Elissa Deline Photography

Starting Range: $3,500 - $4,500


The journey between you and your fiance has been an adventure. Your wedding day will be a vast and beautiful beginning to another adventure in your life together. The dynamics between you and the person you love is unique, observing and getting a feel for the basis of your relationship is one of my favorite parts of being a photographer. I take lots of candids for this very reason. While I’m not exactly a ‘fly on the wall,’ I also won’t stage a hug or force an intimate moment to get ‘the shot.’ I guide when necessary but feel it’s important to let your wedding day experience unfold organically.

The outdoors have always been a source of inspiration for me. But no matter how breathtaking the waterfall, vista, or deep forest, strong human connection between two people is even more potent. A majorly influential photographer for me, Benj Haisch, has been quoted as saying, ‘The most meaningful photos aren’t always impressive. The most impressive photos aren’t always meaningful.’ This philosophy helps shape my mindset when preparing to document your wedding and approach throughout your wedding day.

Whether wandering the wilderness looking for the perfect place to vow your eternal love and devotion to your partner, or giving your grandmother a heartfelt squeeze after you put on the wedding dress she passed down to you, this kind of energy and emotion is special, once in a lifetime. I am overcome with warmth and gratitude that you’d like to hand the responsibility of documenting something so precious in your life to me.

I can’t wait for our adventure together.

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Phone: (360) 903 0047

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