The 15 Best Wedding Photographers in Hawaii – Our Guide

With its vibrant culture, breathtaking scenery, and naturally romantic locale, it’s no secret that Hawaii is one of the most popular wedding destinations on Earth.

Couples come from far and wide to celebrate their love while basking in the beauty of Hawaii’s colorful landscapes.

There’s something about being in this incredible environment that will make you truly appreciate every moment that you get to spend with your loved ones.

While your time there may seem all too brief, there is one simple way to make them last a little longer.

Choosing the right photographer among these gorgeous islands will turn those blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moments into treasured heirlooms that you will hold onto forever.

If you’re on the hunt for an artist who can provide all of this and more, check out our list of the very best wedding photographers in Hawaii.

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Jenna Lee Pictures

With 11 years of photography experience under her belt, Jenna Lee has a wealth of knowledge to back up her insane talent.

With a camera in hand and heart on her sleeve, this fearlessly adventurous photographer is ready to help you look your best on the happiest day of your life.

Whether you’re getting hitched at sunset on the beach or saying “I do” at one of Hawaii’s luxury resorts, Jenna is on board for the adventure of a lifetime.

From the initial consultation all the way to your special day, Jenna is devoted to bringing your vision to life.

HNL Studios

These award-winning professionals are ready to help you document the most precious moments of your special day.

With skill, creativity, and an international perspective, the incredible team at HNL studios will make your wedding day feel like a breeze.

Focusing on the beauty of the human experience, these photographers love capturing all the little moments of joy and affection.

Every touch, tease, and tender gaze will be permanently honored in your breathtaking wedding gallery.

Shannon Sasaki Photography

Born and raised in Oahu, Shannon Sasaki is all too familiar with the beauty and romance that can be found in Hawaii.

Working with this extremely talented artist means that your wedding album will be a perfect vision of your one-of-a-kind love story.

Whether you’re interested in posed shots or candids, Shannon has plenty of experience shooting in a variety of styles.

Once you’ve shared your vision with Shannon, the only thing left to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy every moment with the ones you love – she’ll take care of the rest.

Derek Wong Photography

If you’re looking for a photographer with charm, style, and a brand that practically screams luxury, you’ve come to the right place.

Derek Wong Photography is a dream come true for couples who prefer royal treatment.

Having shot on beaches, in boudoirs, and at the most beautiful resorts, Derek Wong has an eye for composing the perfect image.

He’ll put this skill to good use when providing you and your soulmate with the photography experience of your dreams.

Joseph Esser

Based in Honolulu, HI, Joseph Esser approaches photography with a unique passion and authenticity that you just can’t find anywhere else.

While Joseph’s portfolio is undeniably stunning, this overachiever is constantly looking for opportunities to improve his craft.

Specializing in natural light photography, Joseph has a way of capturing the most charming, candid moments without taking away from the intimacy of each embrace.

Just a few moments spent with Joseph, and you’ll be ready to trust this highly skilled photographer with your life.

Ashley Goodwin Photography

For a gal pal who just might be more excited for the big day than you are, you’ll definitely want to call Ashley Goodwin.

Ashley is a master at making even the most nervous couples feel confident and beautiful on the happiest day of their lives.

In addition to being your personal cheerleader, Ashley is committed to providing exquisite images that you’ll want to pass down from generation to generation.

When it comes to providing top-notch service and jaw-dropping photos, Ashley Goodwin Photography is a breath of fresh air.

Jeannemarie Photography

Located in Oahu, HI, Jeannemarie Photography is ready to turn your big day into a grand adventure that you will never forget.

Whether she’s shooting a wedding or enjoying the incredible island view on her own time, this fabulous photographer is obsessed with celebrating the beauty on display here.

As a former graphic designer, Jeanne has developed an unbelievable skill for composition and framing. This expertise is exactly what you need to craft a wedding album that truly passes the test of time.

Jennifer Werneth Photography

This husband-and-wife photography duo knows the ins and outs of the wedding industry all too well.

With 10 years of experience capturing unique love stories in Hawaii, this talented team is the perfect choice to take on your destination wedding.

At Jennifer Werneth Photography, you can expect an authentic, photojournalistic style that will capture all the little details of your big day.

When placing your trust in their capable hands, you can rest knowing that this team will work tirelessly to make your dreams a reality.

Michelle Scotti Photography

Michelle Scotti Photography is your go-to vendor for engagement sessions, wedding photos, and family portraits years down the line.

For a personalized experience suited to meet your unique needs, Michelle Scotti is your gal. A true Hawaiian at heart, Michelle is all about celebrating romance, comfort, and most of all – fun!

With an adventurer’s spirit and a knack for bringing out the best in her clients, this phenomenal artist cannot wait to capture a few of the most precious moments of your life.

Sarah Jual Photography

If you haven’t found the wedding photographer of your dreams yet, you’ll definitely want to check out Sarah Jual Photography.

This dedicated artist brings an unparalleled sense of passion and sincerity to every shoot, allowing her to highlight the immense joy that her couples feel.

Sarah Jual is a great choice for couples who are a bit more easygoing, embracing the island lifestyle to celebrate their vibrant romance.

You can rest easy knowing that she will do everything she can to make your grand celebration last forever.

Studio 3511 Photography

In a state overflowing with talented photographers, no team captures happily ever afters quite like Studio 3511.

Lead photographer Nicole takes every opportunity she can to honor her clients and provide them with a gallery worthy of their love story.

With well over 20 years of experience in the business, the team at Studio 3511 has seen anything and everything that the wedding world has to offer.

This longevity in the industry helps them to stay at the forefront of wedding trends and craft images that are truly timeless.

Amanda Cassidy Photography

This dedicated wife, mother, and skilled photographer knows a thing or two about planning.

When it comes to working out the details of your wedding photography, Amanda Cassidy is here to make sure that everything goes off without a hitch!

While Amanda is making sure that each session flows smoothly, you can focus on what really matters – celebrating this incredible moment with your loved ones.

When all is said and done, you’ll be thankful for a fantastic photographer who just gets it!

Roy Nuesca Photography

Another Hawaii native, Roy Nuesca knows just how to utilize this vivid landscape to compliment your already stunning event.

From the vibrant foliage to majestic volcanoes, every inch of the islands will bring life to your romantic celebration of love.

Roy loves shooting destination weddings in particular, as they allow him to experience the islands through fresh eyes.

This awestruck perspective will shine through as Roy reveals a wedding album you’ll have to see to believe.

Chelsea Abril Photography

With a wild heart and free spirit, Chelsea Abril is down for whatever you’ve got planned on the big day.

Even the boldest of brides will find a friend in Chelsea as she helps you to document your greatest adventure yet.

Chelsea has been in the wedding industry for 10 years, with couple after couple inviting her into their lives for this special moment.

Rather than a wedding vendor, Chelsea will feel more like a fairy godmother who came to give you the fairy tale you deserve.

Fletch Photography

Not to be outdone, the exceptional team at Fletch Photography has created a brand that truly captures the heart of Hawaii, making them one of the most sought-after vendors in the area.

With Fletch Photography, your wedding gallery will leave you feeling gorgeous, inspired, and ready to say “I do” all over again.

After 20 years of capturing couples and families in their most intimate moments, it’s safe to say that the team at Fletch Photography knows exactly what they’re doing.

This phenomenal team can do it all, whether you’re going bold and daring or looking for something a little more low-key.

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