What To Wear Under Your Wedding Dress: Everything You Need

You’ve got the perfect wedding dress for your big day – tick.

But what to wear under a wedding dress? Should it be sexy and slinky? Something simple? And what about those stomach-holding-in panties?

The undergarments you choose are very important – they can make or break your dress! The cut of your gown will dictate the majority of your underwear decisions, but it’s extremely important that you also feel comfortable on your wedding day. 

Let us walk you through all the options on what to wear under your wedding dress for your big day!

What To Wear Under Wedding Dress

The Basics: 


Firstly, choose the right color of underwear!

Try to match your skin tone as best you can and avoid anything with a print or texture. You want your bridal underwear to be 100% invisible on your big day and a loud patterned pair of panties will look unsightly through your gown’s delicate fabric!

The shape of your dress

When deciding what to wear under your wedding dress you’ll need items that work with the shape of the gown and its intricacies.

There are two main things you’ll need to think about: bra and panties. For example, what is best to wear under a strapless A-line dress is different from what you’ll need for a tight-fitting mermaid gown. Consider your wedding dress style carefully! 

The importance of the right bra!

Strapless wedding dresses are stunning and are never going to go out of style. Many gowns have corsetry built into the lining of the dress bodice meaning you may feel supported and confident enough to go braless on your wedding day. 

If your strapless dress does not have a supportive corset within it then you can of course go for a strapless bra. But don’t just dig out one you’ve had for years; choose something new that you feel great in; supported and comfortable.

Do try the exact strapless bra on with your wedding dress to make sure that no parts of the bra will be visible and that it fits perfectly. No one wants to see a bride pulling herself up on her wedding day!

Open-back wedding gowns are simply gorgeous and oh so elegant. But obviously, a regular bra or a strapless bra is out of the question for a plunging backless dress.
Bra Alternatives

Nipple covers

40 Pairs Nipple Covers Disposable

100% Medical Grade Adhesive Pasties. Stickiness of these pasties pass test, it serve its purpose with no harm and irritation to skin but not available on sun burned, irritated, or sensitive skin.

These are little, slightly padded, stickers that you put over your nipples. They offer smooth, sheer coverage but often do not actually provide any support. You can choose a color that best matches your skin tone; especially useful for sheer slinky wedding gowns. 

Tape strips

Boob Tape Boobytape for Breast Lift

Our chest support for breasts provides a strong, waterproof hold that will last you all night! Our chest support for breast lift is dance-proof, no worries about it coming loose while out on the dance floor!

Lots of companies are now creating tape strips to cover your nipples and offer a little lift. You can layer the tape yourself to increase the amount of support, and you can even get double-sided tape strips so that you are literally strapped to the material of your dress.

We recommend getting your maid of honor or a bridesmaid to help you with the boob taping!

Stick-on silicone cups

Sticky Adhesive Silicone Nipple Pasties

Replace uncomfortable bras with our silicone nipple cover.

Silicone cups resemble your flesh, so pick the best color for you and they should blend in.

They don’t provide much support at all and are mostly used for coverage and adding a bit of natural padding. A great option for the smaller busted lady.

Stick-on bra

Adhesive Bra Strapless

Niidor strapless bra is made of sticky and skin-friendly silicone adhesive, unlike other inferior material which would easily slip down and irritate skin, Niidor strapless bra sticks on perfectly without causing pain, providing you an unprecedented experience.

Stick-on bras look like regular strapless bras without the back. They are ultra-light and provide more support than the stick-on cups but less than the tape strips.

These are mostly used to add coverage and mild padding. You simply stick the bra cups to your chest. I like that they are often washable and reusable.


Women's Juliette Longline Corset

The body is a soft non-slipping 100% Microfiber Polyester. The adjustable back is 69% Nylon and 31% Spandex

This may seem a bit old school, but many different corsets are made and worn today. Like a modern adaptation of an old classic!

A corset is strapless and extends downward from the cups and covers the tummy to just below the waist. They have an adjustable closure and include boning to give you a lot of support.

Most corsets function as a bra and as shapewear creating a beautiful hourglass shape. We recommend wearing a corset under a fitted gown.

Should I Just Ditch the Bra Altogether?

Whether you prefer to wear a bra for added support or modesty, it’s a tough decision to fully ditch the bra – for some. 

This is something to think about right at the start of your dress search.

The dressmaker will be able to advise you on which dresses have inbuilt corsets. Some even have an elastic bra strap inside that is adjustable, so you can tighten as much as you need to. 

If you feel comfortable in your wedding gown without a bra and you’re not worried about visible nipples then I say go braless!  It helps if you regularly go braless and will feel relaxed… for some this is not a big deal.

For Larger Busted Ladies

Many ladies simply could not consider going braless on their wedding day, and the nipple covers, tape, or stick-on bra options just won’t offer enough support for the old gals.

If this is the case, you’ll need to work with your dressmaker on the best options for you. It may be that strapless dresses are not an option. In which case, there are many other stunning necklines to choose from, such as a square or a plunging V, where you can wear a full bra underneath.

A halter-neck style could also be something to consider, you can then find a halter-neck bra to match. 

I can’t reiterate this enough – comfort is key! Make sure you take a good bra to your dress fittings.

And What about Panties?

You are going to also want the perfect panties for your wedding day and we don’t want to see any visible panty lines!

Elastic waists can be unflattering so seamless underwear should be worn to reduce the chance of being seen.

Seamless Underwear

These bikini panties are made from a tough yet elastic Nylon and spandex blend.

You will want the right cut and fit and again we advise you to try on the panties with your wedding dress well in advance.

If your dress is very tight you might want to opt for a thong, while high-waisted panties will work well underneath fitted dresses plus will give you a little extra support around the tummy. However, if you want something offering more support you may want to select shapewear…


Shapewear should contour and smooth any bumps you may have, and enhance your body’s shape and silhouette.

You want to find a piece that is snug yet comfy; it should eliminate the VPL, unwanted wedgies, muffin top, and not cause any uncomfortable digging & chaffing. 

You can find good quality shapewear in a variety of styles from the full bodysuit to pieces that extend down to cover the upper thigh. 

High Waisted Body Shaper Shorts Shapewear

Our tummy control shapewear were made for comfortable everyday wear and to smooth out your tummy!

Choose something snug enough to keep any wobbly bits in place, but that is not too tight, won’t show through the fabric of your dress, or create a muffin top!

Spanx is a great brand to consider but there are lots of options out there, including Kim Kardashian’s popular brand Skims.

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