12 of the Best Aerosmith Wedding Songs for Your Special Day

When it comes to planning the wedding of your dreams, there are a lot of items to check off your list: finding lush, fragrant flowers, a picturesque venue, the perfect dress, and of course, music!

Choosing the best songs to give your wedding the right vibe isn’t always easy. It can take weeks to narrow down your favorites to make the perfect playlist.

If either you or your beau are rock fans, you may be wanting to incorporate some songs by bands like Aerosmith. Check out our list of the best Aerosmith wedding songs and you’ll be all set!

Aerosmith Wedding Songs

Best Aerosmith Songs for Your Processional

“I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing”

Aerosmith is a legendary rock group, and their true fans know that it’s for good reason. This emotional ballad is a great rock love song that everyone knows. The powerful symbolism of the lyrics will add meaning and sentiment to any processional.

This song talks about true love and wanting to hold onto precious memories, so you don’t have to miss even one moment with the love of your life. This track will have all of your wedding guests crying for joy.


While Angel isn’t a traditional wedding processional song, the sentiment of its lyrics are just right for any rock music fan getting hitched.

When you’re deeply in love, you often think of your soulmate as an “angel, “someone who’s changed your life for the better and saved you. This classic ballad is all about how the love of your person can make anything alright.

This is a great addition to your ceremony playlist if you’re looking for a unique song to walk down the aisle to.

“Can’t Stop Loving You” Featuring Carrie Underwood

Although this song isn’t a traditional love ballad, it’s still fitting for a rock processional. This is also great for rock lovers who enjoy country due to its collaboration with Carrie Underwood.

The song lyrics tell the story of loving another person unconditionally no matter what. In Can’t Stop Loving You these passionate artists sing about what it truly means to love another person, a sentiment that makes it perfect for your processional.

If you’re looking to rock your way down the aisle, this one is for you.

Wedding Entrance Songs

“Walk This Way”

This upbeat classic rock song is a popular choice for a wedding entrance. Start your wedding off strong and enter with this song. One of the most popular singles of the 1980s, it’s a great addition to your wedding playlist that everyone will know.

This mix of rap and rock is sure to get your guests in the mood for partying.

“Sweet Emotion”

This song is a classic rock and blues ballad. It’s ideal for setting that party tone for your reception. This is a great song to get your guests in the mood to dance.

The song lyrics musing over sweet emotions also set a great sentiment for your wedding day. You and your wedding guests are sure to have lots of sweet emotions on your wedding day.

First Dance Aerosmith Songs


While this isn’t a traditional or popular choice for a first dance song, we think that’s what makes it a unique option. This 90s ballad is all about a girl who drives her guy crazy. We’ve all gone crazy for love in our lifetime for that person that we just find irresistible.

This ballad is a perfect choice for classic rock fans and is the perfect rhythm to dance to. Give your guests a unique first-dance wedding song they are sure to remember.

“Dream On”

This is one of the most requested Aerosmith songs of all time. This slow ballad is perfect for the first dance as husband and wife.

Dream On may come off as cynical to some, but it still contains a glimmer of hope that will have everyone singing along. A wedding is often thought of as a dream come true for the couple, but it can also be about dreaming together and accomplishing their dreams for the future.

This beautiful tune can set the foundation for a great marriage of achieving your dreams together.

“Blind Man”

This classic tune from Aerosmith has a bit of a country feel. While it may not be the most popular song in their catalog, it’s sure to add character and variety to your wedding playlist.

This song is all about teaching blind men how to see and lifting the veil from their eyes. Love can help us to really see life the way it is. It can open us up to things we never thought were possible.

It’s a somewhat non-traditional option for the first dance, but this well-written track can add special meaning to your big day.

Aerosmith Reception Songs

“Living On the Edge”

This is a classic bluesy song great for wedding receptions with a rock theme. In Living on the Edge, lead singer Steven Tyler sings about how the world is a crazy place in which people often get stuck in their routines. Any true rock fan will love jamming out to this upbeat hit in the middle of your big celebration.

This can be a great send-off song for the end of your wedding reception.

“Love In an Elevator”

Love in an Elevator is a classic Aerosmith song that many rock lovers know and love. It’s a fun track that can jazz up any reception and pick up the mood at the drop of a hat. It’s perfect for dancing, especially after everyone has loosened up and gotten into the dancing groove.

The theme of love makes it an obvious choice to dance to for your wedding reception.

“Shut Up and Dance”

This upbeat song is an obvious choice for a wedding playlist. This is a perfect song to get your wedding reception going or keep your guests moving and grooving. You’ll be sure to have every Aerosmith fan up on their feet. It’s a great way to bring some fun to your wedding reception.


Although the lyrics aren’t the most romantic, this song is often added to wedding playlists of true Aerosmith fans, as it’s one of their most popular songs.

It’s a good choice to be played when cutting the cake or for a slow song for married guests to dance to when they need a rest.

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