The 15 Best Wedding Photographers in Connecticut

Congratulations on your Connecticut wedding. You’ve chosen a beautiful state to get married in.

Whether your wedding will take place on an oceanfront beach or in a 200-year-old church, one thing is for sure, you’re going to need a talented photographer to capture your love story.

Fortunately, Connecticut is brimming with experienced award-winning photographers. Whether you’re looking for a fine arts photographer to create delicate fairytale images or the bold, striking style of dramatic editorial photography, options abound.

The hardest part will be choosing just one. Don’t worry though, we’ve compiled a list of the 15 best wedding photographers in Connecticut just for you.

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Ashley Abel Photography

Award-winning photographer Ashley is one of the highest-rated wedding photographers in the Connecticut area. Featured on Good Morning America, The Knot, and many others, Ashley has been photographing weddings for over a decade.

She works with couples from all walks of life and photographs every type of wedding. Ashley’s aim is to get to know her couples and build a comfortable working relationship. On the big day, her ease relaxes you in front of the camera and allows her to capture all the emotions of this momentous occasion.

If you want to work with an award-winning photographer capable of delivering stunning photos of your love, definitely consider hiring Ashley Abel.

Melani Lust Photography

You’ll want to revisit all the big moments of your wedding day time and again; you’ll want something to share with friends or family members who weren’t there. That’s what wedding photos do. They let you relive the experience and tell your story to future generations.

Melani Lust wants to help you tell that story.

Featured in publications like Town & Country and Martha Stewart Brides, Melani Lust has photographed over 300 couples since 2007. Using mostly candids, Melani hopes to tell her couples’ stories in an authentic and simply stunning way. Not just by taking a pretty picture – and rest assured, her captures are gorgeous – but by capturing the emotions of the moment.

If you’re looking for gorgeous wedding photos that will make you feel as glamorous as a movie star, you can’t go wrong with Melani Lust Photography.

Della Bella Photography

Arresting and timeless photos filled with vivid, jewel-tone colors are what greet you when viewing Della Bella’s gallery.

Todd is the creative mind behind Della Bella photography. With a BFA in fine arts from the University of San Francisco and multiple Couple’s Choice awards from Wedding Wire, Della Bella is a talent to be reckoned with in wedding photography.

Viewing their gallery, the collection of fun, candid and dramatic images is simply stunning.

Moments of passion, happiness, or excitement are frozen in time, preserved so that you can step back into that moment years later. When it comes down to gorgeous wedding photography that you want to revisit again and again, Della Bella goes above and beyond.

Jennifer Lynn Photography

Jennifer Lynn likes to keep the mood light and fun as this prompts the most genuine emotion in each moment, and it’s the genuine emotion that Jennifer is looking to capture. Her photojournalistic style is timeless and evocative.

Her captures result in images imbued with emotion that you want to come back to over and over. Jennifer is ready to help you through the process, gently guiding you to get both those must-have moments and exciting candids you won’t be able to look away from.

Carla Ten Eyck

In order to truly capture a wedding, Carla believes you must be fully present in the moment. This was how at the end of the night, she was able to capture an image of a bride’s grandfather placing a kiss on a photo of his deceased wife on their wedding day.

These are the kinds of moments that truly add weight to a wedding album; the ones you know are coming but have no idea when and where. And this is what Carla Ten Eyck loves about photographing weddings, the unexpected moments, the need to fire on all cylinders at a moment’s notice. It’s what makes her a great photographer.

Carla’s photojournalistic style and always-on approach have earned her features in Vogue among other magazines and earned her spot on this list as well.

Check out her Instagram to see if it earns her a job as your wedding photographer.

Fritz Photography

Wedding photography is in Bill Fritz’s blood. His grandparents were wedding photographers, and at the young age of 15, he learned the art from them. Bill has been a wedding photographer for half his life and he loves it.

Knowing the importance of beautiful memories and the emotion that comes from them is what makes photography important to Bill, and wedding photography even more so.

Bill has a fun and cheerful demeanor, but don’t let that fool you – he is dead serious about his photography. His captures are larger than life, filled with heightened emotion and drama, the best way to tell the story of true love.

All your must-have photos and poses will be there, of course, but mixed in will be some images with art and edge that truly elevate the story of the wedding.

If this sounds like what you’re looking for, Bill Fritz might just be your photographer.

John Munno Weddings

After completing photography school and honing his photography skill by working for many years as a nature photographer, John Munno moved on to photographing weddings and people.

With a focus on the richness of tones and color that carried over from his days as a landscape photographer Munno developed a signature style that is unique in wedding photography.

John Munno’s wedding scapes are gorgeous. His photos are crisp and clear, rich with color and the vibrant lives of his subjects. He’s received numerous awards from WeddingWire and The Knot and is deservedly popular in the Connecticut area.

Choosing John as your wedding photographer also opens up the opportunity to have an album made for your wedding. Modern digital pictures are, of course, very popular, but they have their own limitations with memory and power. Once given, a physical copy of your photos is yours to keep forever.

Villetto Photography

Rob and Kelly Villetto are the husband and wife team behind Villetto Photography. They’ve been working together photographing weddings for over 11 years and have loved every second. Their approach to wedding photography is to keep things fun and relaxed.

A tense, overly directed photo session leads to stiff, unnatural-looking pictures with false smiles. They don’t want that for your wedding day, and with so much joy going around, you don’t need it. Instead, their plan is to let the day evolve naturally so that they can jump in to capture the moments, big and small, as they occur.

Looking at their evocative portfolio of tender love stories, I’d say it works. The love that their couples share is evident, their friends and family look happy, and even the small details are captured.

With this type of approach, Villetto Photography is sure to deliver your dream wedding album.

Leanne Williams Photography

Taking photography up on a whim, it turned out that Tyler and Whitney had a knack for it. Soon they went from photographing friends’ weddings to working as photographers full-time.

Looking at their portfolio, their talent is clear. Stunning larger-than-life captures that show their couples’ passion for each other fill up their pages. But there are small, intimate moments too, moments rich with tenderness and love that tell a whole story.

If you want your story told beautifully with all the drama and romance of a Hollywood production, reach out to Leanne Williams Photography.

Shaina Lee Photography

Shaina and Arturo want to get to know you. That’s the best way to truly capture you at your most authentic and tell your story. They want to document the love story of your wedding from start to finish. The little details that make you laugh or cry and the big emotional moments that are part of every wedding.

With over 13 years of wedding photography experience, they have honed a timeless, elegant, fine arts photography style. Every detail is rendered in soft glowing light. Choose Shaina Lee photography for a classic wedding keepsake.

Gustavo Tessaro

With a camera in every phone, anyone can take clear, clean pictures. Still, it’s the trained eye behind the camera that knows when to snap the moments that will definitively tell your story. Gustavo Tessaro wants to be that eye.

Taking a picture that not only freezes a moment in time but captures the emotion felt in that moment is one of the things Gustavo Tessaro loves about photography. He doesn’t want to simply take pretty pictures.

He wants to capture the moments that tell your story so that when the blur of your wedding day is gone, you’ll have something to look back on forever.

Michael Orzell Photography

It takes an experienced photographer to anticipate when a snap-worthy moment is coming and capture it. With over a decade of photography experience, Michael Orzell can do just that.

He knows it’s about more than taking a pretty, perfectly posed picture. It’s about ensuring those moments of authentic joy and love are captured in a way that is timeless and perfect. He knows it’s about building you a wedding album that will tell your story for generations to come.

Picture This Photography

The extremely talented team of photographers working at Picture This will take 3 types of photos on your wedding day.

Photojournalistic images that get those completely natural you-had-to-be-there moments. Directed photojournalism to help your natural personality and happiness shine through. And finally, some idealized posing to create a few of these must-have moments.

This approach allows for the creation of a well-rounded wedding album that has everything.

Michael Tomassi is the founder of Picture This. After 35 years in the wedding photography business, he loves it as much as he ever did. Recently he shot a wedding for the daughter of a bride he’d photographed when first starting out, a testimony to the quality of his work and his customer service.

If you’re looking for a studio with a great legacy to help you capture yours reach out to Picture This.

Daphne & Dean

With ten years of experience and 200-plus weddings under their belt, Erin and Peter are the talented team behind Daphne & Dean. Their cozy style elicits the perfect, natural reaction from their subjects, allowing them to capture snaps filled with genuine emotion and tell complete love stories.

Knowing the value of these stories, they approach each wedding with a sense of dedication and commitment, determined to give their couples an album they can cherish for generations to come.

George Street Photo & Video

The talented photographers at George Street Studios understand the importance of storytelling when photographing a wedding. They know you want to capture the euphoric feeling of your wedding day and preserve it forever.

This is why they work with a team of professional photographers nationwide. Each photographer registered with George Street is required to meet equipment and experience standards that ensure a quality experience every time. With their extensive nationwide network of skilled individuals, they can quickly match you with a talented photographer in your area.

Let George Street Studio match you with a photographer if you want access to some of the best photographers nationwide.

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