14 Rolling Stones Wedding Songs: Rock Your Wedding!

The Rolling Stones have been rock icons for well over 50 years now, and it’s not hard to see why. This insanely popular group has a wide discography of songs to choose from on your special day.

Whether you’re into romantic ballads or upbeat dance tunes, Mick Jagger’s unique vocals will be the perfect highlight for your wedding. From the bridal entrance to the grand exit, there are plenty of opportunities to feature this beloved band.

For casuals and stans alike, The Rolling Stones are sure to be an absolute hit on your most special occasion. If you want to bring your big day to life, check out these incredible Rolling Stones wedding songs.

rolling stones wedding songs
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Paint It, Black

Arguably one of The Rolling Stones’s most famous songs, Paint It, Black is the perfect tune to add to your wedding playlist. Ideal for alternative couples and offbeat weddings, this song will add plenty of character to your wedding day.

Play this song as your wedding party enters the reception, giving them a steady rhythm to dance to. Bonus points if your bridesmaids and groomsmen are all dressed in black for this special event.

Even casual rock fans will be familiar with this hit, making it a certified crowd-pleaser for your final song list. However you use it, Paint it, Black sets the perfect tone for your bold, eccentric wedding day.

Start Me Up

Start Me Up is a fun way to kick off the wedding reception, welcoming your guests to the dance floor for the night of a lifetime. If you’re a rock music fan who can’t resist a little fun, you’ll love this hit single from The Rolling Stones.

Due to its light-hearted, upbeat tone, Start Me Up is a song that guests of all ages and backgrounds can appreciate. In a world full of bland, boring wedding music, this is one song that will get everyone up and moving.

(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction

Another well-known tune from The Rolling Stones, Satisfaction has been played at weddings, parties, and special events of every kind over the years. For that reason, you can rest knowing that this is a safe choice for your wedding day.

Although this upbeat song was released in 1965, it hasn’t lost an ounce of charm as time has passed. No matter what generation you were born in, everyone can identify with the angst of this popular alt-rock single.

From the relentless beat to Mick Jagger’s unmistakable voice, Satisfaction has all the makings of a certified hit. Wherever you choose to feature this song, it’s sure to breathe life into your special day.

Gimme Shelter

Penned by The Rolling Stones over 50 years ago, Gimme Shelter is a longstanding staple on rock wedding playlists. If you’re searching for fun dance songs that your guests can move and groove to, you’ve got to add this one to the list.

Gimme Shelter can be played once the reception has slowed down, giving your guests a chance to grab drinks and catch up. You’ll be thankful for a minute to catch your breath, sit down, and enjoy this special moment with your spouse.

Sympathy for the Devil

As one of the most popular rock songs of all time, this is one tune that you just have to include on your wedding playlist. This song can be used just about any time on your wedding day, inciting some dynamic dance moves along the way.

Sympathy for the Devil has been featured in countless ads, TV shows, and movie soundtracks over the years. For this reason, you can rest knowing that your wedding band will be able to play this popular song with no problem.

We recommend playing this hit during cocktail hour, using it to highlight the energy and tone of your guests’ conversation. Sympathy for the Devil can also be featured during the reception, continuing a string of upbeat, fun songs to keep your friends and family engaged.

Beast of Burden

Moving along, Beast of Burden is a slower song that will add diversity to your wedding playlist. This romantic, touching tune will show guests a different side of your love story, highlighting the relentless joy of your relationship.

As far as rock love songs go, Beast of Burden is a refreshing change from some of the more brash singles on this list. If you love the Stones but want to share a gentle slow dance with your partner, this song is the way to go.


Angry is a classic rock song at its core, encapsulating all the best elements of The Rolling Stones from start to finish. Their powerful energy, passionate lyrics, and bold musicianship are on full display in this upbeat song.

Even if your guests aren’t die-hard rock fans, this song brings a sense of character that everyone can appreciate. Although not as popular, this energetic single can be featured in a variety of places on your special day.

Angry’s infectious beat makes it impossible to ignore, setting the perfect mood for your wedding reception. If you want your guests up and out of their seats, you can bet that this song will do the trick.


We know what you’re thinking. No, you don’t have to be named Angie to include this song on your wedding playlist—-it certainly helps, though!

Angie is a great song to play during your first dance at your wedding, highlighting the intimacy and romance of the moment. If you’d like to share this memory privately, you can also use Angie as a final dance song once all your guests have left the reception.

Miss You

Continuing our list of rock and roll wedding songs, Miss You is another must-have that will bring your vision to life. With this steady tune, you can trust that your reception will be fun, free, and full of life.

Miss You is a great choice to play when you want to the rhythm going and encourage guests to stay out on the dance floor. While it may not be the perfect song for a white wedding, Miss You brings something refreshing and unique to the table.

If you and your partner aren’t afraid to get loose, we encourage you to break out all your best (and worst) dance moves during this song. After all, this is your special day, and you two are welcome to get as crazy as you want.

Wild Horses

As a more solemn, slowed-down song, Wild Horses can help you to take a breath and relax during your special event. One of The Rolling Stones’ few romantic songs, Wild Horses is a dream for your wedding day.

If you two have an inseparable bond, Wild Horses will truly capture the heart of your love story. Celebrating the endlessness of your romance, we highly recommend using this as a first/last dance song, as well as a processional tune.

Street Fighting Man

Street Fighting Man may not be quite as romantic, but this song is a certified hit from The Rolling Stones. Its upbeat, unique lyrics make for a dynamic addition to your big day.

Following its wildly popular release, Street Fighting Man became a huge hit all over the world, making it a great option for your wedding day. Whether you’re searching for an exciting tune or just a great soft rock wedding song, The Rolling Stones have got you covered.

This mid-tempo song works best when played during a lull in the wedding reception. Rather than choosing a drastically different song to change the mood, you can provide an engaging backbeat for their conversation.

You Can’t Always Get What You Want

You Can’t Always Get What You Want is one of The Rolling Stones’ most recognizable rock songs. With an impressive commercial success that has spanned several decades, it’s safe to say that this song may never go out of style.

It’s this popularity and mass appeal that makes the song an excellent choice to feature on your wedding day. No matter which genre your wedding guests prefer, they’ll definitely be singing and dancing along to this hit.

Jumpin’ Jack Flash

With The Rolling Stones’ signature brash vocals and electric guitars, Jumpin’ Jack Flash is a beloved classic. If you want your wedding day to feel more like a party, you’ll definitely want to add this song to the list.

Jumpin’ Jack Flash is perfect for couples who want to go all out on their wedding day. As you dance the night away with your loved ones, this song is sure to keep the party going.

If you’ve already got a few upbeat songs in the rotation, Jumpin’ Jack Flash will only add to the energy and fun of your reception. You two will have a blast as you enjoy this iconic song without a care in the world.

Under My Thumb

Rounding out the list of wedding songs by The Rolling Stones, Under My Thumb is a simple song about winning over an unrequited love. Not to be taken too seriously, this tune is mainly known for its catchy beat and unforgettable melody.

Don’t be surprised if your guests bring out the air guitar during this one, as there are plenty of opportunities to celebrate this fun song. Just remember to have a little fun yourself; after all, this is your chance to honor your incredible love story.

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