You Want the 10 Best NSYNC Wedding Songs? ’Nuff Said!

In June 2021, the universe aligned to bring together the two most prominent boy bands of the 90s for one special night (the promoters went so far as to call it “epic“). 

Whether it was truly epic, there were two unique things about the performers and the time of year—NSYNC was one of the bands, and June is a favorite month to get married.

So that leads quite nicely into our list of the ten best NSYNC wedding songs!

Whether you love retro dance vibes on your playlist, like 90s pop music any time, or you want a wedding song by truly talented singers whose voices blended like a heavenly choir, let’s check out some NSYNC. 


nsync wedding songs

This I Promise You 

We always like to road-test the music videos for our list, and here’s a confession: when we re-watched “This I Promise You” after decades, we had a good chuckle at Justin Timberlake’s wooly turtleneck and his teen-boy mop of curls!

But then we just listened—and we fell in love with this beautiful song like it was yesterday.

JT’s raspy vocals over the angelic guitar are pure wedding song magic, and then we get to hear the under-appreciated JC Chasez take over with stunning lead vocals that also melt our hearts.

When to play: without question, this is “first dance perfection” for newlyweds.

That’s When I’ll Stop Loving You 

This slow ballad off No Strings Attached  (an album famous for “club lite” dance tunes like “Bye Bye Bye” that showcased NSYNC’s tight choreography) has some beautiful lyrics that will give you all the feels. 

Here’s our favorite line: “When winter comes in summer, when there’s no more forever, that’s when I’ll stop loving you.” 

When to play: the acapella-sounding intro makes a grand processional into your wedding ceremony.

God Must Have Spent a Little More Time on You

Fun trivia question: do you know how NSYNC got its name?

While a few answers are floating around the interwebs, we know that Justin Timberlake’s mom heard the group singing together and couldn’t believe how “in sync” their voices sounded. 

When you listen to this love song, you will know how much that’s true!

When to play: a top pick for an NSYNC first dance song, it’s also tear-jerking as a bride’s processional.

It’s Gonna Be Me

If you feel like kicking the dance party up a notch at your reception, check out a club track like “It’s Gonna Be Me” for your reception playlist. 

When to play: whether it’s the groom and groomsmen (like this great video), or bride and bridesmaids, a little flash mob can go a long and unforgettable way!

I Want You Back

Maybe the lyrics aren’t wedding-specific, but with the funky beat and outstanding harmonies displayed on one of NSYNC’s first mega-hits, what better excuse do you need to get everyone on the dance floor to shake their groove thangs?

When to play: as we said, this is a tremendous fast-moving reception song, but the intro is also so beautiful with the dramatic music and the harmonies it could make a fun entrance tune to a reception!


The video for this sad breakup song was great decades ago. It holds up with the goofball Charlie Chaplin antics at the beginning leading into NSYNC’s most minimalist, black-and-white video concept ever.

Even better than those boys looking so grown up and handsome is the sheer haunting beauty of their harmonies, particularly on the chorus. This song is gorgeous to listen to and dance to with your lover.

When to play: if you’re not concerned about people listening too closely to the lyrics, this is an excellent slow song for later in the night (cue it up near the end of your reception, so everyone starts to notice it’s the last call soon).


It’s fun, sexy, and flirtatious, and we all loved bopping to “Girlfriend” back in the day!

The video is a masterclass on dance moves and harmonies, and it’s a tremendous up-tempo tune to ease into the dancing at your reception.

When to play: in addition to being a good dancefloor song, check out the instrumental version of “Girlfriend” because it’s also a good intro piece for a DJ to use when announcing different people giving speeches at your reception.

Blowin’ Me Up (With Her Love)

While JC Chasez’s solo career never blew up (in a good way), we still like this old-school banger from him with its thick percussion and marching band beat.

When to play: it’s a very dramatic dance tune, and JC’s vocals sound amazing, so if you’d like a lesser-known song to make a big entrance at your reception, check this one out and make it your own!

Until the End of Time

On the other hand, Justin Timberlake has enjoyed a massively successful solo career, and he’s never been afraid to go out on a musical limb as he did with “Until the End of Time,” an R&B jam ahead of its time when released in 2006.

We dug deep into the internet vaults to see what JT played at his 2012 wedding to the talented and beautiful Jessica Biel. Justin wrote a song and sang it as she walked up the aisle, but it wasn’t made public.

When to play: “Until the End of Time” would be a chic wedding recessional song for a beach or destination wedding.

Can’t Stop the Feeling

Justin Timberlake’s contribution to the Dreamworks animated film, Trolls, became the song of that summer (JT pretty much claimed the title dropping a celebrity-studded video in this 2016 tweet). 

When a commercial pop song is this good, it doesn’t matter how you dance because you just let go and let the music take over! We love this song, and that’s why it’s perfect for your reception playlist.

When to play: it’s a great reception entrance song, and you can even replay it later so everyone can get on the floor and “feel it!” Make sure you get pictures and videos of all those happy dance moves!

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