The Best Maroon 5 Wedding Songs: 13 Captivating Tunes

Maroon 5 has been rocking the charts for nearly 30 years now, and they’ve shown no signs of slowing down anytime soon. With lead singer Adam Levine at the helm, this band has amassed millions of adoring fans all over the world.

From romantic songs to upbeat tracks, Maroon 5 has a diverse catalog of music to highlight your special day. Whether you’re a longtime fan or a new listener, you can guarantee that this pop band will keep the party going.

If you’re not quite sure where to start, we’re more than happy to help get the ball rolling on your wedding playlist. With our list of the best Maroon 5 wedding songs, you’ll be dancing the night away with your favorite people.

Maroon 5 Wedding Songs
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Sunday Morning

Starting with one of the earlier tracks, you can’t go wrong with Maron 5’s Sunday Morning. This warm, cozy, and deeply romantic song is all you need to celebrate your love story.

Sunday Morning captures the simplicity of the band’s earlier music, celebrating the innocence of young love. After all, who wouldn’t want to enjoy endless days of cuddling and sleeping in with their soul mate?

We suggest playing this song during the reception when you want to share a sweet slow dance with your partner. As you two lean in close, you can look forward to a lifetime of Sunday mornings with the one you love.

Moves Like Jagger

Released in 2010, Moves Like Jagger celebrates one of the most iconic rock stars of all time. With this pop hit, your guests will be eager to head to the dance floor and show off their best moves.

In Moves Like Jagger, Adam Levine praises the Rolling Stones frontman’s eccentric dance moves. Whether you’re a dancing pro or have two left feet, it’s impossible not to get down to this song.

We recommend playing Moves Like Jagger to open up the reception after your first dance. After all, there’s no better way to get your wedding guests hyped up for all of the excitement to come.

She Will Be Loved

If you’re searching for a romantic song to add to your wedding playlist, this track is a must-have for your special day. She Will Be Loved will bring plenty of heartfelt emotion to this incredible moment in your lives together.

She Will Be Loved is perfect for couples who have stood strong through life’s greatest challenges. For a powerful love story that can withstand anything, this song is guaranteed to capture the strength of your romance.

She Will Be Loved is a great choice for your recessional song, as well as a first dance song at the beginning of the reception. Wherever you choose to utilize this tune, there’s no doubt that it will bring something special to your big day.


Featuring the talented Wiz Khalifa, Payphone is one of Maroon 5’s most popular chart-toppers. With this spectacular song on your playlist, your wedding day is guaranteed to be one of a kind.

Although this pop song focuses on love lost, its catchy lyrics and upbeat rhythm are sure to keep the party going. If you want to add a little fun and excitement to your wedding events, Payphone is the perfect choice.

Payphone should be played with a few other fast-paced songs, keeping your guests out on the dance floor for as long as possible. Even the most casual Maroon 5 listeners can’t wait to sing and dance along to this tune.

Harder To Breathe

If you can’t get enough of Maroon 5’s lovesick lyrics, Harder to Breathe is going to blow you away. This 2002 single encapsulates the energy and fun of the band’s early days.

Whether you’ve got a DJ or an actual wedding band, the attitude this song brings is undeniable. From your grandparents all the way down to the kids, your friends and family won’t be able to resist this song.

Harder to Breathe works well at any time during your wedding reception, encouraging your guests to keep moving and grooving. As soon as this hit starts playing, you can expect the crowd to be out on the dance floor in no time.

What Lovers Do

As one of Maroon 5’s more recent tracks, What Lovers Do is one that all of your wedding guests should recognize. As you celebrate the start of your life as a married couple, this song is perfect for capturing your love story.

What Lovers Do is a great song to open up your wedding reception, inviting guests out to enjoy a dance. From the movers and shakers to the shyest wallflowers, just about everyone can get down to this popular single.

This tune should work well at any point in your wedding reception, blending dance tracks with romantic love songs. Whenever you two decide to feature this hit, be prepared to start the greatest dance party ever.


To keep the party going all night long, you’ve got to include this hit single on your wedding song list. Released in 2014, this track is impossible to resist, encouraging everyone in attendance to try and hit those high notes.

Animals is an undeniably upbeat track, bringing something fun and flirty to your wedding reception. As you serenade your new spouse with this sexy single, you’ll be happier than you ever thought was possible.

We suggest playing this song when you want to bring on the crowd engagement, as its steady rhythm and passionate lyrics will grab your guests’ attention. From start to finish, you’ll love showing off your dance moves as this song plays.

Won’t go Home Without You

Although it’s got a more somber tone, this song is another chart-topper in Maroon 5’s discography. Won’t Go Home Without You celebrates all those relationships that have seemed destined to be from the very start.

In Won’t Go Home Without You, Adam Levine sings about a romance that he can’t ignore. If that sounds like your story, this is the perfect tune to celebrate all the best parts of your unique relationship.

Won’t Go Home Without You is a great recessional song, as well as a final song played during your grand exit. Either way, it will encapsulate the elements of your romance that you two will want to hold onto forever.


With this beloved Maroon 5 song, your wedding day will be anything but miserable. Adding this tune to your romance-filled playlist will help elevate your event like never before.

While you may want to include as many love songs as possible, it’s also important to have some variety on your playlist. This heart-broken hit is the perfect way to add a break between slow jams and dance tracks.

Misery can be played during a lull in your reception, allowing guests to grab a quick drink and relax. As they’re chilling out and catching up with old friends, your guests will be humming along to this irresistible track.

Lost Stars

Originally performed in the film Begin Again, Lost Stars is one of the band’s most powerful ballads. The touching lyrics and heartwrenching melody make this song perfect for your wedding day.

We recommend using Lost Stars as the first dance song to highlight this special moment with your partner. As you hold each other close, this song’s beautiful tone will make you feel like the only people on earth.

Lost Stars can also be played during your final dance, once all the guests have made their way home for the night. Your private, intimate moment will be remembered forever, highlighted by this sweet, romantic song.


If you and your partner have a love story that knows no bounds, Maps would make a great addition to your wedding song list. This high-energy song will keep your guests dancing and make for an incredible evening together.

This track was released in 2014, but it hasn’t lost any of its charm over the years. Regardless of age, your wedding guests are guaranteed to enjoy this classic Maroon 5 song.

Maps is a great song to use when your wedding party enters the reception space together. With its light-hearted nature, this song lends itself to creating some fun, unforgettable memories.

Hands All Over

For couples that just can’t get enough of each other, Hands All Over was written just for you. If you two aren’t afraid of a little PDA, you’ll be obsessed with this catchy Maroon 5 single.

Hands All Over is an exciting opportunity to cut loose with your partner on the dance floor. Your wedding guests will be quick to join you though, showing off their best (and worst) moves as this energetic song plays.

We recommend playing Hands All Over whenever you need an excuse to cuddle up with your spouse. After all, you’ve got a lifetime of love to look forward to, so why not get a head start?


Played at weddings all over the world, Sugar is arguably one of Maroon 5’s most iconic love songs. With a catalog full of sweet ballads and heartfelt tunes, it’s this track that keeps couples coming back for more.

With its charming lyrics and relentless beat, Sugar is the perfect balance between a romantic love song and a party jam. When you’re belting out the chorus with all of your favorite people, you’ll be incredibly thankful for this reflection of your love story.

Due to its icon status, Sugar can be played at any time during your wedding day. From the processional to the grand exit, you can’t go wrong with this insanely popular tune.

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