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How to Have a Consistent and Cohesive Instagram

We all love and dream of having a consistent and cohesive instagram grid. That dream of yours is about to become a reality! You’re going to learn all about how to have a consistent and cohesive instagram, right here in this blog post.


The number one way that I achieve a consistent and cohesive instagram grid is by PLANNING AHEAD. Seriously – since I’ve started purposefully selecting and planning out my Instagram posts, my grid has transformed from chaotic and last-minute to cohesive and thought-through!

Every Monday, I spend a few hours planning out both my social media images and captions for the week. I choose images for that week based upon:

  • Blogs that will be getting posted 

  • Pictures from recent shoots

  • Upcoming weddings

  • Images that haven’t been shared in awhile 

  • Headshots of myself

If I have an engagement session blog that I know I will be publishing on Thursday, I make sure to plan an image from that session, to be posted on Thursday! If I have an upcoming wedding, I make sure to save a spot in my insta-grid to post an image from that wedding day. If I haven’t posted a headshot of myself for a while, I plan to share one sometime throughout that week. 


Here’s where I take it a step further: to help create not only a consistent grid, but a COHESIVE one, I rotate between sharing images based on the lighting of the shot. If you take a look at my Instagram profile, you’ll notice that there’s a slight pattern of rotating between sharing a dark image next to light image, dark, light, dark, so on and so forth. Being purposeful about rotating the lighting of the images helps to make a differentiation between each image. It also gives the appearance of being MORE consistent and cohesive than if I share the same lighting of images next to one another. Being a photographer, it’s easy for me to make sure that my images all share the same type of coloring and edits – I’m very purposeful in making sure that my shots are all edited within my branding style. For you non photographers, I suggest selecting ONE instagram filter for every picture that you post. Though the coloring may not be AS consistent as what a photographers might be, it will aide in making your feed look more consistent that what it would be if you used a multitude of different filters on each of your instagram images. 


With that being said, I’m going to clue you in on a handy app that I use to plan my Instagram post ahead of time. I use it so that I can see what my grid will look like when they’re posted (a HUGE help when aiming to achieve the dark-to-light-image grid appearance!). The app is called Preview the colorful grid looking app, located in the bottom left of the screenshot below! (There are many options out there btw….UNUM is another Wedding Pioneer favorite).


Preview allows you to upload your current Instagram grid into the app AND import new images that you are planning to post that week. It helps me to figure out the order of posting, ensuring that they fit well within my feed and the dark-to-light image tactic. The best part? Since I also plan out my image captions ahead of time, it enables you to upload your caption into the specific image. Preview then saves your caption on that image for when you move forward with importing it into Instagram for posting!


It’s suuuuper easy, allows me to purposefully plan consistent and cohesive feed AND ensure that I’m never having to think of an image or caption on the fly! Click here for a full tutorial on how to use this app! If you’re wanting to create a consistent and cohesive instagram feed, this is your gateway into achieving it.


-Allison Slater

Allison Slater is a guest blogger for Wedding Pioneer. She’s a Traveling Wedding and Adventure Elopement Photographer based in Arizona. Allison is super passionate about the outdoors, her ten pound fur baby, being a wife and all about being Real, Raw + Authentic.

Allison is also a part of the Wedding Pioneer team as a photographer, curator and creative team member.

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