The 19 Best Wedding Photographers in Wisconsin

There’s so much to enjoy in Wisconsin—from Green Bay football to Milwaukee breweries—guaranteeing fun and excitement in Wisconsin’s biggest cities.

The state has nearly 15,000 lakes of every size and over 30,000 miles of streams or rivers, offering outstanding natural beauty.

If you dream about riding off into the sunset on a motorcycle after your wedding, check out the Harley-Davidson Museum for inspiration!

Another special thing about Wisconsin is its state flower, the wood violet, which would be a beautiful addition to your wedding bouquet. But first, let’s check out the best wedding photographers in Wisconsin!

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Nic Charles Photography

Nic Charles Photography calls Oshkosh home, where Nic lives with his wife Melissa and their twin girls.

Photography has been Nic’s hobby since childhood, and when he got married, he became passionate about wedding photography. Ask Nic about the “golden hour” for the most beautiful wedding images!

Nic’s wedding couples can relax and enjoy his super-laidback style, but he also gets those creative posed shots for your mom to hang on her wall!

Hailey Stark Photography

Hailey Stark is a wedding and elopement photographer passionate about getting to know you and your love story—at Hailey Stark Photography, a paycheque is the least important thing!

She focuses on capturing every meaningful moment and wants you to be as honest and goofy as you wish. You’ll love showing your grandbabies your wedding gallery one day!

Allysha Noelle Photography

Ali holds the camera behind Allysha Noelle Photography, and you’ll share plenty of laughs as she captures your wedding day love story!

At home, she’s a wife and mom of two “rambunctious little boys” and two pups. Ali’s favorite thing about wedding photography is showing your personality, loving interactions, and sense of style.

Allysha Noelle Photography has been named “Best of Weddings” by The Knot, and she welcomes wedding couples into her happy family!

Dave Stremikis Photography

Dave Stremikis has been a wedding photographer for over a decade, and he is grateful for his wife (who holds down the fort at home!) and his awesome daughter and newborn son. Dave is “dad” to two Italian greyhounds too!

With Dave Stremikis Photography, you get a talented, humble photographer who becomes a friend helping to celebrate the best day of your life!

Whimsical Roots Photography

Andrea is your wedding photographer at Whimsical Roots Photography, and her journey began in 2011 while studying in Paris, France. Andrea started photographing landmarks, people, and French pastries with a professional camera!

When Andrea returned home and began Whimsical Roots, her passion became wedding photography and creating intimate, beautiful photos. She clicks best with playful people and can’t wait to capture your love story!

Gretchen Willis Photography

Gretchen Willis has six children and a happy husband of 23 years! Home life is challenging and rewarding, and it’s prepared her well for being the owner and lead photographer of Gretchen Willis Photography.

You can rely on Gretchen because she doesn’t sweat the small stuff—her focus is celebrating every big and small moment on your wedding day and capturing it forever!

Gretchen can confidently shoot formal or casual photos indoors or outdoors and in any lighting. Gretchen Wilson Photography also dedicates time to serving the community and nonprofit organizations.

Memory Lane Photography

Adventurer, entrepreneur, and photographer Jessica Lane founded Memory Lane Photography in 2015, and she’s captured wedding day love stories across Wisconsin and the world!

As Jessica says, choosing the right wedding photographer is a big deal. She photographs candid and posed portraits that show your authentic love.

Your wedding day is unique to you, and Jessica will customize your wedding photography for the best experience on your big day!

Ueda Photography

Ueda Photography has a unique story—Romulo Ueda’s father started the business in Brazil half a century ago, and Romulo grew up surrounded by the exciting world of photography.

After studying photography in school, Romulo took over the business and brought his talents to Wisconsin!

With many outstanding reviews and international awards, Ueda Photography is proud to be your wedding photographer. When you view your wedding photos, Romulo wants you to relive every moment!

Tim Fitch Photography

Based in Madison, Tim Fitch Photography is the calming presence on your wild and exciting wedding day!

Tim’s specialty is creating an artistic story of your wedding day, and he’s super-skilled at blending in and making people feel comfortable. Everyone will be having the best day ever in no time!

We love the reviews from wedding couples on Tim Fitch Photography. One happy couple said their families still rave about the “incredible photographer” a year later!

Laura Zastrow Photography

Laura Zastrow has someone to thank for Laura Zastrow Photography—in 2008, an old friend phoned and asked her to photograph his wedding since he remembered she was a talented photographer in high school.

Two years later, Laura was photographing weddings as her dream career, and she’s been blessed to capture hundreds of wedding day love stories. Her work has featured in prominent outlets like The Knot and Bridal Guide!

Maureen Cassidy Photography

Maureen Cassidy loves capturing candid wedding day images, and that’s excellent news since Maureen Cassidy Photography has been photographing weddings professionally for over a decade!

Living in Madison with her husband and four kids, Maureen gets inspired by nature, dancing, surprises, meaningful connections, and goofiness! She’s passionate about learning and growing and specializes in connecting with her wedding couples!

RJ Harris Photography

RJ Harris Photography is a top-notch wedding photography and event team in Wisconsin, and we love their online portfolios showing life’s most precious moments, including happy wedding days!

James is the owner and lead photographer at RJ Harris. He describes himself as “pretty simple, sometimes goofy, and always professional,” which sounds like a great photography experience for wedding couples!

Mika is the lead videographer, and photography associates include Rick, Bryon, Mauneese, and Anthony. They look like a super-fun bunch, and their website is gorgeous and easily navigable.

Katie Ricard Photography

Katie Ricard Photography began when Katie got her first camera in middle school. After studying photography in Chicago, Katie met her now-husband and moved to Madison (they have the cutest puppy, too!).

A wedding photographer should know you and your love story, and if you need someone to confide in, Katie will put you at ease so you can be your most beautiful in front of the camera.

Your engagement and wedding day photos will become your most cherished items. Katie knows that, and as she says, she “freakin LOVES wedding photography!”

Ken Cravillion Photography

Ken Cravillion began taking pictures at 12 years old and graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh with a BFA in Photography.

In 2005, he photographed his first wedding, and Ken Cravillion Photography has captured hundreds of happy wedding days since Ken went full-time in 2007!

Besides his passion for wedding photography, Ken’s interests include watching race car events or going for a run. He’s got two beautiful daughters and a “wonderfully patient” wife at home!

Vital Image Wedding Studios

Trish and Tasha run Vital Image Wedding Studios as a family-owned and managed business. That means their team is family to them, and Vital Image works as one together, so every wedding couple gets their absolute best!

As a wedding couple, it’s not about “purchasing a service” through Vital Image. Instead, they prefer to form personal connections, so their wedding couples can relax knowing they’re being taken care of like family!

Uttke Photography & Design

TJ and Shannon Uttke are the husband-wife team behind Uttke Photography & Design, and they’re based in Milwaukee with their dog and little girl.

The Uttkes look at wedding photography a little differently!

To TJ and Shannon, a real wedding is about honest and unscripted love. Of course, that could mean a rainstorm or a break from convention, and Uttke Photography & Design is eager to meet wedding couples who aren’t afraid to take risks!

If you want a wedding photographer to tell your love story your way, that’s TJ and Shannon!

Maison Meredith Photography

Maison and Caleb Engel are wedding photographers who are also crazy-in-love married!

Maison Meredith Photography wants to document something they truly believe in because they know that marriage is a big deal!

Your wedding day images look authentic and timeless. Caleb and Maison offer wedding couples limitless love on their wedding day, so a new marriage begins in a positive, impactful way!

SB Photography and Design

Adam and Sheryl are business partners who took a risk, left their traditional jobs, and went full in with SB Photography and Design!

Today, they manage a small team of personable creatives who are like family and are passionate about wedding photography. At SB, capturing a couple’s big day always feels like the best day in anyone’s life!

Caynay Photo

Caitlin Shulman wants you to be a Caynay Photo couple!

As the lead photographer who owns Caynay Photo, Caitlin understands the importance of choosing the right wedding photographer, and when wedding couples choose her, they can trust that they’re in the very best hands!

The Shulman family includes Caitlin’s husband, Philip, and their dogs, Porter and Norman. Her wedding experience personally taught Caitlin how to photograph efficiently without compromising versatility, and she creates beautiful wedding day imagery!

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