The 10 Best Wedding Venues in the Bay Area That You’ll Love

The San Francisco Bay Area might be best known for its sweeping ocean views, lush vineyards, and stunning vistas—but it’s also a major hub for destination-style weddings!

Couples who host their ceremonies and/or receptions here are offered a plethora of wineries, beautiful gardens, ranches, themed venues, and waterfront options, making it the perfect choice for nature lovers who appreciate an upscale twist.

Even though an average San Francisco wedding is estimated to cost around $39,329, which is $6,000 higher than the national average, it’s priced this way for a reason. Bay Area nuptials will create some of the most unique, picture-perfect memories that will last a lifetime!

Check out these 10 best wedding venues in the Bay Area!

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Lyford House

Positioned on the cliffs of Richardson Bay, this 1876 Victorian mansion is enveloped in romantic history.

Wedding groups hosted at Lyford House enjoy panoramic views of the property’s 10.5 acres of land—protected by the Richardson Bay Audubon Center & Sanctuary—and an exquisite ocean backdrop.

Not only does the venue provide assistance with vendor and staff coordination, but also rental management, lodging, transportation, decor, and menu selection.

Golden hour is a favorite of Lyford House couples, who capture stunning photos with the glistening bay, the soft yellow mansion, or a rented vintage car for a whimsical coastline aesthetic.

Price Range: Starts at $5,000, with $180 an hour for the required Small Blue Planet Events planning services.

Capacity: Up to 150 guests.

Find Lyford House at Lyford House or check out Facebook or Instagram.

The Gardens at Heather Farm

These six acres of vibrant gardens and water features at The Gardens at Heather Farm are the definition of enchanting!

Most on-site ceremonies are held at the Gazebo, a fairytale-esque outdoor structure with climbing roses and a slate-tile roof—with guest seating nestled underneath lush trees and surrounded by sweetly scented flowers.

However, some couples opt for a ceremony and reception on the Meadow Lawn, an open, grassy area with roses, pine trees, and a garden backdrop.

The Patio & Pavilion is ideal for cocktail hour, with its rose-bordered terrace, bar, and counter spaces with a large patio for mingling and dancing.

For wedding parties that enjoy an equal mix of indoor and outdoor time, the sun-bathed Camellia Room provides spacious hardwood floors and large windows, with customizable space for lanterns, flowers, and lights—as well as a dreamy wraparound deck!

Price Range: Upwards of $3,000, depending on the season. 

Capacity: Up to 150 guests.

Find The Gardens at Heather Farm at The Gardens at Heather Farm or check out Facebook or Instagram.

The Clubhouse at Boundary Oak

Titled after the 350-year-old oak tree on the property, The Clubhouse at Boundary Oak has no shortage of lush greenery, ridgeline trails, and magical vistas that instantly transport onlookers to a peaceful and relaxed state.

There are two main areas: The Lakeview Ceremony site situated on a knoll with stunning water features or the Patio’s intimate gathering space with connections to the multilevel Mira and Vista rooms and their unique architecture, bars, walkways, and sunset views —the location offers options for every preference and style.

Have a larger group? The Main Entrance Foyer, complete with collages of local artwork, connects to the Atrium—a sunny room with skylights and a large bar.

Three sets of double doors open to the Celebration Ballroom, perfect for a curated dining experience and evening of dancing.

Price Range: Starts at $1,499.

Capacity: Up to 400 guests.

Find The Clubhouse at Boundary Oak at The Clubhouse at Boundary Oak or check out Facebook or Instagram.

Conservatory of Flowers

Flower lovers, rejoice! This 140-year-old glass-enclosed greenhouse, set in the heart of Golden Gate Park, is an iconic choice for nuptials.

Inside, the conservatory is filled with a maze of tropical, aquatic, and potted plants and flowers—in a myriad of colorful hues, shapes, and sizes.

Most ceremonies are held in the West Gallery, with its fern wall and soft lighting, before transitioning to the Orchid Pavilion tented area for a twinkle light-studded reception.

Fully outdoor ceremonies, cocktail hours, and receptions can also be held on the lawn or platform, with the greenhouse providing the storybook-inspired backdrop for a bride and groom’s fairytale day.

Price Range: Varies from $3,500 to $20,000.

Capacity: Up to 300 guests.

Find the Conservatory of Flowers at the Conservatory of Flowers or check out Facebook or Instagram.

Fort Mason Center

This nautical destination, having entertained two former presidents, is the perfect wedding venue for both history and aquatic enthusiasts.

With a clear vantage point of The Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, and more, the Center’s various wedding sites accommodate different tastes and price points.

The Festival Pavilion—the area’s largest space—offers unparalleled Bay views and fully customizable square footage, while Gallery 308’s elegant industrial interior boasts a sunny, seascape panorama by day and twinkling Golden Gate Bridge magic by dusk.

Each of the venues is beautifully preserved, with floor-to-ceiling windows, chandeliers, and fireplaces, all odes to their unique stories of the past.

Even better? Weddings booked at this landmark further the local community and associated arts organizations!

Price Range: Varies from $1,800 to $12,500.

Capacity: Up to 2,500 guests.

Find the Fort Mason Center at Fort Mason or check out Facebook or Instagram.

Pearson Ranch Weddings

Rustic ceremonies receive a modern rebrand at this 150-acre ranch!

Nestled in the hills, the surrounding landscape of Pearson Ranch offers whimsical redwood trees, a century-old barn, and a pond and hilltop overlook—all perfect for a wedding ceremony or reception.

Bridal parties are provided with a cozy dressing cottage for wedding day preparation and a plethora of photo ops across the ranch for the ultimate album of pictures.

This incredible venue prioritizes making the day stress-free by providing a day-of representative, on-site parking, and props like hay bales, signage, and a ceremony arbor.

Price Range: $7,000.

Capacity: Up to 200 guests.

Find Pearson Ranch Weddings at Pearson Ranch or check out Facebook or Instagram.

Montalvo Arts Center

The winding front drive of the Montalvo Arts Center opens up to a stunning private escape with manicured lawns and a Mediterranean-inspired 1912 Villa.

Onsite, the Love Temple is a popular ceremony spot with its roses and antique statues—while the Oval Garden gives “whimsical” a new meaning with its wisteria-covered pergolas and brick walkway.

Guests will enjoy walking the estate’s gardens with marble statues, expansive courtyards, and a stately library with New Zealand walnut wood and grand piano.

Price Range: Starts at $17,000.

Capacity: Up to 1,200 guests.

Find the Montalvo Arts Center at Montalvo Arts or check out Facebook or Instagram.

Chaminade Resort & Spa

This 300-acre hilltop offers seascape views of Monterey Bay with a resort feel, allowing guests to stay after the wedding for a weekend of luxurious relaxation.

Ceremonies at Chaminade Resort & Spa are held with a backdrop of California’s iconic redwood trees, emerald eucalyptus forests, and the deep blue horizon—a stunning hue of colors that perfectly complements a white gown and decor.

This breathtaking wedding venue balances serenity and sophistication, with its dreamy French doors, wrought-iron features, wood beams, expansive patios and gardens—and a selection of additional services and amenities including hot tubs and yacht access, hiking, and a world-class spa.

Price Range: $145 to $185 per person.

Capacity: Up to 200 guests.

Find Chaminade Resort & Spa at Chaminade Resort & Spa or check out Facebook or Instagram.

Thomas Fogarty Winery & Vineyards

With a panorama of the Bay and Peninsula, this ridgetop winery is the epitome of quiet West Coast sophistication. 

Thomas Fogarty Winery and Vineyards offers two main ceremony and reception locations: The Hill House and the outdoor Pavilion.

The Hill House offers the comfort of a stone fireplace, skylights, a professional kitchen, and a bar area—punctuated with fine woodwork and a semi-enclosed terrace with mile-long views.

The Pavilion, a 4,000-square-foot redwood deck, is ideal for cocktails or an open-air reception with a perfect breeze year-round. 

Price Range: $5,000 to $13,500.

Capacity: Up to 200 guests.

Find Thomas Fogarty Winery & Vineyards at Fogarty Events or check out Facebook or Instagram.

Falkirk Mansion

This green and yellow Queen Anne Victorian mansion is the perfect choice for brides who enjoy historic elegance and all things antique.

Built in 1888, the space offers a variety of natural elements contrasted with the home’s subtle architectural beauty.

The mansion’s interior boasts details such as stained-glass windows, paintings, and printed wallpaper—perfect for vintage-inspired bridal photography.

Outside, guests can enjoy cocktail hour on the beautiful lawn, veranda, or in the fragrant garden of roses while sipping something fruity.

Price Range: $300 to $2,450.

Capacity: Up to 125 guests.

Find Falkirk Mansion at Falkirk Mansion or check out Facebook.

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