33 Rose Gold Wedding Rings To Choose From For An Alternative Look

With its blush pink tint and vintage vibes, rose gold has become quite the trend in the wedding ring industry!

Made from a blend of yellow gold, copper, and silver alloys, rose gold perfectly bridges the gap between the classic yellow gold wedding band and the stark platinum and white gold options. 

The alternative new kid on the block! Rose gold has a luxurious and romantic feel to it that other metals struggle to compete with. Not to mention its pink color (you can thank the copper content for that) complements all skin tones!

So if you’re a bride looking for an alternative to the standard gold jewelry choices, rose gold may be the perfect choice for your wedding band.

We’ve gathered an array of options ranging from the very traditional to the more modern in design, take a look…

Vintage Moissanite Ring

Vintage Moissanite Wedding Band

This collection makes themselves a popular choice for those seeking u unique design.

First up, we have this gorgeous vintage-style wedding band.

It features pear-cut stones framed by smaller clusters for guaranteed sparkle!

We love this ring for its eye-catching design.

Tungsten Rose Gold with German Silver Glass

Tungsten Rose Gold Ring

This unique Rose Gold Tungsten ring is a 4mm band with German Silver Glass in the center.

Not your average wedding band, this tungsten ring features a rose gold-colored band with a center of German Silver Glass.

The glass literally sparkles like starlight when the light hits it.

We just love how unique this ring is!

Rose Gold Stacking Ring Set

Rose Gold Stacking Ring

This classic band set is sure to complement the rest of your jewelry perfectly!

This is a set of two rose gold rings.

One is a simple band, while the other has been sandblasted to give it a slight shimmer. 

This is the perfect ring set for those who are aiming for a minimalist but glamorous style. 

Marquise Moissanite Rose Gold Band

Marquise Moissanite Rose Gold Band

Available in yellow, white or rose solid 14 or 18k gold.

This band features marquise cut stones set at a diagonal and is accented by smaller stones. 

We love this band for its dainty design that will pair perfectly with any engagement ring.

Minimalist Rose Gold Band

Of peak minimalist design, this band is a simple thin band of pure 14K rose gold.

This band was simply made to mix and match since it will complement any ring worn with it.

Notched Moissanite Rose Gold Wedding Band

This ring features a halo of round stones with a notch in the center front.

Choose from a wide range of stone options, from tapered baguette-cut stones to half-moon cuts!

Rose Gold Infinity Wedding Ring

Rose Gold Petite Twist Full Eternity Ring

Made of solid sterling silver. Good for sensitive skin.

This rose gold ring features an infinity design, with one-half plain rose gold and the other half a row of stones. 

This is the perfect ring for brides who love stackable rings. 

White Fire Opal Marquise Rose Gold Wedding Band

Fire Opal Wedding Band

Materials: Gold, Platinum, Rose gold, Silver, White gold.

This band features three marquise cut opals arranged in a pattern reminiscent of a crown.

This is a stunning ring to be worn alone or stacked over an engagement ring. 

Rose Gold Cluster Ring

Rose Gold Stacking Ring with CZ Stones

This cluster ring is encrusted with a series of round, oval and pear shaped cubic zirconia stones.

This ring features round, square, and oval cut stones clustered along a thin band.

This ring is great for brides looking for an asymmetrical and slim design. 

Hammered Rose Gold Wedding Band

Hammered Rose Gold Ring

Made with: 16g (1.29 mm) 12k Rose Gold-filled wire.

This ring is a hammered rose gold band.

The hammered texture creates a distinct visual look. We love these rings stacked, but they also make a statement alone. 

Vintage Opal Art Deco Rose Gold Wedding Band

Vintage Opal Wedding Band

Handmade item. Materials: Gold, Platinum, Rose gold, Stone, White gold.

With a hint of vintage glamour, this rose gold and opal ring is of art deco design.

This ring is so unique, perfect for any bride unafraid to express herself!

Rose Gold Stacking Ring Set

Rose Gold Wedding Band Set

This ring will be sent in a luxury gift box, accompanied by a blank card, care instructions, and a jewelry cleaning cloth.

This set of three-eternity rings includes one band of tiny round cut stones, one band of spaced round cut stones, and one of the rectangular cut stones. 

The set looks simply stunning together.

Rose Gold Titanium Engraved Wedding Band

18K Rose Gold

These rings are produced in tough, grade 5 titanium.

This understated wedding band is made of brushed rose gold-colored titanium with a delicate vine engraving.

A ring of superb craftsmanship. You won’t be disappointed to learn that it’s suitable for both men and women.

Rose Gold Tungsten Ring With Crushed Opal

Tungsten Rose Gold Ring

This beautiful Rose Gold Tungsten ring is a 4mm band with crushed white opal in the center.

This rose gold-colored tungsten band is a simple band with a center of crushed opal.

This ring stands out with its iridescent shimmer and clean design. 

Vintage Art Deco Moissanite Wedding Band

Vintage Art Deco Moissanite Wedding Band

The Width of the Band - 2.5 mm. The Thickness of the Band - 1.45 mm.

This vintage-inspired ring features a band of round cut stones in an art deco setting.

We love this ring for its delicate touch of glam and its stackable size. 

Rose Gold Eternity Set

Rose Gold Wedding Ring Set

This ring set will be sent in a luxury gift box, accompanied by a blank card, care instructions, and a jewelry cleaning cloth.

This set includes two-eternity bands.

The first band is of spaced round cut stones, and the other is of close-set round cut stones. 

These rings complement each other perfectly. 

Rose Gold Vermeil Wedding Ring

Rose Gold Vermeil Ring

Sterling silver is an almost pure metal made from 92.5% Silver.

This ring features a line of stones in descending sizes.

This is great for brides wanting a non-traditional look and an asymmetrical design. 

Art Deco Moissanite Rose Gold Wedding Ring 

Art Deco Moissanite Rose Gold Wedding Ring 

This is curved wedding band is made with forever classic Moissanite stones.

This gorgeous ring features a center round cut stone framed by rose gold “wings” containing three smaller stones each.

This art deco-inspired ring carries a real sense of whimsy and fantasy. 

Diamond Rose Gold Wedding Band 

This ring is a dainty band of alternating circles and ovals accented with small diamonds.

This vintage-style ring stacks beautifully but is equally as beautiful alone. 

Woven Rose Gold Wedding Ring

Bridal Promises Rose Gold Ring

Simulated Diamonds are any diamonds that simulate a natural diamond.

This rose gold wedding ring features a band of plain rose gold, and a band of brilliant-cut stones woven together.

We love the ring for its symbolism of two joining as one. 

Rose Gold Titanium Rope Ring

Rose Gold Titanium Wedding Band

Tungsten Carbide is the most exciting material in jewelry! 

This wedding ring is in the form of a rope woven together by two strands of rose gold.

We love it for its minimalist design and how stackable it is. Plus an engraving of your choice is free!

Rose Gold Half Eternity Diamond Ring

14K Rose Gold Wedding Band

A unique wedding ring as a half rose gold eternity band with real diamonds... 

This wedding ring features a thin rose gold band in a slight arc shape.

Half of the ring is embedded with real diamonds!

This ring is so unique and would pair beautifully with a rose gold engagement ring.

Vintage Brushed Rose Gold Wedding Ring

Antique Vintage Ring

Vintage 1980s Brushed Rose Gold Stacking Band with Austrian Crystal Accents.

This wedding ring features a brushed rose gold band and is embedded with small round crystal accents. 

We love this retro-inspired ring, reminiscent of rings from the 1980s.

Rose Gold Eternity and Bead Ring Set

Rose Gold Eternity Band Ring

All of our cubic zircon items are made with Grade AAA quality stones with a high-shine finish.

This three-ring set contains two rose gold bead rings and one eternity ring made of round cut stones.

The three rings stack beautifully as a set but would also work well as individual pieces. 

Rose Gold Crown Ring

Rose Gold Crown Design Ring

Handmade item. Materials: Rose gold.

This rose gold ring features a geometric design reminiscent of a crown.

We adore this ring for its simple yet striking design and hand-carved texture. 

Rose Gold Eternity Ring

Rose Gold Stacking Ring

We strive to use the finest quality materials in the industry to create each Jadorelli piece so that your jewelry can be treasured for many years.

This wedding band is an eternity ring made of small alternating circles.

We love how easily this ring could complement so many engagement ring styles. 

Moissanite Rose Gold Ring Set

Moissanite Rose Gold Ring Set

The bandwidth is about 1.8 mm. The band thickness is about 1.2 mm.

This three-ring set will have any bride feeling like a princess. 

The engagement ring contains a sizable pear-shaped stone on a band of smaller round cut stones. The wedding band is six marquise cut stones arranged in a sunburst, and lastly, the first-anniversary ring is a crown-shaped ring with a center marquise stone. 

This is truly a stunning collection that is nothing short of ethereal when worn as a set. 

Vintage Alexandrite Rose Gold Set

Vintage Alexandrite Engagement Ring set

Handmade item. Materials: Gold, Platinum, Rose gold, White gold.

Taking a step away from traditional stones, this set contains an engagement ring with oval-cut Alexandrite!

The matching wedding band is a half eternity of marquise and round cut stones. 

We love the use of dreamy Alexandrite in the elegant art deco style. 

Cushion Morganite Rose Gold Set

Cushion Cut Morganite Engagement Ring

Natural Cushion Morganite and cubic zircon ring in 925 sterling silver.

There are few stones that look as lovely with rose gold as morganite.

This set includes an engagement ring with a cushion-cut center stone, a band of tiny round cut stones, and a band of alternating ovals and circles. 

We love this set for its Victorian quality; simply beautiful and utterly romantic. 

Vintage Teardrop Morganite Rose Gold Ring

Vintage Teardrop Morganite Ring

Discover popular engagement ring & wedding ring designs from classic to vintage inspired.

The light pink morganite of this ring is a beautiful pairing with the copper tones of rose gold.

We love the elegant teardrop cut!

White Opal Rose Gold Ring Set

This set includes an engagement ring featuring a white opal and an art deco wishbone wedding band that compliments it perfectly. 

These rings are made to order; choose your rings in 14k rose gold or rose gold plated. 

Pear-Cut Rose Gold Set

3.0 ctw Rose Gold Wedding Ring Set

Our sterling silver rings are dipped in rhodium, to give them a lustrous white gold appearance, and to prevent discoloring and tarnish.

This three-ring set includes an engagement ring with a large 2 carat pear-shaped stone framed in a diamond halo, plus two tiny round-cut stone bands. 

We adore the elegance and sparkle of this set. 

Vintage Rose Gold Wedding Ring Set

3/4 ctw Art Deco Bridal Set

Each handmade piece is crafted with the perfect conflict-free alternative to a mined diamond.

This set is made with conflict-free, manufactured diamonds only.

The engagement ring is a 1/2 carat cushion cut diamond, while the matching wedding band is a row of twinkling ovals. 

We love this ethical take on a wedding set!

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