The Carpenters’ Wedding Songs: 11 Tunes for True Romantics

Since 1968, The Carpenters have been charming their way into the hearts of music lovers all over the world. Their songwriting, stage presence, and musical ability made them one of the most popular duos of the late ’60s and ’70s.

Whether you grew up listening to The Carpenters or recently discovered them, we can’t blame you for falling in love with this duo. Featuring this talented band on your wedding playlist guarantees that the event will be a blast!

We’ve compiled a list of our favorites here, from some of their most famous songs to a few lesser-known gems. The Carpenters’ wedding songs are just what you need to transform your special day into an unforgettable event.

the carpenters wedding songs
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Ticket to Ride

Siblings Karen Carpenter and Richard Carpenter are known for their incredible harmonies and impressive musicality. This tune is a perfect example of these strengths, showing off the best elements of their style.

While this song has a somewhat somber tone, it’s impossible to ignore the raw emotion on display here. For this reason, we would recommend including this powerful hit on your final song list.

Ticket to Ride is a slow-tempo song, so you’ll want to play it during the more relaxed periods of your wedding reception. While guests are chatting or grabbing a drink, they’ll enjoy listening to this touching song in the background.

I Won’t Last a Day Without You

Another gentle, sentimental song, I Won’t Last a Day Without You is a classic from this beloved band. If you want to show your partner just how much they mean to you, we strongly suggest including this track on your wedding playlist.

I Won’t Last a Day Without You is wildly romantic, making it the perfect song to use for your recessional following the ceremony. With its romantic lyrics and Karen Carpenter’s joyful delivery, this classic love song will help to start your marriage off right.

If you’ve already got a recessional song in mind, I Won’t Last a Day Without You would also work well as a first dance wedding song. Its relaxed rhythm will set just the mood for a lovely evening with your friends and family.

Top of the World

For couples who want their wedding reception to be full of joy, emotion, and beautiful memories, Top of the World should be on your shortlist. This moving track will help you to focus on being present in the moment and enjoying your big day together!

Top of the World is one of The Carpenters’ most memorable songs, mainly due to its relentless optimism. If your attitude is cheerful and upbeat, this song should flawlessly capture the heart of your love story.

We recommend playing Top of the World when you want to share a nice slow dance with your partner, although it can be featured at any time. Whenever you choose to play this song, you can trust that it will add plenty of love and light to your wedding day.

Please Mr. Postman

As delightful as The Carpenters’ original songs are, they’ve also recorded a few covers that will blow you away. In particular, their cover of The Marvelettes’ Please Mr. Postman brings something new and fresh to the table.

While the original is energetic and infectious in its own right, The Carpenters give it their all to elevate this fun song. As Karen Carpenter belts out the unmistakable lyrics, you won’t be able to resist singing along on the big day.

Please Mr. Postman is an upbeat dance track that works well when you want to keep your guests moving and grooving. This song can also be featured as an engaging background tune to highlight your guests’ conversation during the event.

Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft

Another spectacular cover from The Carpenters, Calling Occupants is one of our favorite songs on this list. If you have a thing for space epics, futurism, and all things sci-fi, this popular track is right up your alley.

Calling Occupants was released around the time of the original Star Wars movie, coincidentally helping to kick off one of the greatest space stories ever told. Whether you believe in Little Green Men or just love the novelty of this track, it’s definitely worth your consideration.

We suggest playing this tune when things have slowed down during the wedding reception, adding a fun song to the mix. Take this as an opportunity to make your way around the room, or take a seat and enjoy this quirky space-age hit with your partner.

Hurting Each Other

While this track may not be quite as optimistic as the others, Hurting Each Other is a classic song that addresses some of the challenges we often face in relationships. If you two know how to embrace the good, the bad, and the ugly, you’ll appreciate the genuine nature of this song.

As much as we love sweet, emotional songs, we know that most relationships are full of ups and downs. Featuring this song is a great way to remind yourselves to push through those difficult moments, working together to fight for your marriage.

Hurting Each Other is a versatile track that can be played at any time during the wedding reception. This mid-tempo song is sure to keep everyone engaged without taking away from the incredible memories being made.

Goodbye To Love

Goodbye to Love is a melancholic song about love and love lost, one that will bring up powerful emotions for all listeners. Once again, Karen Carpenter’s gentle, soothing voice fits the tone and rhythm of the song perfectly.

While weddings are meant for celebration, of course, the previous track reminded us that we can’t always ignore painful situations. Goodbye to Love doubles down on that idea, highlighting the singer’s decision to let go of what used to be.

Goodbye to Love can be played when you want to take a moment to honor loved ones who may have already passed. As you listen to this heartfelt song, you can trust that they’re celebrating this special occasion with you.

Only Yesterday

Going back to the classic Carpenters sound, Only Yesterday allows Karen to feature the best of her incredible vocals. As she sings this track, you can dance the night away with the ones you love.

Only Yesterday is all about finding someone who gives you hope for the future and keeps you going through difficult days. It’s safe to say you’ve found the perfect fit, and you can look forward to a lifetime of love and excitement together.

We suggest playing Only Yesterday as a recessional song or a simple slow dance tune during the reception. With this joyful song, you can say goodbye to yesterday and look ahead to a beautiful future with your soulmate.

Yesterday Once More

Yesterday Once More is a nostalgic song about reflecting on the joy and romance of the past. More importantly, it’s about realizing that all of the ups and downs you’ve faced have led you to this wonderful day together.

Similar to Only Yesterday, this track uses listeners’ pasts to help them realize the beauty in what they currently have. This track serves as yet another reminder to appreciate all of the things that your partner adds to your life.

Since Yesterday Once More is another slow track, we highly recommend playing this tune during a lull in the wedding reception. Take a minute to relax with your brand-new spouse, as you finally get to process this special day.

It’s Going To Take Some Time

Karen Carpenter’s smooth vocals are all you need to set the mood for your wedding day! It’s Going to Take Some Time lets her shine, showcasing the steady, sweet tone that this dynamic duo is known for.

They say that the best things in life take time, a lesson that you’ve most likely learned with your partner. After all, you’ve probably been waiting for this moment for years, counting down the days until you get to say “I do.”

We suggest playing this track when you want to take your partner out on the dance floor for a slow jam. While the days of waiting may be over, you can still anticipate all of the incredible memories you two will make over the years.

(They Long To Be) Close to You

Another impressive cover on this list, (They Long to Be) Close to You seems like it was written just for the Carpenters. Whether it’s their adaptability or the flexible nature of the song, these two have more than proven that they can bring out the best in a classic hit.

Close to You is a popular wedding song for fans of The Carpenters and their expansive discography. Even casual listeners will fall in love with this track, being overcome by the gentle, romantic tone delivered by these skilled artists.

Close to You can be featured as a first dance song, celebrating the truth that no one could ever be closer to your partner than you. As you sway in each other’s arms, you will be grateful for a spouse who always wants to be close to you.

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