10 Amazing Alabama Wedding Songs To Put On Your Playlist

The musical trio Alabama started playing the Myrtle Beach bar scene over half a century ago. They had long hair, wore sneakers and jeans, and eventually scored dozens of number-one hits, inspiring future country stars like Blake Shelton, Rascal Flatts, and Florida Georgia Line.

Time can race on, and a great love song will remain. So if you want the best Alabama wedding songs playing on your special day, we’ve got their 10 best tunes right here—oh, and by the way, if you’re looking for the best wedding photographer in any state, bookmark this!

alabama wedding songs

“Will You Marry Me”

Nashville songwriters Al Anderson and Jeffrey Steele are renowned hitmakers in their industry. They penned the lyrics to this beautiful song that reached the top of Billboard’s country charts for Alabama.

We love how Alabama dueted on “Will You Marry Me” with Canadian singer Jann Arden. She’s best known for a Ray Charles song she covered for the hit film, My Best Friend’s Wedding, starring Julia Roberts.

When to play: Bride’s entrance. You might both be “kinda nervous” as Jann sings in the second line of her duet with Alabama, so listen to the lyrics of this heartfelt love song as you walk down the aisle, and you’ll smile more easily as you begin this exciting newly married chapter.

“Forever’s as Far as I’ll Go”

You only need to click on the comments section under this lyric video made for Alabama’s 1990 love song “Forever’s as Far as I’ll Go” to see the touching messages people have left about how much Alabama’s music means to them.

Someone who married in 2020 said her husband dedicated this song to her on their wedding day, a couple in their 80s say they adore this song, and someone else is dreaming about including it in their future wedding playlist one day.

Wherever you look, you’ll find that “Forever’s as Far as I’ll Go” is a timeless favorite.

When to play: First dance. Since the early 1990s, this song has been the go-to wedding song for many happy couples.

“The Closer You Get”

This song is one of those “lightning in a bottle” compositions many artists wanted to cut back in the 1980s.

It was released as a single by the group Exile (two members of that group wrote the song), a country singer named Don King, and another famous female singer at the time, Rita Coolidge.

Alabama’s version of “The Closer You Get” was tightly produced with a fuller arrangement, and the song became their tenth number-one hit.

When to play: Combined parents dance with the bride and groom at the reception. Maybe your parents are big Alabama fans. This song is fun and easy for everyone to twirl around on the dancefloor.

“Face to Face”

The guitar melody and lyrics on this love song written by Alabama frontman Randy Owen have been melting hearts since the song’s release in 1987.

We also like that this is a duet with another female singer, the late great K.T. Oslin. “Face to Face” was Alabama’s 22nd number-one hit on the country charts.

When to play: Bride’s entrance or first dance. If you can make it down the aisle without crying to this super-romantic song, go for it as your entrance music at the ceremony (even if you do cry, everyone else will be bawling, too!). It’s also an incredible first dance for your reception.

“There’s No Way”

Anyone who loves Alabama might have wondered if we’d forget about this song on our list, but there’s no way that’s going to happen!

We love Randy Owen’s raspy romantic vocals on this song, and the strings playing in the background make it the perfect romantic musical backdrop on your wedding day.

When to play: Bride’s entrance or first dance. “There’s No Way” is like wedding song royalty, and you’ll join a club of happy couples if you make this the musical theme of your ceremony or reception.

“The Maker Said Take Her”

While this is a rare Alabama song that didn’t hit number one, it did reach number four in the 90s that was chocked full of country superstars like Tim McGraw, Garth Brooks, and Clint Black.

The vocals and melodies on this track are stunning, and it’s an unforgettable addition to your wedding playlist.

When to play: Recessional or first dance. We love the uplifting spirituality in this song, and it would be a beautiful song to play as your recessional music at the ceremony or as your first dance.

“Feels So Right”

Talk about timelessness! The slow, gorgeous melody, soulful guitar licks, and breathtaking harmonies on “Feels So Right” will always sound perfectly right, particularly on your wedding day.

When to play: First or last dance. This romantic song is one of our favorites, and we’re partial towards it as a slow dance for any newlyweds at their reception.

“Song of the South”

Nope! We’re not talking about a tune for your wedding ceremony (or even your first slow dance) with “Song of the South.” Still, as a singalong and dance-along number at your wedding reception, there’s nothing better than this surefire crowd-pleaser.

When to play: During your reception. We can hear the foot stomping and hand-clapping right now, especially if your reception has a rustic barn atmosphere.

“Mountain Music”

Here’s another good old country Alabama classic for toe-tapping, hand-clapping, and singing out loud.

When to play: First fast song at your reception. You are guaranteed to get every party person at your reception on their feet when you kick off the fast dancing with “Mountain Music.”

“Angels Among Us”

Alabama has scored countless chart-topping hits, but this special song has an important place in their hearts. According to frontman Randy Owen, the band has received tons of positive fan feedback on “Angels Among Us” about how the song has helped them and soothed their souls.

When to play: In remembrance of loved ones at your ceremony or reception. Whether you’re honoring loved ones at your ceremony with candle lighting or a memory dance at your reception, “Angels Among Us” is the song to play during this incredibly touching moment.

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