The 15 Best Wedding Photographers in Nevada

While Nevada has developed a reputation as one of the hottest party destinations, there’s much more to this state than meets the eye. If you’re looking for the perfect location to host your wedding, no state matches the natural beauty and rich culture of Nevada.

From the first look to the last dance, your wedding photographer will capture every moment of bliss between you and your soulmate. With a responsibility of this magnitude, you’ll want to find a professional who can provide the perfect record of your big day.

If you haven’t quite narrowed down your list of wedding vendors, we’ve got an incredible group of talented artists for you. Read on for our exclusive selection of the best wedding photographers in Nevada.

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Zoltan Wedding Photography

In the heart of Las Vegas, you’ll find the skilled team of professionals at Zoltan Wedding Photography. Led by multimedia artist Zoltan Redl-Nagy, this is one of the most popular wedding vendors in the United States.

Whether you’re hosting an impromptu Vegas wedding or have planned every detail of the big day, Zoltan approaches every event as an opportunity to celebrate true love. His skill, creativity, and incredible sense of style are guaranteed to bring your wedding day to life,

Tiago Pinheiro Photography

While Tiago Pinheiro is an undeniably talented photographer, his true passion is developing genuine relationships with his clients. No matter the size or scope of your wedding, Tiago is committed to honoring your perspective in every single photograph.

It takes a dedicated photographer to build rapport with their clients during the wedding planning process, but Tiago makes it look like a breeze. When the big day arrives, you’ll feel like a natural as you experience the most stunning photo shoot of your life.

Ivan and Diana Photography

If you want a wedding album that is as glamorous as your love story, Ivan and Diana Photography is the perfect choice. These two will transform your vision into a romantic gallery that captures the heart of your relationship.

Having shot in grand, outdoor resorts as well as elegant modern venues, Ivan and Diana’s versatility is an added bonus. For a timeless wedding gallery that can be passed down for generations, this dynamic duo has got you covered.

Sam Fawaz Photography

Based in lively Las Vegas, Sam Fawaz Photography was developed as the heart and soul of a dedicated professional. With expertise in fashion, commercial, and wedding portraiture, this phenomenal artist brings 10 years of experience to the table.

When he’s not shooting weddings, Sam can be found giving back to the community by mentoring less-experienced photographers. It’s this passion for service that drives Sam to provide a custom-made, affordable experience for all couples.

JennLynn Photography

When it comes to celebrating life’s greatest milestones, your standards can never be too high. Even the pickiest of brides have been blown away by the charm, elegance, and beauty on display at JennLynn Photography.

For the last seven years, Jenn has been helping couples to take their wedding day to the next level, turning one perfect day into a lifetime of precious memories. In the joy, chaos, and everything in between, Jenn will be there to make sure that your entire day is preserved for decades to come.

Ashley Robison Photography

For Ashley Robison, wedding photography is about so much more than taking a few pretty photographs of her couples. Instead, Ashley approaches weddings as an opportunity to immortalize her couple’s happiest moments.

As a former bride herself, Ashley knows just how stressful and chaotic wedding days can be. For this reason, you can rest knowing that she’ll be sure to take care of your gallery as if it were her very own.

Lulan Wedding Photography

If you’re looking for a full media team that will make your big day feel like a red-carpet event, Lulan Wedding Photography is one of the best. This dedicated crew will treat you like royalty in every single shoot.

Although Lulan is based in Los Angeles, their team is happy to shoot destination weddings throughout the U.S. With a commitment to authenticity and classic style, these dedicated professionals are sure to provide you with the experience of a lifetime.

Molly MacAlpine Photography

For adventurers and free spirits alike, Molly MacAlpine is the perfect artist to capture your special event. As a wilderness wanderer herself, Molly loves using natural landscapes to transform her client’s vision into something greater than they could ever have imagined.

This makes Molly an easy choice for couples getting hitched in a gorgeous outdoor ceremony. If you’re exchanging vows in one of Nevada’s stunning open-air venues, you’ll definitely want to take a look at Molly’s incredible portfolio.

Mario Ramirez Photography

Another Las Vegas-based storyteller, Mario Ramirez has a passion for intimacy and sincerity that you just can’t find anywhere else. With 10 years of experience as a professional photographer, Mario is well-equipped to capture every second of your big day.

Although Mario has racked up an impressive collection of reviews, there are some things that you have to see for yourself. Reviewing this phenomenal photographer’s work will provide the peace of mind that you need to trust him with the happiest day of your life.

Mindy Bean Photography

Given the choice between a single moment of bliss and a lifetime of joyful memories, it’s safe to assume that you’d choose the latter. With Mindy Bean Photography, you can have the best of both worlds as she allows you to enjoy your day while she crafts a gallery that you will cherish forever.

Each of Mindy’s photos has a distinct element of luxury, highlighting the sophistication and elegance of your special event. Your wedding album will be the perfect representation of the joy and romance shared with your soulmate.

Adam Trujillo Photography

Adam Trujillo Photography promises a wedding album that is just as dramatic and over-the-top as the Las Vegas lifestyle. Rather than simply capturing a decent image, Adam Trujillo will use your wedding photos to tell an incredible story.

With his wife and photography partner, Brittani, Adam is committed to taking your experiences and personal preferences into account during the planning process. This talented team wants to make sure that your wedding album captures all the details that make your relationship feel like a fairy tale.

Kristen Joy Photography

If you’re looking for a professional to cover your high-class event, you can’t go wrong with Kristen Joy Photography. Her skill, passion, and unique sense of style are certain to bring your wedding vision to life!

Although Kristen specializes in fine art photography, she balances this by capturing candid moments as often as possible. By blending photojournalistic techniques with natural, relaxed posing, Kristen is able to deliver a gallery as authentic and sincere as your love story.

Blanca & Brandon Photography

Your breathtaking Nevada wedding calls for a photographer who can truly capture the vibrancy and culture of the Silver State. With Blanca and Brandon, you’ll be able to relive your most treasured memories forever.

This husband-and-wife team loves helping other couples to experience the joy of a picture-perfect wedding day. Allow these two to sweep you off your feet as they deliver image after image of precious moments from your big day.

Elsa Boscarello Photography

Elsa Boscarello is ready to take on the role of wedding photographer, personal cheerleader, and BFF on your special day. When you’re feeling overwhelmed by the stress of the event, you’ll be thankful for a vendor who always has your best interests at heart.

Elsa is committed to capturing moments of raw emotion and authenticity, transforming even the most simple memories into priceless artifacts. Your wedding photos will feel like an absolute breeze with this undeniably talented artist.

Amanda Kluesner Photography

With her creativity, drive, and unparalleled charm, Amanda Kluesner is one of the most sought-after photographers in Nevada. If you’re searching for an artist who will honor every part of your love story, Amanda may be the perfect fit.

Whether you and your partner are always camera-ready or prefer to stay out of the limelight, Amanda will do her best to make you feel comfortable. When the day arrives, your only concern should be having the time of your life with your loved ones.

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