The 23 Best Beach Wedding Dresses and Accessories

When it comes to wedding day fantasies, countless brides just like you dream about beach nuptials with soft sand, gentle breezes, and heart-melting views.

There’s no doubt that seaside weddings are beautiful, but not every beach is the same, and it’s a good idea to make style choices that best match your heavenly surroundings.

Every bride wants their wedding to be unforgettable wherever it is, and we know for you beach brides that includes the perfect beach wedding dress and accessories. So we grabbed our Wedding Pioneer beach buckets and shovels and did some digging for you.

We’re happy to bring you beautiful beach attire for your special “I Do” moment in the sand. Enjoy!

Beach Wedding Dresses

Pretty Pleats on a Boho Beach Wedding Dress

Bohemian Wedding Dress

My garments are of Hight quality, you will get it nicely packaged in the box and ready to wear, we promise you will not get the sloppy items by any means.

Let’s begin with a gorgeous wedding style that works for every bride and beach destination.

This pretty pleated boho-chic gown is made from lightweight but sturdy chiffon, renowned as an ideal material for an outdoor wedding, especially a beach ceremony with an unpredictable ocean breeze!

We particularly like the minimalist accents on the sexy but close-fitted bodice with spaghetti straps.

Silky Ruffled Dress for Your Beach Wedding Close to Home

100% Silk Wedding Dress

Our signature stunner features 3D silk collaging throughout the skirt, shaping flat collaging and satin roping throughout the torso, and a dramatic closed lace up back.

Your beach wedding deserves an extraordinary dress, and this style is a standout in many ways!

We adore the “3D silk collaging” effect on the skirt and the fitted silk chiffon torso with romantic satin rope detailing⁠—you can dance in this dress on the shore!

The one thing to note with silk is that it’s prone to wrinkling, so if you’re traveling to your wedding, have time to get this gown back into tip-top shape before you walk down the sand on your big day.

Beautiful Fit and Flare Beach Bridal Gown

Fit and Flare Boho wedding Dress

The dress gives an effortless illusion, but very cleverly tailored.

Here’s another top choice for a flowing, effortless bridal gown with some clever details to flatter any bride.

The bodice is deep-cut but has ivory cups and a lycra lining, and imagine how beautifully those lacy sleeves will flutter like angel wings in a breeze!

Embroidered Maxi Dress Is Sheer Elegance

If you’re getting married locally by the shore, this lacy maxi dress is elegant but not too resort-style or over the top.

Love Your Lining on This Beach Dress

White Maxi Dress Bohemian Style for Women

Elegant dress Floral short sleeve Boho style For ladies.

This wedding dress features a stunningly beautiful backless look, with sexy lace on the front and the option to choose a lining color underneath.

We think the champagne lining, in particular, would suit a golden-sand beach perfectly.

Destination Dresses

If you’re a traveling bride planning a beachfront resort wedding on cool Caribbean sands, you can look for lighter dresses that are easier to pack and keep fresh on arrival.

Let’s check out some eye-catching bridal styles for your destination ceremony!

Beautiful Flowing Dress for Your Wanderlust Wedding

For a bride traveling to their destination wedding looking for a curve-enhancing gown without too strong a dose of sex appeal, get ready to be a beach goddess in this Seraphina wedding gown!

This lacy dress stays cool with a cotton lining, and you’ll feel stunning and sensual without a lick of self-consciousness.

Beach-Chic Chiffon Wedding Dress

This chic dress features sexy details, especially the bra-like cutout bodice and the very open back. But it’s equally as flowing and romantic with the billowy sleeves that gather at the wrist and the long, lightweight train.

Chiffon can wrinkle during travel depending on the material. Still, happy brides mention that these handmade dresses arrive neatly packaged and worry-free, so we’d recommend this beach wedding gown selection for your destination wedding!

Sipping Champagne on the Sand Wedding Dress

Champagne Bohemian elegant Lace Wedding Dress

My garments are of Hight quality, you will get it nicely packaged in the box and ready to wear, we promise you will not get the sloppy items by any means.

You can toast with champagne at your destination resort wedding while wearing a stunning champagne-colored wedding dress to match the sun and sand.

The white lacy bodice is boho perfection, and the corded details on the skirt are also gorgeous.

Simply Minimalist Beach Wedding Dress

Jolene Ribbed Strapless Leg Split Classy Bridal Gown

This bodice corset dress offers both comfort and style, making it the perfect choice for any destination wedding or elopement. 

Easy to pack and stunning to wear, this simple slip gown features a front-to-back corset-style bodice with an adjustable fit, perfect for sinking your bare feet into cool sands. 

Tulle Wedding Gowns

Okay, it’s time to talk about a beach wedding dress rumor: specifically, tulle is not a good fabric for the beach because the soft mesh in tulle is thought to trap sand and make you look messy.

Sure, any fabric can capture sand, including lace, and when any fabric gets wet, there’s a better chance that dirt stains will be harder to clean up afterward. That’s why we think many dressmakers caution brides-to-be that big ballgowns with tulle or heavy appliques and long, cathedral trains are too hard to walk on in the sand.

So what do you do if you want to wear tulle? Check out these gowns to see!

A Princess Dress Can Be Perfect

Light Champagne off Shoulder Wedding Dress

Materials: Tulle, Lace, Applique, Beading, Sequins, Lining.

There are so many details to love on this champagne-colored princess gown with its sweeping train. This dress is proof that contrary to the rumors, you can wear tulle as a beach bride!

The most important thing to discuss with a dressmaker is how heavy the gown and train are to wear on a beach.

If you do choose tulle, try to stroll nice and tall on the sand and periodically lift and shake out the hemline. This little detail will help your dress stay fresh and beautiful all day and night.

Sweet Bell Sleeves on Billowy Beach Wedding Gown

Bohemian Wedding Dresses

Custom dress sizing is available upon custom order request.

Here’s more proof that tulle gowns belong on the beach!

This sexy style provides a good structure with the cupped bodice over a mini-length underskirt. The tulle train looks light enough for the sand, and we’re picturing how sweetly those bell sleeves will flutter in the breeze.

Long-Sleeved Wedding Dress for a Long Summer Night

Champagne Wrap Lace Gown with Train

The Beautiful Champagne color will flatter you and make you to the center of the occasion!

Often, a southeast wind will bring higher surface temperatures and a light ocean breeze, but if the wind changes direction to the north, that breeze will feel considerably cooler. That’s why we love this dress!

The sheer lacy details on this fitted torso and the long sleeves look perfect for the beach, but it also provides coverage for your skin if the wind changes direction on the shore.

Chic Wedding Dress for Stretches of Sand

Boho Hippie Wedding Dress

All our dresses can be customized, so please contact us and we will make the dress of your dreams.

Here’s another gorgeous tulle dress worth mentioning with long billowy sleeves and a gently flowing tulle skirt.

This dress is ideal for a beach wedding on the hard-packed sands of the coast.

Float to Your Fairytale Wedding in This Beach Dress

Champagne Tulle Lace Deep V Neck Bridal Dress

This wedding dress is very suitable for summer.

This lightweight lace and tulle wedding dress features a flattering high waist design and a low sensual back. 

The detail that we adore the most is the winged veil effect at the back of each arm. It gives you the romantic illusion of wearing a veil, and that’s a great thing because wearing a long headpiece veil at a wedding can be challenging!

Alternative Bridal Looks

Beach wedding attire doesn’t have to be the traditional white dress! Take a look at some alternative looks…

A Beach Wedding Jumper Is Suitably Sexy

Long Loose Summer Dress

This boho chic jumpsuit is so simple and will be an all-season favourite you'll grab out of your closet again and again, for any number of occasions.

Maybe you’re an outdoorsy couple looking for simple wedding styles for your shoreline ceremony.

This wide-legged, boho-chic jumpsuit looks like a flowing goddess gown, and you can easily accessorize this sheer fabric look with lacy lingerie underneath.

Sexy Illusion Look for Your Beach Destination Wedding

Women's Strapless Party Jumpsuits

Features: Floor Length, Sleeveless, Zipper, Sweetheart.

Sophisticated brides love the modern wedding jumpsuit! As we looked over this unique and spectacular jumpsuit with a satin gown illusion and a brush train, it’s easy to see why this look is so popular.

The nude sequined effect against the minimalist satin gown is jaw-dropping and unforgettable.

This look travels easily in a garment bag to your destination resort wedding, and it will go from the beach to a banquet setting effortlessly.

Short and Super-Sweet Beach Wedding Dress

Short White Dress

This off-the-shoulder rendition is cut crafted from fancy fabric and adorned with long, light see-through sleeves.

Generally, we wouldn’t recommend a super-short wedding dress on a breezy beach because of the “flashing risk,” but this adorable, off-the-shoulder number fits close to the body and features a short pencil skirt that’s sexy as heck but should stay still!

Barefoot Bling

If you’re dreaming of sinking your tootsies into warm soft sand at your beach wedding then why not bling them up with some bridal accessories?

Barefoot Sandal With Autumn Florals

Barefoot Sandal With Autumn Florals

This barefoot sandal made of white satin.Cord is the color of white.

Slip your toes into these decorative barefoot accents that perfectly complement a simple beach wedding dress.

The material here is satin cords with hand-cut faux flowers and pearl accents. This decorative fashion looks beautiful, and it’s comfy to wear!

Beautiful Pearl Glass Anklet

Beautiful Pearl Glass Anklet

Hand stitched intricate pattern of pearls and glass stones.

You’ll look head-to-toe mesmerizing with a gorgeous pair of handmade pearl glass anklets shining on your bare feet!

This set has a gold-plated golden finish, and the quality is outstanding.

Beach Wedding Shoes

It’s so much fun to stroll barefoot on a beach, and the idea of getting married barefoot by the water is undeniably romantic. Not to get too scientific, but the more quartz there is in the sand, the softer and cooler the beach will feel to your skin.

Many beaches have darker or more golden sand made up of quartz deposits, coral sedimentation, and other minerals washed up onshore. This combo makes the sand hard-packed and hotter under sunshine; in some cases, the temperature of sand can reach between 130 and 150 degrees Fahrenheit in the afternoon heat.

That’s why it’s a great idea to be prepared with a pair of shoes! So let’s check out some chic bridal footwear to glide down that hot or hard-packed sand!

Something Blue Wedding Shoes

Blue Wedding Sandals

his will be a dream wedding day for you and we will do our best to make the perfect bridal shoes for you, focused on each detail.

These strappy, rhinestone-studded sandals are the perfect choice for your “something blue!”

They’re made of genuine Greek leather in a choice of two heights. The block heel is perfect for walking on hot, hard-packed sand, and you’ll feel like the beautiful bride you are.

Lacy Sandals for the Beach

Lace Sandals

The antiskid rubber sole provides stability and long hours of comfortable walking.

Looking at these gorgeous lacy sandals could make any bride “flip-flop” from going barefoot to rocking these beauties instead!

The genuine leather sole is cool and comfortable, and we love the crisscross straps and the adorable toe holes.

Ivory Satin Sandal for Your Beach Wedding Dress

Ivory Satin Sandal for Your Beach Wedding Dress

Classy satin flat sandals with satin ribbon ankle tie.

You can choose these pretty satin sandals with a fun ivory bow (or without!) for simple bridal footwear that’s perfect protection from the hot sand.

Beach Hair Accessories

One thing we’ve touched on a lot about getting married on the beach is that you’re at the mercy of the winds. A shifting breeze can change the temperature and make that long, romantic veil you’re wearing on your head blow right into your face and get stuck!

No worries, because we have some stunning solutions!

Beach Wedding Hair Comb

Beach Wedding Hair Comb

The listing is for a beautiful Pearl and Silver Crystal hair comb that will adorn a Bride's hair as a perfect hair piece.

You’d also look beautiful with a hair comb minus the veil, especially if you’re wearing a backless dress that you want to show off.

That’s where this extra-long, silver-toned hair comb with pearls and crystals comes in, and we should mention that the flexible wires on the comb are bendable to suit your wedding day hairstyle.

Golden Leafy Tiara

Gold Leaf Tiara Wedding Hair Crown

This glamorous Headpiece is a perfect touch for your special occasion, wedding, grad or for bridesmaids.

Here’s another exquisite tiara handcrafted out of hypo-allergenic materials into subtle gold-toned leaves.

This accent isn’t simply a “nice to have” wedding day fashion; it’ll help keep your updo in place (and out of your face!) if there’s a nice breeze on the beach.

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