more than satisfied.

While this song may seem a little edgy, we know that satisfaction applies to every area of your relationship. From being a good listener to helping out with chores, you deserve someone who helps to satisfy every expectation.

You’ve put in so much work to design the wedding of your dreams, making sure that every detail is to your satisfaction. As this song plays, you can finally exhale and take in the joy and beauty of this day together.

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