26 Memorable Wedding Day Gifts For Bride

A wedding day is such a gift to all attending; first, you watch a couple in love proclaim and solidify their promise to each other. Then you get to eat, drink and be merry with friends and family!

Most would say that the wedding day is really about the bride (don’t worry, grooms, we still care about you too), so if you’re wanting to get her a gift to add some sparkle to her extra special day, you’ve come to the right place.

Depending on your relationship with the bride, we’ve categorized our wedding day gifts for bride ideas below. We know she will love and appreciate your uniquely memorable gift no matter what.

Featured Gift
Custom Engraved Marble & Wood Coasters

These high quality personalized marble acrylic /mango wood coasters will make unique and one of a kind gifts for a wedding, or any special occasion.

Gift Ideas for the Groom

When it comes to weddings, there are so many traditions to honor, it’s tough to keep them straight. Regardless of what culture you come from, there’s typically an exchange that occurs on the wedding day- whether it’s vows, rings, or promises.  

A gift exchange between the bride and groom has become more mainstream nowadays, but you’ve already gotten her the ring; deposits are paid, outfits purchased, so what else is there to give? 

Chances are before the big ceremony takes place, you’ll have a special moment alone with your bride to soak it all in. There’s no better time to surprise her with a thoughtful gift before the rest of the day is spent celebrating with family and friends. 

We love the idea of surprising her with non-physical gifts: such as tickets to a sweet mini-moon getaway before the big honeymoon trip, or an amazingly intimate song performance that you’ve been practicing for ages. 

Maybe you’ve planned a dazzling firework display outside of the venue for her dream photo opportunity or lined up an appointment to get your wedding bands engraved after all the hubbub dies down.

But if you’re intent on gifting her something physical, we’ve gathered a few ideas that she will love!

Custom Engraved Bracelet

This dainty piece of jewelry would be the perfect solution to her “something new.”

Get a little intel from the maid of honor or a bridesmaid, and you can match the metal to the jewelry she’ll already be wearing on the wedding day!

Handwritten Love Letter

Handwritten Love Letter

That is why I am here to offer my services! I will write anything and everything you need. 

Is there anything more swoon-worthy than an old-fashioned penned letter proclaiming some undying love? Straight out of a period piece, a handwritten letter is a classic keepsake for any bride. 

Honeymoon Travel Journal

Honeymoon Travel Journal

This 100% handmade, custom notebook is thoughtfully created to include space for photos and writing plus pockets and envelopes to safeguard the memories and mementos of your own amazing journey.

Planning to go somewhere unforgettable after the wedding?

Give your bride the gift of some massive anticipation with this adorable and thoughtful honeymoon travel journal. 

She’ll appreciate having an organized book to keep memories and pictures forever.

Custom Map Art

Custom Map Art

The three places (city/place for the map) and an address for the small heart in order, as well as dates for each event, and names at the top if you would like them.

Why wait on the homemaking? This personalized art print is the most beautifully romantic wedding gift and will look great hanging in your home.

If you two have treasured memories from special locations throughout your relationship, this is a great way to immortalize them for your bride.

Gifts for Parents and Future In-Laws

With a new person marrying into your family, you’ll want to make sure your daughter-in-law feels special and welcomed.

Here are some gift ideas that the bride will appreciate on her wedding day!

Elegant Pearl Earrings

Elegant Pearl Earrings

925 Sterling Silver CZ hoop earrings with white Majorica Pearls

Classic, timeless, and effortlessly beautiful, a set of pearl earrings would make a wonderful gift from a mother-in-law to a new daughter.

There are many styles of pearl earrings out there, and no matter which type you go for, they will complement any beautiful bride.

Mother to Daughter Bridal Handkerchief

Mother to Daughter Bridal Handkerchief

The lovely bridal handkerchief will keep memories alive. Remind your daughter of what she means to you.

One of the most common and traditional gifts from a mother to her daughter falls under the “something blue” category- a handkerchief!

Perfect for wiping away happy tears, a sentimental wedding handkerchief embroidered with positive wishes for the married couple will remind the bride of how much you love her.

Engraved Wooden Ring Box

Engraved Wooden Ring Box

Triple Flip Wood Ring Box for 3 Rings

This unique ring holder is made out of genuine walnut wood and can be customized with the happy couple’s initials.

It would make a perfect photo opportunity for the big day and is a great keepsake for all the days afterward.

Pair of Toasting Champagne Flutes

Pair of Toasting Champagne Flutes

This set of champagne flutes features sleek, contemporary styling.

During the dinner service, there will be many toasts being made to the newlyweds. Gift a pair of these gorgeous, high-quality, engraved flutes for that extra special sparkling touch. 

Gift Ideas for Grandparents

As the old wedding adage goes, “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.”

Wish your granddaughter all the luck in the world on one of the biggest moments of her life with a meaningful and classic wedding gift that she’ll cherish forever.

Remembrance Locket

Remembrance Locket

Beautiful piece for on your flowers in memory of your loved ones who can't be with you on your special day.

As a grandparent, one way to bestow your blessing to the bride is through the handing down of memories. Show her how happy you are to include her in your family legacy with a locket. 

Photo Album

Photo Album

This unique slip in album is the best option for your precious photos to display.

A photo album is a thoughtful gift from anybody, but it really touches the heart when it comes from an elder member of the family.

Include the wedding photos of beautiful brides of generations past for the bride to treasure for a lifetime. 

Custom Recipe Book

Custom Recipe Book

This personalized journal is hand made of high quality, natural wood.

What better way to pass down a life full of love than a custom cookbook full of family recipes that fed so many mouths throughout the years?

If the bride is a fan of cooking, gather your secret family recipes and put them in a gorgeous cookbook that she can rely on in the future.

Vintage Cake Stand

If you still have the cake stand from your wedding day, it would be extremely thoughtful to gift it to the bride on hers!

Nothing symbolizes a marriage’s longevity more than the passing down of a timeless gift!

Handwritten Wood Art

Handwritten Wood Art

This listing is for one custom handwriting sign.

If you and your soon-to-be-wedded granddaughter hold a special bond, consider giving her a framed snippet of your handwriting on a custom wooden sign.

Bless their future home with a sweet message that she will love forever.

Gift Ideas for the Maid of Honor

As the bride’s right-hand lady, you’ve got a lot of responsibilities. From wrangling the bridesmaids (and maybe an errant groomsman) to making sure the bride looks absolutely perfect at all times!

Make sure to have a moment of quality time alone with the bride so you can surprise her with a thoughtful gift.

Make it something meaningful that represents your long friendship, so she’ll have no doubt of your unwavering support on her big day, as well as all the days to come.

Jewelry Case Travel Organizer

Jewelry Case Travel Organizer

Compact Size : Dimensions: L23 x W15 x H1.5 cm; Weight: 0.26 lbs / 120g

Knowing that the bride will most likely embark on her honeymoon soon after the wedding, gift her this classy jewelry organizer so she can keep all of her bling in order. She’ll appreciate the foresight!

Bridal Jean Jacket

Mrs Pearl Jean Jacket

Mrs. Last Name Pearl Denim Jacket by Bride Bikini

Surprise her with this adorable jean jacket that’s bedazzled in pearls and emblazoned with her new married name!

It’s of our opinion that these jean jackets (paired with cute sneakers) are one of the best style accessories for any bride looking to take fun pictures on her wedding day.

Bridal Hanger

Bridal Hanger

As listed is a personalized wedding hanger features the bride or groom name made of wood and hand painted.

This beautiful bridal hanger has a sturdy wire and comes with a beautiful white ribbon tied on top.

You can get the wedding date laser-engraved as well, for extra special customization.

Framed Speech with Photo Canvas

Framed Speech with Photo Canvas

This is a Museum Quality Canvas Giclée Print, not a plain paper or a poster.

If you have the honor of being your sister’s maid of honor, why not commemorate the unforgettable day with a wedding canvas complete with your speech and a photo of the two of you?

She will adore being able to relive your speech and toasts time and time again.

Gift Ideas for Bridesmaids

Let’s get the party started! As a bridesmaid, you have a lot to do, from helping plan logistics to decorating the venue on the day of.

As you get ready with the bride, reminisce over good times, and enjoy getting amped up for a great night of partying!

If you’re thinking of surprising the bride with a special gift, here are some ideas you can go in on as a group, or buy separately if you want to give her something to commemorate your relationship.

Silk Bridal Robe

Silk Bridal Robe

Luxurious soft silk satin and lace robes, perfect for bridesmaid gifts.

When the whole gang is getting gussied up with hair and makeup, you’re going to need something easy to change in and out of without messing up your face. Behold, the silk robe.

The bridesmaids typically get a matching set, or in similar shades of blush and rose gold, while the bride gets a white one.

Go in on a set with the rest of the bridesmaids and surprise her with a comfy silk robe while you all sip mimosas and soak in the fun!

Personalized Bridal Tote Bag

Personalized Bridal Tote Bag

Tote bag comes with your own personal choice of ribbon!

Every girl loves a personalized gift! Surprise the bride with everything and anything she could possibly need in this adorable tote. 

“Oh Shit” Kit

Wedding "Oh Shit" Emergency Kit

Get your Bride or your wedding party a custom emergency kit for the special day. 

It’s a wedding day, things are bound to happen. Fingers crossed they don’t hit the fan too badly!

But in the event they do… be the bridesmaid to save the day with the foresight of an “Oh Shit” kit. Better to be safe than sorry!

Gifts Ideas for Extended Family Members

If you’re one of the many aunts and uncles who are excited to see their beloved niece get hitched, here are some ideas for a great gift for the bride on her wedding day!

Custom Luggage Tags and Passport Cover Set

Custom Luggage Tags and Passport Cover Set

Each of our engraved luggage tags and custom passport covers are custom laser engraved to your specifications.

The newlyweds are most likely going to be traveling, and if not for their honeymoon, why not prepare them with some snazzy matching passport covers and luggage tags for all the future trips they’ll be headed on?

We love that this chic leatherette set can be engraved on the inside as well as the outside, so their names won’t fade over time.

Sleek Steel Tumbler

Sleek Steel Tumbler

These custom stainless steel tumblers are great gifts for your favorite bride and groom, bridesmaids, friends, mom, yourself, or anyone!

These 20-ounce tumblers are a great gift for the bride (and groom!) They’re easily customized with your choice of font and vinyl color. 

You can put her new name on it, or simply “The Bride”. Since this is spill-proof, she might just end up using it all day!

Personalized Cutting Board

Personalized Cutting Board

Personalized laser engraved cutting boards makes a great gift for all occasions.

This gorgeous gift can also double as a charcuterie platter, but either way, if your niece is a big foodie or big on hosting get-togethers, she’ll need this in her life. 

You can choose from walnut, maple, or bamboo and engrave the family name on it along with the year the happy couple got hitched!

Sampler Tea Set

If the bride is not super into coffee and prefers tea, why not gift her a sampler of organic teas?

It’s the perfect gift to unwind with after the madness of the wedding. She can enjoy her choice of tea while working on those time-consuming thank-you notes.

Organic Lavender Spa Bath Set

Lavender Spa Gift Set

This spa gift box for women is sure to satisfy her pampering needs.

A must-have item for any stressed-out bride, this lavender set is exactly what she needs to relax!

She’ll love the calming, therapeutic effects of the shower steamer, skin scrub, body butter, and various soap bars. 

Sommelier Wine Caddy

Sommelier Wine Caddy

Original design, handmade right here in our workshop in Largo, Florida.

We love the idea of gifting this to the happy bride with a set of classy wine glasses and a bottle (or two) of her favorite wine. Choose from the sommelier presentation board or the glass caddy set. 

Whichever you choose, I hope she invites you over to partake in all the fun!

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