19 Whimsical Feather Wedding Centerpieces

It’s the roaring twenties once again – the 2020s that is. We’re in our very own “twenties” era, so let’s embrace the feathers!

Feathers have long been used as wardrobe decor among the members of the upper classes of the world, and the 1920s stock market made many people richer than ever before. Just think of the flapper girls in their shortened sparkly dresses and iconic feathers in their hair!

Today, feathers continue to exist as a symbol of opulence and glamour, as well as romance and playfulness. So whether you’re planning a Great Gatsby wedding or simply want to add a sense of whimsy to your day, you might want to consider incorporating feathers into your wedding decor, no green-light chasing required! 

We have a few ideas for feather wedding centerpieces for your reception tables, all you have to do is enjoy your (bootleg) champagne and dance on your wedding day!

White Ostrich Feather Centerpiece in Eiffel Tower Vase

Ostrich Feather Centerpiece Set

Materials: 1 Glass 24 inch Eiffel Tower Vase, 24 Ostrich Drabs ranging from 13 to 16 inches.

Because feathers can be used to create a large centerpiece, it can be a good idea to place them higher than people’s line of sight. That way, they won’t get in the way of conversations between guests at a table.

Plus, having a bower of feathers above your guests can help to produce that glamorous feeling, elevating this luxe decor detail to new heights.

Gold Crystal Stand with Ostrich Feathers

Gold Crystal Stand with Ostrich Feathers

The stand from end to end measures 28”. There are actual crystals in the stand!

For the ultimate in luxury, look to the combination of crystal, gold, and snowy white feathers in this centerpiece.

There’s the best of every element of glamour here: gold metallic, sparkling crystals, and full, fluffy feathers. Your guests will feel like they’re truly getting the royal treatment from the moment they walk into your reception venue!

Blush Ostrich Feathers

Blush Ostrich Feathers

These ostrich feathers are wide and fluffy, they make a great addition to craft pieces.

For a softer, more romantic vibe, consider a different color, like these blush feathers for instance.

The combination of soft feathers and the blush color is sure to give your guests warm and fuzzy feelings, just like falling in love!

Feather Kissing Ball

Feather Kissing Ball

This Beautiful Feather Pom Pom measure 12 -14"inches in diameter and is made with sanitised Chandelle Feathers.

Kissing balls have skyrocketed in popularity in recent years. Though they’re typically made using flowers, herbs, and greenery, some kissing balls are made using items like brooches, or even feathers! 

These feather kissing balls remind us of snowballs, so they’d be perfect for use in a winter or winter wonderland-themed wedding. 

White Pampas Grass

White Pampas Grass

High End Looking Faux Pampas Grass: It's actually made of a metal wire in the stem and silk feather, it holds shape very well. 

Perfect for when you want the effect of feathers without the possible mess, white pampas grass will do the trick.

Standing at three feet tall, this set of six pampas grass stems gives the same effect that feathers would. However, these shouldn’t trigger an allergic reaction the way feathers might!

Purple Ostrich Feather Centerpiece

Purple Ostrich Feather Centerpiece

Product Name: Ostrich feathers(Only contains feathers, no other items.

The color purple has long been associated with royalty. Originally, this was because creating purple dye was a complicated and expensive process, one that could usually be afforded only by the aristocracy or royalty.

The perfect combination of 1920s glam and royal luxury, if you’re looking to imbue your wedding reception decor with a royal touch, purple ostrich feathers may be the answer to your royal aspirations. 

Red Ostrich Feather Centerpiece

Red Ostrich Feather Centerpiece

Lovely and luxurious, our white ostrich feather centerpiece is a gorgeous choice for weddings, showers and much more!

If romance and passion are defined by one color then it’s undeniably red. Red roses have been considered the symbol of passionate, romantic love for a very long time indeed. 

You can soften that red-hot passion with the lightness of feathers! Using red feathers will help to tone down fiery decor without detracting from the intended effect of romance and intimacy. 

Low Ostrich Feather Centerpiece

Low Ostrich Feather Centerpiece

Our OP15 Ostrich Feather Drabs range in size from 13-16 inches long and and are available in a variety of colors for all of your projects.

For a more low-profile but still luxe look, you can always place your feather wedding centerpiece lower on the table.

We like this one because it’s not so high that it’ll inhibit conversation, but it’s wide enough to make a heck of a statement!

Ostrich Feather Centerpiece

Ostrich Feather Centerpiece

These White feathers are wide and fluffy and they make a great addition to craft pieces! They are perfect for any centerpiece/decoration for events! 50 pieces per quantity!

There are other items you can add to a feather wedding centerpiece to make it even more beautiful – you’re not limited to feathers only! 

For example, look at the photo above. We love how the acrylic crystals hang from the top of the vase so that they drip down deliciously and will dance to catch the light. 

Feathery Floral Arrangement Lantern

Feathery Floral Arrangement Lantern

This beautifully designed centerpiece has a earthy feel with bohemian glam flare.

You’re certainly not limited to only using feathers in your centerpieces. You can also use them as an accent for floral or greenery arrangements, like this one! 

With its gentle pastels and true neutrals, this wedding centerpiece strikes the perfect balance between glam and boho for a statement that’s just what you want for a boho glam wedding.

Leopard and Black Feather Wedding Centerpiece

Leopard and Black Feather Wedding Centerpiece

Lovely and luxurious, our white ostrich feather centerpiece is a gorgeous choice for weddings, showers and much more!

Take a walk on the wild side! If you’re going to use something as unconventional as feathers in your wedding decor, you may as well go all-in with it! 

This centerpiece uses a leopard print ribbon, a great choice for a wedding theme that centers around animals, or other animal-related themes.

Feather and Crystal Vase Centerpiece with Uplighting

Acrylic Garland Vase Ostrich Feather Centerpiece

Materials: vase, ostrich feather, foam bridal bouquet holder.

 Like some of the other feather centerpieces, this feather wedding centerpiece has strands of acrylic crystal beads hanging from it.

However, this particular feather centerpiece is unique from the others in that it’s presented with uplighting under the clear vase. This has a beautiful effect, both on the feathers above and the crystals hanging from the top of the vase. 

White Feathers in Rose Gold Holder

White Feathers in Rose Gold Holder

Suitable for: wedding, DIY, costume sewing, decoration, party.

We love the look of these white feathers in their open, rose gold holder against a pink background. It spoke to us about romance and sweetness – what about you?

The open rose gold vase is a brilliant way to display these white feathers, and since they’re not fresh flowers, they don’t require water to stay looking beautiful!

Using an open vase gives the whole centerpiece a sense of lightness, almost as if it might lift off the table at any minute and bob around the ceiling! It’s a whimsical effect; perfect for the whimsy of a wedding.

White Feathers with Fifty Foot Strands of Acrylic Beads

White Feathers with Fifty Foot Strands of Acrylic Beads

These are for people that love glitz and glamour and are looking to add a splash of bling at their next event!

Yes, you read that right – those strands of acrylic crystal beads are fifty feet long! The length of these strands means that they’ve had to have been looped over and over again so they don’t drag on the table. 

The effect of so many crystals below a full plume of feathers is one of balance. Just as the feathers are light but plentiful, the multitude of acrylic crystal beads is transparent.

Green Feather Centerpiece

Ostrich Feathers for Feather Centerpieces

Ostrich Feather Drabs range in size from 13-16 inches long and and are available in a variety of colors for all of your projects. 

Of course, you don’t even have to use feathers that look like feathers – these feathers in teal-green remind us of the leaves of a palm tree!

These would be a great choice for a beach or tropical-themed wedding because they give the effect of a small palm tree at the centerpiece without the mess or weight of an actual one.

Elegant Feather Centerpiece

Elegant Feather Centerpiece

This simple and easy to put together centerpiece is for anyone that want the classy and elegant look of feathers at their event!

This elegant feather centerpiece is the epitome of Art Deco glamour!

The white feathers, of course, are very Gatsby – but so too is the stand, in a beautiful shade of reflective gold and composed of the cleanest, sleekest lines. 

The feather centerpiece is another perfect balance – this time between simplicity and luxury. It could be the perfect feather wedding centerpiece for you!

the perfect solution for any bride or groom who has a severe allergy to fresh flowers!

Peacock Feather Centerpiece

Natural Peacock Feathers

Beautiful natural peacock feathers, 25 to 30 centimeters long.

Peacocks are known globally for their gorgeous feathers, and we know your wedding reception would have a fabulous, fairy-like atmosphere with green and blue peacock feather centerpieces like these.

Just look how the dual-chrome shimmers, you can’t tell us that won’t entirely enchant your guests!

Burgundy Feather Centerpiece

Burgundy Feather Centerpiece

We recommend using a belle-style fresh floral bouquet holders and 18" Eiffel tower glass vases filled with sand for stability.

If red is for passion, then burgundy is its deeper sister who’s more sensual than fiery.

A sumptuous color that evokes thoughts of red wine and fruit, burgundy is a universal favorite. So, if you love the effect of red but don’t want to feel like your reception is on fire, burgundy could be a good choice. 

Mardi Gras Centerpiece

Mardi Gras Wreath

All of our products include a money back or replacement guarantee if you are not satisfied with an aspect of your product.

Feathers are also commonly associated with Mardi Gras, the French holiday that means “Fat Tuesday,” and signals the start of the Christian season of Lent. 

For a fun touch via feather at your Mardi Gras wedding, consider a centerpiece like this one! It’s low enough that your guests will be able to see and talk to each other, but varied enough to be interesting and gorgeous!

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