11 Morgan Wallen Wedding Songs for Your Special Day

Many wedding planners and experts will tell you that finding the perfect playlist for your big day is one of the best ways to set the mood or start the party.

For example, a country, barn, or western-themed wedding can all be improved by the addition of the perfectly chosen Morgan Wallen song. This list will help you curate the perfect playlist for your big day so that you can hear your favorite song while walking down the aisle, dancing with your new spouse for the first time, or letting loose with your friends!

morgan wallen wedding songs
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Morgan Wallen Processional Songs

Walking down the aisle is the most important moment of any wedding. The bridge makes her entrance and walks past all of her loved ones to her spouse at the end of the aisle to begin the ceremony. Choosing the perfect song is the best way to start off your big day on a good note. Here’s our list of awesome song ideas for your special occasion!

Cover Me Up – Philip Bowen Cover

One of Morgan Wallen’s most popular songs is Cover Me Up. This powerful ballad is the type of song that brings people together while basking in Wallen’s beautiful voice.

While this song might be too powerful and emotional for a first dance, a paired-down version, like a version played live on the acoustic guitar, would be the perfect twangy country love song.

Whiskey Glasses

One aspect that many couples forget to think about on their big day is what song they want to play while they leave the altar together.

While the bride’s walk to the altar is a solemn affair, a couple’s first time leaving as man and wife should be a reason to celebrate. Whiskey Glasses is a celebratory song with a great upbeat tune. It’s not too much of a party song, however, which makes it the perfect tune to walk – or boogey – back down the aisle to after saying “I do!”

Morgan Wallen First Dance Songs

The song chosen for the first dance between the new couple is extremely important. Usually, a couple will choose a song that means something to them throughout their relationship.

However, if you and your honey can’t agree on the perfect song, check out our list below to see our top picks for Morgan Wallen first dance songs.

You Make It Easy

The acoustic version of this emotional song is the perfect choice for a first dance between a man and wife. The loving lyrics are well-known for being his best love song.

Choosing a slower acoustic version of this classic song would make an excellent choice for a slow dance as it allows the tone of the dancing to start off slow and then lead into more upbeat songs when the rest of the guests are invited to join on the dance floor.

Spin You Around

For couples who want a more upbeat song to begin their marriage, Spin You Around is a great choice. Many couples probably love listening to this song together. The sweet lyrics are the perfect example of how many couples feel in their marriage.

Listening to this song while watching a picture-perfect couple dance in a quant barn would be a lovely experience.

Morgan Wallen Dance Floor Songs

Getting your guests out on the dance floor and enjoying their night begins with the perfect after-dinner playlist. When you’re trying to get the perfect vibe for dancing, Morgan Wallen will have the perfect dance floor song to start off the night with.

Up Down

The song Up Down with Florida Georgia Line is one of Morgan Wallen’s most popular dancing songs. The upbeat song is a celebration of country music and partying, making it the perfect song to begin the night on the dance floor to get your guests moving.

Redneck Love Song

While this sweet song is a little slower in tempo and softer in tone, it’s still perfect to throw on when the crows need something casual to groove to. This gentle love song will set a mellow mood of mingling as the night goes on.

On a wedding playlist, it’s essential to have a mixture of slow and fast songs to keep your guests moving around. People will want to dance and then take a break to grab a drink and a bite of cake in between songs.

The Way I Talk

This bold country song is an instant classic. The lyrics are the perfect combination of small-town nostalgia and country imagery.

This song will be an excellent addition to a dancing mix for the evening to encourage your guests to dance, mingle, and make memories to last a lifetime!

Little Rain

Little Rain is a quintessential country song that perfectly matches a barnyard wedding. Morgan Wallen is well-known for his love songs, which makes him the perfect artist to add to your wedding playlist.

This upbeat country song is an optimistic ballad to start your marriage; add it to your playlist for your guests to groove to on the dance floor.

Morgan Wallen Slow Songs

Slow songs are an essential component to add to any wedding playlist. Throughout the night, your guests will want to mingle, dance with their friends, and slow dance with their spouses.

Be sure to check out these slow Morgan Wallen songs to add to your wedding playlist. Some of these songs can also be used for the mother-son and father-daughter dance to start the night!

More Surprised Than Me

Slow songs are necessary for any wedding playlist. It simply can’t be upbeat all the time; guests will need slower songs to cool down to, grab a drink, or just mingle with family and friends.

More Surprised Than Me is not just a slow song, but a full-on love ballad. This song sounds like the perfect compliment to a midnight cocktail at a farm wedding.

Somebody’s Problem

Somebody’s Problem is one of the best slow songs to dance to at a wedding. This anti-love ballad has a sweet tune and a lovely melody that is sure to get your guests slow-dancing with their loved ones.

Morgan Wallen is a master with the guitar and lyrics. This song is well-known for its cheeky message that many people love to incorporate into their wedding theme. His country ballads always carry a lovely tune and can set the perfect mood late at night at a wedding.

Talkin’ Tennessee

Talkin’ Tennessee is one of Morgan Wallen’s best acoustic songs. This touching song has a pure country vibe that will set the tone for a slower portion of the night at your wedding.

Although a heart-throb himself, Morgan knows how to set the tone for the perfect occasion. This loving song will make the perfect addition to your wedding playlist.

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