11 Best John Mayer Wedding Songs for Your Celebration!

Whether you love or hate him, you gotta admit… John Mayer definitely knows how to write some pretty darn catchy songs.

If you’re not familiar with his discography, I’m sure you’d recognize the song that put him on the map: ‘Your Body Is A Wonderland.’

He has written some lovely, romantic songs as well as some bluesy-heartbreak darker songs, but overall his music has great, relatable lyrics with incredible guitar magic.

Today, we’ll be discussing our favorite John Mayer wedding songs for your wedding playlist. There are a few on this list that might surprise you- we might just make a John Mayer fan out of you yet!

John Mayer Wedding Songs


You may not have known this, but the uber-popular ‘XO’ from John Mayer is actually a cover from the Queen herself, Beyonce!

His rendition is charming, with his vocals, stripped-down guitar, and harmonica painting a picture of a simple and sweet blossoming love.

For a wedding, this song would be great for a slow dance! There’s a slow and gentle build until the end of the song, which gives you ample time to sway together and melt into the precious moment.

Lyrics you’ll love: “In the darkest night / I’ll search through the crowd / Your face is all that I see / I’ll give you everything / Baby, love me lights out”

Your Body Is A Wonderland

This is a tricky one – it’s an older song (it was released in 2001), which makes it super recognizable. The lyrics, while super sweet, are also somewhat corny.

Whether you love that or not, the bottom line is that ‘Your Body Is A Wonderland’ has lyrics that may be a bit too… forward… for a wedding.

The tune is cute and lighthearted, and there’s absolutely a place and time for this song, but in my opinion, I wouldn’t really want older guests or family members listening to it.

However, this is up to you! If you want something upbeat and easily recognizable for a sing-along moment, you could definitely choose this jam.

Theme From “The Search For Everything”

Wait, a lyric-less song? Yes! There are going to be moments that just call for some simple instrumental tracks.

Haven’t you been to a wedding where the music is just acoustic covers of love ballads? The effect is wonderful.

This song would be perfect for playing during a wedding transition, such as a postlude.

It’s a delicate, guitar-forward atmospheric song, and it’s on the shorter side, so there are lots of applications for this beautiful song during a busy wedding day!

Love Is A Verb

This one is another short and sweet ballad. If you’re searching for a first dance wedding song, this one would be a wonderful option!

Love is absolutely a verb, and if you’ve found the one you’re committing to for the rest of your life, you both will need to be employing love as an action. The wedding is just the first step towards a long and loving life together!

Lyrics you’ll love: “When you show me love / I don’t need your words / Yeah love ain’t a thing / Love is a verb”

Last Train Home

If you’ve got the type of love where you two fell into it so hard that it caught you off guard, this is a super relatable song.

I love ‘Last Train Home’ for cocktail hour playlists or even the last song of the night to shut down the dance floor!

John Mayer sings about the vulnerability and hope of finding someone who could really be the one, even with all the anxieties and trepidation that goes into it. It’s still romantic!

Lyrics you’ll love: “So if you’re comin’ with me, let me know / Maybe you’re the last train / Maybe you’re the last train home / I’m on the last train runnin’ / I’m on the last train runnin’ / And I surrender”

Love On The Weekend

From ‘The Search For Everything’, this song encapsulates the feelings of a long-distance relationship or simply just the joy of heading out for a much-needed weekend getaway!

It’s got a steady driving beat that reminds me of someone’s heartbeat who’s looking forward to some excitement. Play this during dinner or cocktail hour for a chill love song that will add to the romantic atmosphere.

Lyrics you’ll love: “You be the DJ, I’ll be the driver / You put your feet up in the getaway car / I’m flying fast like a, a wanted man / I want you, baby, like you can’t understand”

A Face To Call Home

If you haven’t heard this song before, phew! Grab the tissues and settle in for some feels.

This is a popular first dance song because of its slow tempo and deeply meaningful lyrics. Building a life with someone is a huge undertaking, and being in love makes it all the better.

Lyrics you’ll love: “Little by little, inch by inch / We built a yard / With a garden in the middle of it / It ain’t much, but it’s a start / You got me swaying right along / To the song in your heart / And a face to call home”

Who You Love (feat. Katy Perry)

Even though John and Katy are not together, you can’t not feel the sweetheart vibes just oozing out of this little ditty. This also has strong first-dance potential!

Lyrics you’ll love: “Oh, you can’t make yourself stop dreaming / Who you’re dreaming of / If it’s who you love / Then it’s who you love”

Waitin’ On The Day

Country weddings have so many choices when it comes to romantic acoustic songs – but I personally feel like people forget that John Mayer has put out a lot of songs that range anywhere from jazzy blues to the country!

This song captures the hopes and dreams of a couple who will be growing old together, and this will definitely make your older, married guests tear up.

Lyrics you’ll love: “Waiting on a day / When these words are in stone / When the kids are outgrown / And we go dancing / Oh can you do it, baby? / Can you love me all the way? / Will you tie me tight in little strands of paradise? / Will you walk with me before the morning fades?”

New Light

An upbeat, radio-friendly jam that is super recognizable, this song is perfect for a cocktail hour when guests are mingling and getting to know each other!

Lyrics you’ll love: “Take a ride up to Malibu / I just wanna sit and look at you, look at you / What would it matter if your friends knew / Who cares what other people say anyway / Oh we can go far from here / And make a new world together, babe”

The Heart Of Life

Off of John’s ‘Continuum’ album, this song defends all the goodness that life still has even when things go upside down.

Wondering how a song like this could fit into a wedding? This track was made for a mellow mother-son, father-daughter, or parental figure dance.

It’s mellow, soothing and full of introspection, which are the things we hope for when we turn to a trusted figure for advice. This is a great way to thank the people who helped you grow.

Lyrics you’ll love: “Pain throws your heart to ground / Love turns the whole thing around / No, it won’t all go the way it should / But I know the heart of life is good”

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