The 11 Best Alicia Keys Wedding Songs for Your Big Day!

So, you’re checking things off your to-do list for planning your wedding, and your playlist is next. You’ll want a playlist that’s classic and romantic but also gets everyone in the mood to party.

Sure, there are always classics of romance and soul like Lionel Richie, Marvin Gaye, Frank Sinatra, Mariah Carey, and Aretha Franklin, but if you want an artist who is perhaps a little more contemporary, read on…

Since Alicia Keys has come on the scene, she’s been popular for her piano playing and expressive voice. If you’re a fan of Alicia Keys’ music, you may be wondering what the best songs are for each moment of your special day.

It’s time to let the music of Alicia Keys join the older classics on the list of great wedding songs.

We’ve compiled the perfect list of the best Alicia Keys wedding songs for every moment of your big day, so you don’t have to. Enjoy our list of choices from one of the all-time top artists of contemporary music.

Alicia Keys Wedding Songs

Best Alicia Keys Processional Songs

“No One”

Alicia Keys’ soulful voice transforms all of her songs. This upbeat song is poppy and has a great beat to walk down the aisle to.

The song expresses how no one will be able to stand in the way of what you feel for each other.

The sentiment of us against the world makes it a great processional choice. If you’re looking for a unique, romantic song that’s more upbeat to walk down the aisle to, this song is a good choice.

“Never Felt This Way”

This beautiful song with cascading piano is an awesome choice for a processional song. The light piano gives it a more classic and elegant feel and the lightness of her voice is so soothing.

This song was actually made to be an interlude, so by nature, it’s a perfect fit for a processional.

The romantic song lyrics are all about realizing that when you look into your partner’s eyes they are all you need in your life and that you’ve never felt so alive. What could be more romantic?


This is another great Alicia Keys song for a processional.

A track from her debut album Songs in A Mirror, this song isn’t as well-known as some of the others. The fluttering piano and smooth singing make it an ideal choice for a processional.

This song has that sophisticated feel that is sure to make your wedding guests cry.

It’s all about the special feelings you have for the one you love, the butterflies you get, and that you were meant to be. If romance is what you’re looking for, this song has it all.

Best Alicia Keys First Dance Songs

“If I Ain’t Got You”

This song is an iconic song from the female solo artist from her second album. It’s a great choice for your first dance wedding song as husband and wife.

This song is well-known by every Alicia Keys fan, it’s one of her most popular songs by far.

The song lyrics are all about everything meaning nothing if you don’t have that special person in your life. Its strong steady beat and piano make it a romantic choice for a first dance.

“Like You’ll Never See Me Again”

This original song with its twinkling piano and slow beat makes a great first dance song. Another iconic song from this talented music creator, this song is well-known and well-loved among fans.

This song is all about living life as if every day is your last and loving your person as if you’ll never see them again.

It’s about treating the present like it’s a gift and cherishing all the time you have together, a great sentiment for your wedding day. It’s romantic and sure to stir up the feelings of you and your guests.


Although this song can be interpreted in different ways, it’s still a good choice for a first dance. Her strong, soulful voice and the soothing piano are great to dance to.

The song is traditionally about falling in and out of love with a relationship, but always coming back to that person again and again. She keeps on falling in love with him over and over.

While the ups and downs may not be the perfect sentiment for a wedding, it is a realistic choice. All marriages can be a rollercoaster sometimes, and it’s all about staying together and weathering the storm as one.

Alicia Keys’ Father-Daughter Dance Song

“Not Even the King”

While not a traditional father-daughter dance wedding song, this is a unique choice that definitely fits the sentiment. This slow song with tranquil piano is all about no one being able to afford what they have together, not even the king.

Daughters have a special bond with their dads because he was the first man in their lives.

This song is about having a friend, and even with all the money in the world, it can never measure up to what they have together.

Best Alicia Keys Reception Songs

“My Boo”

This Alicia Keys song with Usher has been a popular song amongst couples for almost a decade. The combination of rap and R&B elements makes this song great to dance to anytime during your reception.

The song is about that one person who has always had your heart, and that will always be the person for you.

It’s a perfect song for a wedding reception that still has the romance with the beat to dance to.

“A Woman’s Worth”

This song has a funky feel that makes it great for dancing. Another song from her debut album, this song is all about a woman knowing her worth.

It’s a great R&B option to slow things down a bit in between party songs, and it’s always stirring hearing Alicia Keys perform this song.

It’s also a great option for a song during dinner or a cocktail hour.


This upbeat song has a super funky, jazzy beat that’s great for filling the dance floor and will have even your professional wedding musicians nodding in respect and admiration.

Along with the piano, this song has a saxophone and funky bass that makes it perfect to dance to. Get your wedding guests up on their feet and moving to this song.

This song is all about being unbreakable through challenges together and celebrating positive relationship examples by mentioning influential couples within Hollywood like Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith.

“Teenage Love Affair”

This song will have all your wedding guests up and dancing. Named one of the best songs of 2007, the song’s hard-hitting R&B beat is great to dance to.

As the title would suggest this song is all about someone’s first teenage love.

This song would be a great choice for high-school sweethearts or long-time couples that met when they were young, but no matter how long you’ve been together this is a great choice for your wedding guests to get their groove on to.

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