21 Amazing Father Daughter Wedding Pictures You Should Take

There are few moments in life more emotional than your wedding day… for your dad. 

Here you are, looking all gorgeous and grown-up and definitely not needing your dad to put a bandaid on your skinned knee because that stupid boy down the street pushed you. 

You’re grown up. You found a much smarter boy. And you’re happy. 

Goodness, your dad is feeling all the feels right now! 

You might have meandered over to this article looking for specific father-daughter wedding picture inspiration, or you might be feeling a little sentimental. Or maybe (read: definitely) both are true. 

Well, friend, we’ve got some beautiful ideas for father-daughter wedding pictures that will make your heart downright melt thinking about your own special times with your pops. 

father daughter wedding pictures
Photo by: Emily Ruth Photography

The Dad Who Nails the Speech

father saying speech at the wedding
Photo by: Emily Blackford Photography

Take this fella, right here, for example. 

You know he’s looking at his daughter, and you bet your butt she’s balling her eyes out right now. 

Is your dad giving a speech at your wedding? If so, buckle up for a sweet moment that will be a wild ride. 

Will your dad crack some jokes at your expense? Maybe. Will he crack some jokes at your new husband’s expense? Guaranteed.

But then you know he will drive it home with some heartfelt, authentic anecdote about how you’re his special little girl, and you better grab your waterproof mascara because **sobs** it’s going to be beautiful. 

When an Emotional Hug Is in Order

bride hugging her father at the wedding
Photo by: Emily Blackford Photography

A moment of silence for this emotional hug. 

This is brought to you by a father who is willing to be open with his feelings (claps all around for that). 

It’s a candid and touching moment guaranteed to be imprinted on this bride’s heart for the rest of her days. I mean, look at her dad. He’s barely holding it together. 

It’s an emotional moment for the ages.

Getting a Little Teary During the Father-Daughter Wedding Dance

beautiful bride dancing with her father
Photo by: Emily Blackford Photography

Ah, yes! The father-daughter dance. It’s one of those iconic wedding traditions, and I am here for it! 

A favorite moment for so many reasons, the father-daughter dance is a special time for just you and your dear ol’ dad. 

And this bride, right here, is soaking it all up. As I imagine, you will too. 

The One Who Can’t Keep It Together, Which is Exactly What We Want!

black and white photo of father and bride hugging
Photo by: Elissa Deline Photography

It’s that sweet moment on the wedding day, right? Your father has walked you down the aisle, and it’s time to let you go. 

No wonder this dad is having an emotional time!

The big handoff is a staple in most father-daughter wedding photos because, well, for one, it’s a classic moment, but it’s also ripe for all the feels. 


The Dad Who Is PUMPED to Give His Daughter Away

father leads the bride to the altar
Photo by: Elissa Deline Photography

And then there’s this dad! He’s walking his daughter to her happiest ever-after, and boy does he know it! 

This dad looks pumped to hand his beautiful daughter off to the man of her dreams, and you could not ask for anything better than that! 

He knows that the guy his daughter chose is top-notch, and he’s happy to have him in the family!

That ‘Oh My Gosh, Look at You’ Moment

father's first look at the bride
Photo by: Elissa Deline Photography

Ok, I cannot with this picture. 

When this dad sees his daughter in her wedding dress for the first time! Is there anything sweeter than this!?? I submit that there is not, and I think you’ll have a hard time arguing with me on that. 

When you look at this, you know you’re picturing your own dad’s reaction on your wedding day, and, friend, that will be a special moment for sure!

The Dad Who Definitely Can’t Believe His Little Girl Is Getting Married

bride hugging her father
Photo by: Elissa Deline Photography

You may find a theme in this article, and that theme may be the sweetest hugs your eyes have ever seen. 

There’s just something about sending your daughter off into a new chapter of life that leaves dads all emotional, and that’s a trend that I don’t want to ever die. 

Long live emotional dads. 

When You Share a Special Moment and Completely Lose It

bride puts cufflinks on her father
Photo by: Taylor Rae Photography

Speaking of emotions… bring on the tears! 

The sweetest moments are the ones that blur the borders between happy tears and sad tears because that is just so real. And I am feeling that in this photo. 

This dad is seeing his baby girl walk into her future, and it’s pretty much immediate waterworks. 

As it should be. 

That ‘I Literally Can’t Stop Smiling’ Feeling

father and bride laugh together
Photo by: Blackwell Photography

The first look with dear ol’ dad is a new trend that I will stand by until I die. 

An emotional moment for just you and your pops during a bustling wedding day is something that everyone needs. 

Giving your dad a chance to pause and take this day in with you is such a wonderful gift that you will not regret making time for. 

The ‘You Did Good, and I’m So Proud of You’ Nod

father giving away his daughter to the groom at the altar
Photo by: Vivian Fox Photography

This beautiful moment is only eclipsed by how flipping gorgeous that bouquet is. Just kidding. Of course, the flowers aren’t more important than what is actually happening. 

I definitely, totally, 100% know that. 

The Dad Who Simply Cannot Contain His Excitement

The dad who simply cannot contain his excitement when looking at his daughter
Photo by: The McDonalds

If you can’t hear the joy practically exploding out of this picture, you need to stop and take another look. 

This dad is blown away after seeing his daughter in her wedding gown, and with good reason! She is looking fly as hell. 

But also, you can just tell how happy he is for her, and her reaction is so sweet, and no, I’m not crying; I just have something in my eye!

The One Where They Walk Hand in Hand into the Future

bride and her father walking hand in hand to the altar
Photo by: WildHive Photography

If this isn’t the timeless moment you want with your dad, may I suggest taking another look at your priorities, because WOW! 

I’m not sure how Kayla from “thiswildhive” wrapped up so much emotion when capturing this tender moment, but she nailed it. 

I can picture this taking up some space in this bride’s wedding album, and rightly so. 

Where Mom and Dad Own the Dance Floor

mom and dad own the dance floor at the wedding
Photo by: Alysha Miller Photography

Let’s hear it for this mom and dad who are having an excellent time at their daughter’s wedding reception. 

When you’ve got a parental unit that can cut a rug like this, you know you will have a fun moment or two (or 100) on your wedding day. 

Also, if your parents look this genuinely happy after you get married, you can count yourself one of the lucky ones. 

The Dad Who Takes a Little Peek into the Future

beautiful bride with her father ready to go to the altar
Photo by: Haverlee Photography

Can you just feel the anticipation in this photo?! That’s a rhetorical question because I know that you absolutely can. 

This simple moment shared by a father and daughter right before she says “I do” is one of the sweetest things. You can tell they’re both feeling the weight and joy of the moment, knowing they’re about to walk into her future together. 

Where the Dad Is Overjoyed That His Daughter Found Someone Wonderful

father kissing his daughter
Photo by: Jenny Marie Photography

I know this isn’t the point, but this photo screams elegance.

It’s a gorgeous connective moment between father and daughter during the wedding ceremony, and you can just see how happy the bride is. 

I’m sure if you got a good look at dad’s face, he would be beaming. Gotta love these classic father-daughter moments. 

The Dad Who’s by His Daughter’s Side through Everything

bride with her father go through the guests to the altar
Photo by: Becca Louise Photo

How proud is this dad right now!? I mean, just look at that face. 

He is rocking a hell yea, that’s my daughter, she’s looking gorgeous, and this man she’s marrying is the luckiest son of a gun in the whole world vibe. 

At least… that’s how I would interpret it. 

The Dad Whose Joy Brings All the Happy Tears

The dad whose joy brings bride the happy tears
Photo by: Jennifer Mercier Photo

The tears! The smile! The emotion! 

Clearly, I am a sucker for some emotional photos, and this one does not disappoint. Happy tears are a wedding day staple, and this bride has no shortage. 

But wouldn’t you be bawling if your dad looked that happy handing you off to your partner? The obvious and only answer is yes, so please don’t even try to deny it. 

So freaking sweet!

When You Just Can’t Help but Share a Laugh

happy bride and father laughing
Photo by: Jenni O Photography

Coming in hot with some more happy tears, and I cannot get enough of them. 

The joy these two are exuding will live on forever in these photos, and gosh, isn’t that a gift! You know when they come across these photos years from now, their tear ducts will be tested again (maybe a weird way of saying it, but I’m going with it). 

The Father Who Just Can’t Believe Her Wedding Day Is Here

a happy father who just can't believe his daughter's wedding day is here
Photo by: Jessica Harrington Photography

How happy is this dad!?

Could he get happier than this? Maybe, but it’s doubtful because I’m not sure there’s any room for a bigger smile. 

He is stoked. 

When Pops Just Has Something in His Eye

father can't hold back his tears at the sight of his daughter
Photo by: Olivia Hope Photography

Ok, focus. Do not get distracted. 

But oh my gosh, do you see the bow on the back of her dress!? That is not what makes this photo special, but the back of this dress is so gorgeous it needs a whole moment to itself. 

Back to the special father-daughter moments… this dad is losing it when he sees his daughter all dressed up, and I am here for it. 

Emotional father moment for the win. 

When You and Your Dad Are Equally Excited

happy bride walking with her father through all the guests
Photo by: Mindee Malloy Photography

The JOY. 

These two are exuding joy, and I imagine the husband-to-be saw them, and his heart exploded. Figuratively, of course. 

Father-Daughter Photos for the Win

If you’re seeing all these gorgeous photos and stress-sweating because you’re not sure how your photos will turn out. 

Relax (isn’t it so helpful when someone says that to you?). 

Pretty much any photo that includes a father with his daughter on her wedding day will be a favorite moment. 

Dads are notorious for having a soft spot for their little girls, and you are no different. He’s your rock. The first guy in your life. The one who holds it all down. 

But let me tell you, when he sees his baby dressed to the nines in a gorgeous gown and somehow suddenly a woman (seemingly overnight), he will have an emotional moment. 

He’ll do it in a way only your dad can, and you’ll want to remember it forever. 

If it works for your wedding, try to build in some daddy-daughter time, whether that be a first look (always a tear-jerker), a first dance, or a walk down the aisle. Or maybe it’s just a quiet moment for you and him before your ceremony starts. 

You’re practically guaranteed a favorite moment or two if you build a little quality time in for your ol’ pops.  

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