Italy vs. Greece: Honeymoon Spots With Elegance and Charm

So you’ve planned the wedding of your dreams, from the first look to the great escape at the end of the night. You seem to have worked out all the little details, but there’s one more thing left for the two of you to get sorted.

When the romantic celebration is over, it’s time for you and your soulmate to head out for a romantic getaway. First, you’ve got to decide between some of the most romantic, stunning locations on earth.

Italy and Greece are a couple of the most popular honeymoon destinations for newlywed couples, so it’s understandable that you’d have a hard time deciding between the two. If you’re still unsure, let’s find out once and for all, which honeymoon spot is the best.

Greece vs. Italy: Which Is Best for Beaches?

Falasarna beach in Greece

If you just got married, you’ll probably want to spend some time soaking up the sun with your brand-new spouse. In that case, you’re looking for the best beach that will give you an incredible view and luxurious experience.

Throughout the Greek Islands, there is no shortage of picturesque beaches for both local Greeks and newlyweds. It seems like wherever you look, there’s another stunning beach for you and your partner to visit.

beach in Gallipoli Italy

In Italy, however, traditional beaches can be few and far between. While there are plenty of swimming spots and scenic waterfront views, Italy may not be an ideal location for couples who prefer white, sandy shores.

Greece vs. Italy: Which Is Best for History Buffs?

One of the most enriching aspects of traveling through Europe is enjoying the abundance of historic charm. Whether you’re interested in visiting a museum or enjoying ancient architecture, these honeymoon spots will not disappoint.

In Greece, you can visit a variety of monuments and artifacts, but Italy may provide a more engaging experience overall. In Italy, honeymooners can appreciate the preservation of history shown throughout the country.

Colosseum in Rome, Italy

Both locations are overflowing with rich history, so you can’t go wrong with either option. With Italy in particular, you will have more opportunities to see and interact with the surrounding historical sights and artifacts.

Greece vs. Italy: Which Has the Best Nightlife?

If you’re looking for the best location to go out for a few drinks, we cannot recommend Greece enough. While both countries have plenty of clubs and bars for you to try, Greece provides a better nightlife experience overall.

Ioannina city night clubs bar in the dark greece

In this country, the local bars are a bit easier for the average tourist to find, allowing you to get from one location to the next more easily. In Italy, finding a bar that’s enjoyable for visiting couples may be more difficult for you.

While Italy certainly maintains a vibrant nightlife, it is generally easier to participate in these activities as a local. For couples who want to experience a thrilling night out on the town, Greece is the best destination for your honeymoon.

Greece vs. Italy: Which Is the Most Luxurious?

Santorini resorts

When it comes to determining which of these two breathtaking countries is the most luxurious, this one was too close to call! For high-class couples with a taste for the finer things in life, both Greece and Italy are dreamy options.

From high-end hotels to fine dining restaurants, you can expect the best of the best in both European countries. Greece and Italy also provide couples with plenty of opportunities to visit local spas for rest and relaxation.

While we’d love to help you find the best option for your luxurious vacation, this is one call we can’t make for you. If you two want to be utterly spoiled during your honeymoon, you will be completely satisfied in either location.

Italy vs. Greece: Who Has the Best Food & Wine?

If you two are a couple of foodies in search of the finest cuisine on earth, you should definitely book a flight to Italy! This charming country has a solid reputation for delivering some of the most mouth-watering meals ever tasted.

People eating traditional italian food

While Greek cuisine certainly has an appeal for its unique flavors and health benefits, Italy offers a wider range of dining options for newlywed couples. From pasta to pastries and everything in between, there’s nothing in Italy that you won’t love.

In addition to its scrumptious dining options, Italy also has an incredible array of fine wines for your tasting pleasure. Combine Italy’s food and wine with the romantic ambiance, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a paradisic honeymoon.

Italy vs. Greece: Which Is Better for Budget Travelers?

In terms of budget, these countries are relatively similar in price for travelers. Whether you’re spending your honeymoon there or enjoying a quick getaway with your partner, you can trust that prices won’t vary too much.

Greece tends to be slightly less expensive for tourists, so if you’d like to save a little cash, this will be your best bet. Still, the overall pricing in small towns and villages is generally the same from Italy to Greece.

Couple in Greece

Overall, Greece and Italy are both seen as luxury honeymoon destinations, so it’s a good idea to work out a budget before booking your flights. If you plan out the amount of money you would like to spend on lodging, food, and experiences, you will be able to take a more cost-effective trip.

Italy vs. Greece: Which Is Better for High-Class Travelers?

If you enjoy the finer things in life and can’t wait to experience something extraordinary, you’d have a blast in either of these locations. With stunning landscapes and natural wonders, Italy and Greece are two of the most beautiful countries you can visit.

If you’re looking for a luxurious resort in one of Europe’s major cities, these locations both deliver something charming and unique.

spa massage

Regarding their recreational activities, both Italy and Greece have a variety of luxury excursions available for honeymooners. Whether you’re enjoying a premium cocktail on one of their idyllic islands or getting a couples massage at the spa, you can expect royal treatment.

Italy vs. Greece: Which Is Better for Families?

family in greece

If you and your partner would like to include your little ones on this vacation, you’re probably wondering which location is the most family-friendly. You’re in luck because both countries are great choices for a European vacation with the whole family.

One of the most appealing aspects of traveling to Greece and Italy is the incredible history found throughout. This will make for a great opportunity to teach your kids about important historical figures, mythology, and respected artists.

When you’re not visiting museums or historic sites, you and the kiddos can head to one of the gorgeous islands. Sandy beaches and incredible views mean that your entire family is captivated by either of these stunning destinations.

Italy vs. Greece: Which Is Easier To Get Around?

In both Italy and Greece, you can travel relatively smoothly throughout the countries. As you move between the smaller and larger islands and the mainland, you will feel like a couple of locals in no time.

In Italy, you will likely get to most places on foot, assuming that you’re only traveling a short distance. For longer journeys, you can expect to use the train to get around in this historic nation.

train in Manarola

Similarly, Greece is fairly walkable for both locals and tourists alike. If you need to make a longer trek, you can do so via ferry or airplane without any inconvenience.

Italy vs. Greece: Which Climate Is Better?

Since Italy and Greece are fairly close to one another, couples will experience similar climates from one location to the next. When it comes to answering the question: “Which climate is better,” we’ll have to call this one a draw.

Beach in Crete Greece

From November to April, the weather is typically cooler and rainy in this region, so this may not be the best time of year to plan your honeymoon. May to October is considered the beach season, with things getting particularly hot in July and August.

As long as you plan and dress accordingly, your Mediterranean honeymoon should be nothing less than perfect. After all, you will be spending the entire trip celebrating this new season of life with your soulmate.

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