14 Best Eagles Wedding Songs for a Timeless Celebration

When it comes to planning a wedding, the most important way to set the mood is with the music choices. For example, you might see a string quartet at a wedding in a five-star hotel, or you might see a live bluegrass band at a boho barnyard wedding. If you’re looking for the perfect Eagles song to match your unique style, we’ve got you covered with the best Eagles songs for a ceremony and reception!

eagles wedding songs

Love Will Keep Us Alive

“Love Will Keep Us Alive” by the Eagles is a perfect reminder to rely on the power of love when you’re experiencing hard times. For newlywed couples, it’s important to instill the concept of coming together to heal, soothe, and comfort each other.

The song has warm, uplifting harmonies and is the perfect way to begin the first dance with your new sweetheart. Listening to the uplifting and heartwarming lyrics is the perfect opportunity to relish in your vows.

Try And Love Again

This song comes from the instant classic “Hotel California” album. It didn’t become big instantly, but die-hard Eagles fans know this classic song about hope and resilience in the face of heartbreak.

This song would be the perfect tune to dance your way back down the aisle hand in hand with your new forever love. The mellow yet upbeat tune lends itself perfectly to grooving your way past all of your loved ones to begin the after-ceremony festivities.

I Can’t Tell You Why

One of the reasons why “I Can’t Tell You Why” became an instant hit was because of the soft and beautiful soulful experience that the song conveys.

Although the lyrics of the song are technically a toxic relationship, this song would make a perfect dance break song when the night gets a little later. The sweet vocals and melody are sure to set up the perfect background music for friends laughing and celebrating together.

I Love To Watch A Woman Dance

There’s a reason why the Eagles still regularly perform “I Love To Watch A Woman Dance” when they play concerts. It’s a lovely song that discusses the sweet savor of dancing with a beautiful woman.

This song is a popular choice for the first dance song between man and wife. It’s clear to see the heartfelt lyrics, melody, and slow beat all lend themselves perfectly to creating the perfect romantic moment for a new couple.

You Are Not Alone

The Eagles came out with another hit with “You Are Not Alone.” This song conveys a message of relying on those around you to support you in times of trouble and turmoil.

When people join together for a wedding, it’s a great reminder to the couple that they have plenty of friends and family rooting for their successful marriage. This song is the perfect slow jam to put on when the night is getting late and couples want to slow dance with their honey before heading home.

New Kid In Town

Like many of the Eagles hit songs, “New Kid In Town” is another sweet love song. The narrator is constantly looking for love and companionship but just can’t find it.

Fortunately, a couple on their wedding night doesn’t need to worry about this issue! This slow and twangy country-themed song is best suited for the dinner or cocktail portion of the night.

After a long day of preparing, marrying, and saying “I do”, couples definitely deserve a few minutes of calm in the reception hall while they get their dinner sorted.

One Of These Nights

Don Henley really hit it out of the park with the meaningful lyrics and guitar on “One Of These Nights.” This smooth and sexy song is an amazing mixture of disco and rock; it’s a great tune to spin on the dance floor.

Eagles fans will instantly recognize this sing-along classic. Be sure to put this song on when the little kids have gone to bed, and the grown-ups get to party and let loose when they dance!

Seven Bridges Road

“Seven Bridges Road” is a super popular sing-along song when the Eagles play live. This upbeat love song is all about the harmonies and a cappella singing style.

This song would be the perfect tune to have a lone acoustic guitar play the bride down the aisle at an outdoor or barnyard wedding. The twangy guitar can be slowed down slightly for the bride’s procession to evoke an almost euphoric feeling.

Hotel California

As the Eagles’ most famous song by far, “Hotel California” is sure to have everyone joining arms and singing along at the end of the night.

This perfect song is the perfect way to end the big dance portion of your wedding. “Hotel California” is instantly recognizable and is probably one of the most well-known songs in the world. Fans and non-fans alike can agree that this song is sure to get people out and grooving.

All Night Long

“All Night Long” is the perfect dance tune for people from all generations. Retelling the story of a hard-working man looking forward to the weekend became an instant Eagles ballad.

The song is perfect for dancing and partying during the cocktail hour or the reception. This well-loved song is sure to get a tone of people on the dance floor.

Take It Easy

One of the Eagles’ most popular songs, “Take It Easy,” is a cheerful and spirited song that encompasses the philosophy of the Eagles as a bang.

This song would be perfect for a new couple leaving the altar together. The smooth and upbeat tune is the perfect way for a couple to grove together as they walk towards their future (and the drink table) together.

Life In The Fast Lane

One of the band’s 70s classics, “Life in The Fast Lane,” is a true rock classic. The narrator tells about life in the rock n’ roll lifestyle, complete with sex, drugs, and fame.

This track is the perfect opportunity to let your inner rocker out on the dance floor. The Eagles have an eclectic sound, which is perfect to appeal to all of the different guests at your wedding.

What Do I Do With My Heart

It’s easy to picture a bride dressed in all white walking down the aisle to “What Do I Do With My Heart” due to the smooth and soulful tune.

One option would be to have a live guitarist or piano player sending you down the aisle to this 80’s love ballad. A twangy live guitar would be the perfect opportunity to set up your wedding’s vibe.

No More Cloudy Days

“No More Cloudy Days” is the best message to begin your new life with! Consider using this lovely song as your processional walk down the aisle.

This slow rock song is a wonderful slow, rock-country song that shows the love and commitment that two people share together.

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