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Starting Range: $3,500 - $4,500


Oh boy, where do I even begin?
I’m a camper, hiker, traveler, knick-knack collecting, plant watering, grandma sweater wearing, old creaky house living, novel reading, life-enriching-experience having, stupid meme collecting, feminist bitch human rights activist. I’ve also got a BFA (Bachelors of Fine Arts) with a concentration in fibers, so not only can I create a work of art, but I can tell also you all about the historical and cultural concepts and ideologies that lead up to and influenced said artwork.

Oh also I’m an INTJ-T Sagittarius with a love language of quality time. I think that covers most of my bases.

Anyways, enough about me, I wanna know about you! The goal with my photography is not to just take you someplace with epic scenery- any ole’ photographer can do that. I want to photograph you, as you. I wanna see your greasy, tangled camp hair, your favorite ripped old tee shirt, your scrapes and bruises, your tears, and your goofy smile. I wanna capture all the little things that make your heart sing. I want to meet you where you feel sepcial- whether that’s at the top of a mountain, in front of a secret waterfall, or in your parents backyard, I wanna be there for ya. Email me so we can chat all about you and your love, because I really do wanna hear all about it.

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Phone: (970) 988 7497

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