17 Best Wedding Photographers in Maui, HI

Nothing says “island paradise,” like exchanging vows with your soulmate on the beautiful island of Maui.

While there are no unpleasant views in Hawaii, Maui has some of the most versatile and breathtaking landscapes the state has to offer.

Lush greenery, vibrant colors, and charming wildlife all make Maui quite a sight to behold. If you’re lucky enough to say “I do” in this beautiful location, your wedding photographer must be one of the best in the business.

While you two were preparing for your island getaway, we assembled some of the most skilled professionals just for you. Now, the two of you can sit back, relax, and say “aloha” to the best wedding photographers in Maui, HI.

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Anna Kim Photography

To capture Maui’s otherworldly beauty, you’ve got to view it through the eyes of an artist. No one has mastered this skill quite like the incredible team of creatives at Anna Kim Photography.

As lead and founder, Anna has been capturing Maui’s most beautiful weddings for over ten years. Throughout her longstanding career, Anna has made it her mission to ensure that her couples feel like their special day never has to end.

Rodrigo Moraes Photography

As a self-identified hopeless romantic, Rodrigo is obsessed with capturing incredible love stories through the lens of his camera. Whether he’s shooting an engagement session, a wedding, or a charming family portrait, Rodrigo loves using his undeniable skill to celebrate your happiest moments.

While Rodrigo is based in Maui, he’s photographed amazing weddings in just about every corner of the world. This means that he’ll be bringing a larger-than-life perspective to your special day, creating a wedding gallery that truly stands out.

Jenny Vargas Photography

If you want an album overflowing with beauty, class, and timeless elegance, Jenny Vargas Photography is the way to go. This highly-talented professional is here to craft images that perfectly bring your wedding day to life.

Jenny takes the time to get to know her clients deeply, hanging on every word of their one-of-a-kind love story. Trust us when we say that when it comes to celebrating your wedding day, Jenny is going to be just as excited as you are!

Rolland and Jessica Photography

Prepare to be blown away because this husband-and-wife duo is ready to take your wedding to the next level. With Rolland and Jessica, you can expect your romance to be reflected clearly in every single photograph.

These two pride themselves on providing an invaluable experience for their clients, finding joy and beauty in even the simplest moments. Whether you’re a Hawaiian native or planning a destination wedding, their kind hearts and genuine spirits will make you feel right at home.

Scott Drexler Photography

Scott Drexler Photography is an excellent choice for couples who want a truly unique wedding album. Whether you need wedding planning advice, venue recommendations, or a friend to cheer you on, Scott Drexler is your guy.

In addition to providing incredible wedding photography services, Scott will be there to guide you through the big day. When all is said and done, you’ll be thankful that you chose a photographer who is fully committed to honoring your love story.

Samantha Dahabi Photography

If you’re planning an intimate ceremony or elopement in Maui, Samantha Dahabi would love to help celebrate your big day. This talented, endlessly creative photographer will give you a gift that you can reflect on for decades to come.

With over five years of experience in weddings under her belt, Samantha Dahabi has seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. Allow her to put her wisdom to good use as she helps to deliver the wedding album of your dreams.

Stephanie Betsill Photography

For a wedding vendor as laid-back and authentic as Maui itself, look no further than Stephanie Betsill Photography. Stephanie promises a stress-free photography experience that makes every shoot feel like a breeze.

Having lived in Maui since the age of seven, Stephanie knows all of the best locations for your photo sessions. Whether you’re booking her for an engagement session, wedding day, or family portraits down the line, she’ll make sure that you can enjoy every moment.

Caitlin Cathey Photography

If you want an effortlessly elegant wedding album, you’ll definitely want to check out Caitlin Cathey Photography. With Caitlin, you can rest knowing that every image will capture the best parts of your love story.

This phenomenal photographer has shot over 250 weddings, meaning that she’s had years to perfect her craft. It’s this wisdom and expertise that Caitlin brings to the table to craft a gallery that will blow you away.

Angela Nelson Photography

If you two won’t settle for anything less than the best, we can’t recommend Angela Nelson enough. Angela Nelson Photography has been stealing hearts and catching eyes all over Maui, and it’s about time you took a look at her incredible portfolio.

There, you’ll find vibrant colors, stunning landscapes, and an unbelievable series of romantic images. If you’re not sold by her previous work, Angela’s rave reviews show just how dedicated she is to her client’s happiness.

Marylane Studios

For a professional photographer who knows Maui like the back of her hand, Marylane Studios is one of the best. Whether you’re hosting a grand event or simply looking for elopement photography, your special day will be in her capable hands.

On such a special occasion, you need someone willing to listen and honor your unique vision. For Mary, there is nothing more important than making sure that your perspective and voice are celebrated in every image.

Karma Hill Photography

Karma Hill Photography is the perfect professional to capture beautiful images of your Hawaiian Island wedding. While Karma travels throughout the islands, it’s safe to say that Maui holds a special place in her heart.

With plenty of experience capturing Maui’s natural landscape, Karma is an ideal choice for outdoor weddings and elopements. If you want to relive Maui’s vibrant flora over and over again, Karma Hill Photography will not disappoint.

Kela Rose Photography

With Kela Rose Photography, you will be treated to spectacular service, breathtaking imagery, and a beautiful day spent with your best friend. This highly sought-after wedding photography business is built on helping couples to celebrate a lifetime of romance.

If you’ve seen enough cookie-cutter wedding albums, Kela’s bold, creative photography style is perfect for you. You can trust this skilled artist to stand right by your side as you laugh, cry, and enjoy every moment of this incredible day.

Dmitri & Sandra Photography

While all ceremonies are created equal, destination weddings call for a truly experienced vendor. If you’re planning a wedding in marvelous Maui, Dmitri, and Sandra have the skill and expertise to handle all of your photography needs.

These two have a unique way of capturing the natural beauty of the island without distracting from your special day. As you finally exchange vows with your soulmate, you can trust Dmitiri and Sandra to highlight every precious moment.

Gamze Smith Photography

Why settle for just a wedding photographer when you can get a co-planner, photographer, and personal hype-woman all in one? Gamze Smith approaches every event as an opportunity to support and encourage her couples as they prepare for the journey of a lifetime.

Whether she’s shooting engagement sessions or family portraits, Gamze brings a spirit of joy and excitement to every session. With Gamze, you can go through the big day knowing that she will capture the most real, authentic version of your love story.

Amy Jayne Photography

In a destination overflowing with talented wedding vendors, Amy Jayne stands out among the rest for her ability to put her clients’ needs first. On your special day, you will be thankful for a photographer who will stop at nothing to see your vision come to life.

When it comes to defining her overall style, Amy Jayne’s calling card is providing raw, authentic imagery. If you want a wedding album that shows off the real you, Amy Jayne Photography is a step in the right direction.

Joanna Tano Photography

If you want an experienced professional who can take full advantage of Maui’s landscape, you’ll want to check out Joanna Tano Photography. Joanna is OBSESSED with using Maui’s flora and fauna to highlight every celebration of love.

Having shot beach weddings, traditional ceremonies, and plenty of resort events, Joanna Tano has seen the best that Maui has to offer. Somehow, though, we know that she’ll find a way to make your big day feel like one-of-a-kind.

Fletch Photography

If artistic wedding photography is your jam, the dynamic team at Fletch Photography is sure to impress. With a style as colorful and eclectic as Hawaii itself, Fletch promises to bring a unique sense of character to your wedding day.

For couples interested in a non-traditional experience, you’ll love Fletch’s photo bus, affectionately called “Aloha Splitty.” With a creative photographer, a stunning venue, and a fully renovated VW bus, there’s no doubt that your wedding album will be overflowing with charm.

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