The 16 Best Wedding Photographers in South Dakota

If you’re looking for a South Dakota wedding photographer, you are in luck. South Dakota is brimming with photographic talent, perhaps because so many of its residents are inspired by the jaw-dropping natural scenery.

Whatever the case, talented photographers abound.

Whether you’re looking for classic and timeless, larger-than-life magazine quality, authentic lifestyle, or something else altogether, you’ll find it here.

In fact, South Dakota may just have too many options to choose from, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with this list of the 16 best wedding photographers in South Dakota!

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Bravo Photography

Crisp, bright images and vibrant colors jump out at you when viewing the Bravo Photography gallery. Johnny Bravo’s collection of vibrant photojournalistic images is striking.

The happiness of his subjects on their special day is clear; none of the subjects seem stiff or posed. Instead, there is a collection of beautiful, lively images that succeed in freezing time and which look as if you could step right into them.

Viewing these glowing, lifelike galleries, it’s easy to feel confident that Johnny Bravo will create the wedding album you’re looking for.

Luke & Savannah

Meet Luke and Savannah, the husband and wife team behind Luke & Savannah. For over six years now Luke & Savannah have been helping make bridal dreams in the Sioux Falls area.

Their goal is to serve you on your wedding day by capturing the moments –great and small– that make your “I dos” special.

Each of their glossy, magazine-quality wedding photos is a moment frozen in time that will take you right back to the joy of your big day.

Emily Swan Photography

Light, airy, fine art photos dominate Emily Swan’s gallery. The happiness and love of the couples she photographs on their special day are captured in every picture.

Emily wants to tell your love story through pictures of special smiles, knowing looks, and gentle touches. With over ten years in the wedding photography business, Emily has photographed hundreds of couples on their special day. 

She would be happy to be there for you on yours and to help create your family’s first heirloom.

Bethany Melvin Photography

With eight years in the business, you know you’re getting a talented and reliable photographer in Bethany of Bethany Melvin Photography.

Bethany has a deep understanding of the power of your own personal story and places a heavy value on family ties. Her studio is named in part after her beloved grandfather Melvin who gave her her first camera.

Her understanding of how to tell a story makes her uniquely prepared to capture yours.

Bethany will take the time to get to know and hear your story so that when the big day arrives, she will be ready to capture every moment.

Ciji K Photography

Fine art photographer Ciji K brings an air of grace and elegance to every picture she captures.

With a knack for catching sentimental moments and fun candids, Ciji has created some beautiful wedding albums.

Her style blends fine art and portraiture, making it ideal for capturing your love story in exquisite detail.

There is a delicate beauty to her work, and it compliments her subjects perfectly. If this sounds like a photographer you’d be interested in, be sure to check out Ciji K. Photography.

Michael Liedtke

If you’re looking for a photographer that is willing to go the extra mile or an extra thousand miles, Michael Liedtke might just be the wedding photographer for you.

Though he is based in Sioux Falls, Liedtke is happy to travel to forests, mountaintops, or glaciers to capture his clients’ precious moments.

With over ten years of experience, Michael blends photojournalism with natural posing to create a relaxed style that captures his clients authentically.

His goal is to create a wedding album full of authentic photos that will speak to your family for generations to come.

Greg & Larae

With 20 years of wedding photography experience, Greg & Larae Gieske are ready to help you create the wedding album of your dreams.

The pair have been featured in publications such as The Knot and Wedding Wire and have received multiple photography awards.

Looking at their portfolio, you’re instantly struck by vibrant colors and the larger-than-life drama of their captures.

If you want a striking, powerful and glamorous wedding album, you’ll definitely want Greg & LaRae for your wedding photographers.

Tagan Rayne

Tagan Rayne’s wedding day images are dynamic and arresting. The joy of the couples he photographs on their special day is evident. The pictures are authentic, with touching, candid moments captured at just the right time.

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. Tagan wants to be there documenting each moment to create a keepsake that you can pass down through the generations.

Solis Photo

Patty of Solis Photo has a style that was made for wedding photography. Her pictures are romantic, timeless, and somehow very real all at once – exactly what you want for your wedding.

Originally from Spain, Patty goes where her brides go to capture them on their special day. Her goal is to tell your story with a slew of elevated timeless images and beautiful candids that you can’t wait to share with all of your family and friends.

Jase DeWald Photography

Full-time wedding photographer Jase Dewald has assembled a portfolio of warm, authentic photographs imbued with the genuine emotion of their subjects.

Based out of Sioux Falls, Jase Dewald works with couples throughout the midwest to help preserve the most meaningful moments of their wedding day.

Molly Sheppard Photo

Self-described homebody Molly Sheppard is the lead photographer and founder of Molly Sheppard Photo.

Molly has been working in photography for over a decade, starting as a teen working on disposable film and photographing high school football.

She’s come a long way since then; developing a photojournalistic style that yields bright, colorful images filled with a sense of warmth and genuine joy.

And that is what you’ll get if you choose her for your wedding photographer, an heirloom that will bring your family joy for decades to come.

Jeffrey Sampson Photography

Jeff and Val are the creative team behind Jeffrey Sampson Photography. Jeff’s fine art style photography results in a collection of vibrant yet delicate images, the perfect style for a wedding.

Based in South Dakota, they’re happy to travel worldwide and they look forward to photographing your wedding.

Kelli Fritz Photography

With an eye for candid moments that truly give life to a wedding album, Kelli Fritz is the chief photographer behind Kelli Fritz Photography.

Color and emotion burst from every one of her awesome photos, and her wedding portfolios tell your love story from start to finish.

If this sounds like the photographer for you, then you should definitely consider Kelli Fritz Photography.

Mist & Moonlight

Barbara Dowen is the photographer behind Mist & Moonlight Photography. Her goal is to tell the story of your wedding with a collection of authentic images that display the real you.

Her captures are light and airy with a delicate fine art sensibility. Bright colors and little details leap from every image.

This is how she tells your story and creates a family heirloom you and your loved ones will cherish.

Cadey Reisner Photography

Specializing in micro-weddings and elopements, Cadey Reisner has been in the wedding photography business for over 15 years.

Her clean, classic style is timeless. And her portfolio tells the stories of the happy couples she photographs. Her goal is to make you feel gorgeous and confident and to beautifully preserve your most important memories for decades to come.

If this sounds like what you’re looking for, make sure to check out Cadey Reisner.

Pasque & Pine

The idea behind Pasque & Pine is that they capture the big moments and the little details, hence the name – tiny Pasque flowers, and towering Ponderosa pine.

Their team of talented professionals, Sarah, Ian, and Shaylane, combine education and experience to capture the big moments and tiny details that tell your story.

Their style is bright and brilliant, marked by vibrant colors and images that seem to leap from the page.

Choosing Pasque & Pine means choosing a collection that you will enjoy looking back on more and more with each passing year.

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