The 12 Best Marvin Gaye Wedding Songs for Your Big Day!

Planning your wedding day can be so exciting! There are so many details to sort out, including music.

Music can add to the ambiance of your wedding and help to set the mood for every moment of your wedding day.

Marvin Gaye is a true R&B legend. From the Motown era in the 1960s and 1970s, Marvin Gaye was a truly soulful signer that many have come to know and love.

Here are the best Marvin Gaye wedding songs for every part of your special day!

marvin gaye wedding songs

Marvin Gaye’s Processional Songs

“Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” featuring Tammi Terrell

This song is an alternative processional choice because of its fast pace, but the sentiment is perfect for a processional.

This song tells the world that nothing is going to keep you from the one you love. What better sentiment to soundtrack your walk down the aisle toward your intended?!

This song can be a fun option to dance down the aisle to.

“You’re All I Need to Get By” featuring Tammi Terrell

This song is also an alternative option for a processional due to its pace, but the lyrics are just right.

This song is all about not looking back, and that one special person is all you need by your side in life. It’s about standing by that person, how they give you strength and provide all the joy that you need.

Walk down the aisle to your soulmate with these meaningful lyrics.

Marvin Gaye First Dance Songs

“How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You”

This is a straightforward, soulful song that talks about how sweet it is to be loved by someone. It’s also about how that someone was sent to you and gives your life meaning.

Although this song is upbeat it’s still a great first dance wedding song containing a lot of meaning and emotion.

“Aint Nothing Like The Real Thing” featuring Tammi Terrell

Another duet with Tammi Terrell, this song is perfect for your first dance.

The song is about building your whole world around someone, giving love when that person is feeling sorrowful, putting joy in their life, and giving them true love and tenderness.

Dance to this upbeat tune with your beau for your first dance.

“It Takes Two” featuring Kim Weston

With that signature 70s Motown beat, this is another upbeat option with great lyrics for a first dance.

This classic 1970s song is all about going through life with another person and how love, dreams, and in fact, everything, is better experienced with that special person.

It’s about how together two people can make any place home and accomplish anything together.

This is the perfect sentiment for your first dance together. Groove to this song with your sweetie.

Marvin Gaye Father-Daughter Dance Songs

“You’re A Wonderful One”

This upbeat, danceable song with a touch of blues and bouncy guitar is the perfect song for a father-daughter dance.

It’s full of energy so you and your dad can have fun with it. The song is about how wonderful that person is, how they show you more kindness than you’ve ever known, that they’re all you’re living for. It is also about asking that person to let you love them forever.

The lyrics are symbolic of a father-daughter bond. A father will always love his daughter unconditionally. Have fun with your dad out on the dance floor with this unique song.

“Take This Heart of Mine”

This song is quick-paced, short, and sweet. While this isn’t a traditional choice for a father-daughter dance, the lyrics can be meaningful for that special dance.

This song is about telling the world about the joy that person brings, what they’ve given to you could never be returned as it’s so strong and precious, and they gave you a reason for living and they were sent from heaven.

Although many would think this song is about a couple, it can be descriptive of a father’s love for his daughter and how much joy and love she has brought to his life.

Put on your dancing shoes and get out on the dancefloor with your dad to this special tune.

Marvin Gaye Reception Songs

“Pride and Joy”

This song is very snappy with a bouncing piano that is perfect for dancing. This song talks about loving that person with your heart and soul, how that love will never grow old, and how you’ll love that person until the end of time.

It’s the perfect sentiment for a wedding reception and it’ll have all your guests in the dancing mood.

“If This World Were Mine” featuring Tammi Terrell

This sweet song is a great option to give your guests a slowdown between quicker-paced songs.

It’s about how, if the world were theirs, they would place it at your feet and give you everything. It’s about how that person is your inspiration, your consolation, and more, and about cherishing the way that person loves you.

This could even be a great option for the last dance wedding song of the night with your partner.

“My Love is Waiting”

This funky, bass-heavy song is perfect to dance to. The song is about missing that person, missing their mind, and how you need their love and need them to be in your arms.

It does have a bit of sexual suggestion talking about needing to love the person’s body, but it isn’t outright suggestive and is still safe for a wedding.

“Got To Give It Up”

This song is perfect for a party. It’s one of my personal favorites. The bouncing beat will sweep your guests off their feet, ready to dance the night away.

This song is all about being free on the dance floor and not standing on the sidelines and sitting out every dance. What better song to get your guests dancing than a song that is all about letting loose on the dance floor?!

Dance the night away to this funky tune surrounded by your friends and family.

“Let’s Get It On”

This classic song is arguably the most popular Marvin Gaye song of all time. Although it is about making love, almost everyone knows and loves this song.

The slow beat of this song can be great for a slow dance sometime during the night. Depending on your audience, and if you think the song will be appropriate, you can choose to include this song in your playlist.

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