The 16 Best Wedding Photographers in Orange County, California

From dresses and dining sets to bouquets and bridal shower venues, the wedding planning process is full of difficult decisions. One of the most important choices you can make, however, is to find the wedding photographer of your dreams.

We love an elegant floral arrangement as much as the next gal, but when the last flower has wilted, what’s left to remind you of your special day? There’s nothing that captures the timelessness of romance quite like an incredible wedding album.

Shooting an Orange County wedding calls for a photographer who knows just how to capture the breathtaking beauty and vibrant color of the Golden State.

Check out our list of the 16 best wedding photographers in Orange County, and you’ll be California Dreamin’ in no time!

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Lindsey Merri Photography

For this dazzling Orange County Photographer, there is nothing more important than celebrating real moments of love. In every image she captures, you can see the joy and excitement written all over her clients’ faces!

Lindsey Merri’s classic photography style is perfect for couples who want a wedding album that they can share with their grandkids years down the line. You may want to start shopping for frames now because these are the images that you’ll want hanging in your home forever.

Find Linsdey Merri Photography at or check out Facebook or Instagram.

Alvis Pham Photography

If you’ve got larger-than-life plans for the big day, no one does celebrations quite like Alvis Pham. This dedicated storyteller is obsessed with capturing the elegance and grandeur of true love.

Alvis Pham Photography also offers videography services for couples who want a full highlight reel of the event. For top-notch service and stunning imagery, this phenomenal wedding team is guaranteed to blow you away.

Matthew Nigel Photography

When it comes to shooting gorgeous destination weddings, you can’t go wrong with Matthew Nigel Photography. Having shot in various locations throughout the U.S., Matthew Nigel has learned how to navigate diverse landscapes and climates to help create the perfect images for his couples.

This good-humored photographer likes to keep his clients laughing during shoots, reminding them to stay loose and have fun with every pose. With Matthew, you can expect a refreshingly stress-free experience on your special day!

Kylie & Co.

Led by the ultra-talented Kylie Chevalier, this stunning photography team is the pride of Orange County, CA. Their vibrant, warm photography style is the perfect choice to bring your wedding vision to life.

Like any toddler mom, Kylie knows that the most precious memories in life are rarely planned. That’s why she goes out of her way to capture natural shots, candid reactions, and all of those blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moments that take your breath away.

Lin & Jirsa Photography

With this LA-based media collective, your wedding day will feel more like a movie premiere. Their dynamic team of photographers and videographers is well-trained in the art of capturing jaw-dropping images that their clients just can’t get enough of!

Lin & Jirsa Photography is a dream come true for couples who plan to pull out all the stops on their wedding day.

Whether you’re interested in light & airy, dramatic photography or something more photojournalistic, this seasoned team of professionals has got you covered.

Camryn Clair Photography

If you want a wedding album that’s just as wild, vibrant, and full of life as your incredible love story, you’ll want to go with Camryn Clair Photography. This effortlessly charming Orange County artist loves celebrating with her clients and turning each photo session into an unforgettable experience.

You can look forward to a cringe-free photo shoot, as Camryn makes it her business to get to know clients as well as possible before the big day. So, kick off those heels and get ready to dive into the adventure of a lifetime with your soulmate and photographer extraordinaire right by your side.

Luzye Photography

With an eye for detail and a commitment to quality, Lucia of Luzye Photography is ready to help you take your wedding day to the next level! As a Type A gal herself, Lucia focuses on communication and precise planning to ensure that she has a firm grasp on your unique vision.

At the end of every interaction with Lucia, you’ll breathe a sigh of relief knowing that she has everything under control. With this dedicated professional, you’ll experience a ceremony full of romance and complete bliss.

Tiffany Perry Photography

In the local photography industry, Tiffany Perry has made quite a name for herself as a jack-of-all-trades. From studio shoots to brand imaging, to, of course, Orange County weddings, this fabulous photographer’s portfolio will blow you away.

Tiffany’s bright, colorful style is ideal for couples who want to capture the dynamic beauty of California’s natural landscapes. If you’re planning on hosting a true Golden State celebration, you’ll be eternally grateful for Tiffany’s wealth of experience.

Jesse Madison Photography

This talented husband-and-wife duo is just the team to help turn your most precious moments into lasting memories. Whether you’re throwing a huge party or hosting a low-key event with your loved ones, Jesse and Emi are here to make every touch, smile and laugh last forever.

These two have shot a variety of culturally traditional weddings, so you can trust that they’ll find a way to honor your heritage in the wedding gallery. Whatever you need on your special day, Jesse and Emi will work tirelessly to make your wedding dreams a reality!

Stephanie Weber Photography

At the heart of Stephanie Weber Photography, you’ll find raw talent, creativity, and a passion for celebrating life’s most beautiful moments. Along with all of these exceptional traits, Stephanie’s people-first mentality keeps her clients calm, cool and collected on their special day.

Stephanie views each photograph as a pivotal moment that’s been frozen in time, a reminder that every second counts. When you begin to see the beauty in those simple moments of love and affection, you’ll know that your wedding album is in good hands.

Trynh Photography

Where sophistication meets timeless elegance, you’ll find the massively talented team at Trynh Photography. This internationally recognized photography brand is your key to creating a classic wedding album full of awe-inspiring images.

From sand dunes and valleys to estates and mountaintops, Trynh has shot in some of the most breathtaking locations on earth. It’s only natural that they have the opportunity to add your picture-perfect destination wedding to the list.

Leniel V. Photography

Based in sunny southern California, Leniel V. Photography is a vision of Hollywood glam wrapped up in a simple wedding package. Led by husband and wife, Leniel and Ayah, this team is all about honoring unique love stories and finding beauty in everyday moments!

You can expect to be treated like royalty throughout the planning process, with Leniel and Ayah taking care to listen to every detail of your must-haves. If there’s ever a time when you should feel like a star, it’s on the happiest day of your life.

Three16 Photography

With a seemingly endless list of awards and publications, it’s impossible to overlook one of Orange County’s finest: Three16 Photography. OC native Jerrick O’Connor has spent over a decade developing his business into a brand that uplifts love, authenticity, and service to the community.

While assisting with disaster relief efforts in Haiti, Jerrick captured moments of grief and tragedy, as well as remarkable strength and hope. It’s this sincerity and depth of emotion that he strives to honor in every photograph he takes.

KOMAN Photography

Founded by husband-and-wife duo, John and Marlene, KOMAN Photography is Southern California’s best-kept secret. These two navigate all the best elements of the Golden State to highlight the beauty of every ceremony they shoot.

When they’re not at their home base in California, you can find John and Marlene taking in the gorgeous views of the Tuscan countryside. This highly trained duo is guaranteed to bring a touch of grace, culture, and perfect elegance to your wedding day.

Lorin Kelly Photography

If you’re looking for a photographer who isn’t afraid to get up close and personal, we’d recommend the phenomenal Lorin Kelly. She’s obsessed with capturing unique love stories and can’t wait to hear all about yours!

Lorin possesses the rare skill of creating classic, timeless images without sacrificing the personality of her couples. Whether you’re ready for your close-up or just barely holding back an ugly cry, Lorin will be there to help you look and feel like an absolute queen.

Vienna Rose Photography

If you don’t quite believe in love at first sight, just take a look at the portfolio of Vienna Rose Photography. One glance, and you’ll be head over heels in love with the jaw-dropping images captured by their dedicated team!

When shooting a wedding, Vienna Rose’s Conor and Brittany are committed to maintaining a singular vision. Their first, last, and only goal is to make sure that you are left with a gallery of images worthy of your incredible love story.

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